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The energy blockchain laboratory was invited to participate in the annual meeting of MIT and fintech and reached a number of cooperation intentions with the University

Time : 26/07/2021 Author : xsi2u8 Click : + -
        On April 22, 2017, Dr. Lin le and Ms. Zhu Weiqing, two founding partners of the energy blockchain laboratory, were invited to attend the third annual fintech summit of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and delivered a keynote speech. Mitfintech conference is an annual financial technology summit held by MIT. The theme of this conference is "future technology", which aims to share the most cutting-edge financial technology and its business practices, and brings together the world's top start-ups, financial companies, investors and research institutions in the field of financial technology. The conference invited more than 30 speakers from the venture capital industry, science and technology industry, startup companies, etc.
        Dr. Lin Le said: "Developing green economy is the only way to solve environmental problems. Green finance is an important means to promote the development of green economy, but there are also several obstacles to large-scale implementation. Blockchain is expected to become a key technical means to promote the large-scale implementation of green finance, and the obstacles to the development of green finance also provide an ideal application scenario for blockchain. The energy blockchain laboratory is committed to using the latest information technology to improve the green finance ecology Efficiency, promote the development of green economy. ". Dr. Lin Le's speech received wide attention from all participants. UBS, a world-renowned investment bank, specially invited two partners of the energy blockchain laboratory as keynote guests to participate in the UBS round table meeting to further share business practices from China with UBS's global customers and jointly discuss the commercial application of blockchain in finance and green finance.
        After the meeting, the two founding partners of the energy blockchain laboratory, accompanied by David Weber, director of MIT's external relations department, visited MIT Sloan business school to discuss the impact of blockchain on the business world with the professors. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the joint cultivation of blockchain technology and business talents and the application of blockchain in the field of sustainable development, and expressed strong willingness to conduct in-depth cooperation. The energy blockchain laboratory is committed to promoting the green revolution through financial technology. The lab works with global partners to develop a blockchain distributed ledger for the energy and environmental protection industry, and provides a series of enterprise level blockchain applications including green certification and financial services for the energy and environmental protection industry.
        The laboratory was jointly founded in early 2016 by a number of initiators with comprehensive backgrounds in the energy, finance and information industries. Currently, it is the only member of the energy and environmental protection industry in the hyperledger project and the only member of the green financial technology enterprise of the Green Finance Committee of the Central Bank of China. Return to Sohu to see more.
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