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The fourteenth session of the special training camp of Huoda education was completed to deeply analyze the historical opportunities in the meta universe Era

Time : 03/07/2021 Author : 6lfzay Click : + -
        Recently, Huoda education hosted the blockchain classic online training project & mdash& mdash; The special training camp for blockchain outstanding talents (phase 14) (hereinafter referred to as the "special training camp") was officially completed. In 2021, the concept of meta universe continued to heat up. Roblox, Facebook, Microsoft, Tencent, Shangtang and other technology companies accelerated the construction of meta universe infrastructure. This special training camp closely combines the latest hot topics in the blockchain industry such as metauniverse, defi (distributed Finance), NFT (Digital Collection), public chain evolution, layer2 (two-layer network), cross chain, and systematically explains the trends of digital economy, cutting-edge technologies, landing applications, and typical scenarios of "blockchain +".
        Yu Jianing, executive director of China Mobile Communications Federation yuancosmos Industry Committee and President of Huoda education, Yuan Yuming, CEO of huochain technology, Fang Jun, consultant partner of Huoda education, Meng Yan, vice president of digital assets research institute, and other seven authoritative experts in the blockchain industry participated in the teaching of this course, with the purpose of "Mastering blockchain thinking and seizing digital economic opportunities", Help students understand how blockchain can empower the real economy, and comprehensively understand the historical opportunities that blockchain will trigger. "The year 2021 is the first year of metauniverse Web3.0, and the curtain of Internet iteration and upgrading has been lifted. Metauniverse has become the highland of a new round of global digital innovation competition.
        ”Yu Jianing gave a lecture in the general trend of the meta universe era. He said that the process of Internet upgrading is a layer by layer expansion and superposition, not a replacement. It is driven by technological innovation, expressed by mode innovation, and essential by scene expansion. Metauniverse is the third generation Internet Web3.0, which has great entrepreneurial opportunities that can change the world. The next decade is the golden decade for the development of metauniverse. Blockchain technology is the foundation of the development of metauniverse and Web3.0. In his book from Internet + to blockchain +, Fang Jun said that the role of blockchain can be understood as three levels: property right confirmation, value flow network and value application. The third generation Internet Web3.0 is the Internet that supports information flow and value flow, with minimal friction and optimal cost.
        In blockchain application logic and cases, Yuan Yuming once again explained the four major functions of blockchain: tamperability, data sharing, value transmission and token incentive with multiple cases, and emphasized that blockchain is applicable to multi-party collaboration scenarios, and has the value of promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, improving collaboration efficiency and building a trusted system. The core technology and ecology of blockchain written by Li Hui, executive director of fire chain science and Technology Research Institute, further explains the characteristics of blockchain from the perspective of blockchain technology framework, and introduces in detail the evolution of Ethereum and some public chain rookies. In fact, NFT is also a popular blockchain concept that will become popular with the metauniverse in 2021.
        Yu Jianing said that NFT will play a huge role in the metauniverse and is expected to become a key bridge connecting digital assets and physical assets, and then become the core asset category in the metauniverse. "NFT is a digital commodity with the attribute of consumer goods." In "digital assets and token economy", Meng Yan believes that NFT is a "commodity" in the digital world, and the technical essence of NFT is a digital asset container. Art and collectibles are just the simplest NFT. NFT can become a universal value carrier in the value Internet, with huge imagination and industry space. In metauniverse and NFT, Zhang Yuanjie shared NFT's attempts in the fields of collectibles, artworks, games and virtual worlds from the perspective of NFT's introduction, application classification and market trends. At the same time, he talked about the infinite possibilities of NFT in the fields of insurance, tickets and automobiles.
        In gamefi typical case analysis, Huangfu Pengfei introduced the characteristics, development process and market scale of NFT games, and analyzed the current typical NFT game cases one by one. This special training camp adopts the innovative teaching mode of "live broadcast + special training". In particular, blocks such as blockchain excellent talents exchange salon and famous teachers' frontier courses are opened. Through the interaction between lecturers and excellent students, real-time communication is conducted. Through the video operation of "I explain blockchain to the mayor", classroom teaching, interactive discussion and video practice are combined, so that students can not only "understand blockchain", It can better "explain" the blockchain. It is worth mentioning that this issue also has special actual combat content to explain the effective way of security management of digital assets through blockchain programming demonstration and blockchain wallet.
        As a professional education institution focusing on the application of blockchain and the development of digital economy, Huoda education focuses on the teaching and research of the new distributed business model, the new application of blockchain technology, the new system of digital finance and the meta universe. At the 13th Netease education golden wing award on December 22, Huoda education won the "2021 influential education brand". Previously, Huoda education has just won the two awards of "influential education brand in 2021" and "credibility education brand in 2021" issued by Tencent education and CNR.
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