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Huobi University Online special training camp systematically explains the key tracks of digital asset investment and understands the new opportunities of digital wealth

Time : 27/10/2021 Author : jp46cm Click : + -
        On November 17, the blockchain industry top-level online training project "blockchain excellent talents special training camp" (phase IX) (hereinafter referred to as "special training camp") sponsored by Huobi University and cooperated with the academic research of the financial technology innovation laboratory of Peking University was successfully concluded. Against the background of global fiscal and monetary stimulus, the price of bitcoin is rising steadily. Digital assets and the underlying blockchain technology continue to attract widespread attention. It is reported that in this special training camp, the latest hot topics in the blockchain industry, such as defi (distributed Finance), NFT (non homogenous token), the admission of Wall Street institutions, the evolution of the public chain, and the new track of digital assets, were systematically explained on the digital economy trend, cutting-edge technologies, landing application cases, "blockchain +" typical scenarios, token economy and digital asset investment.
        This special training camp was taught by Yu Jianing, the rotating chairman of the blockchain special committee of China Communications Industry Association and the president of Huobi University, Yuan Yuming, the CEO of Huobi China and the president of Huobi blockchain Research Institute, Meng Yan, the vice president of digital asset research institute and the consultant of Huobi China, Fang Jun, the consultant partner of Huobi University and the author of "island blockchain" and seven other authoritative experts in the blockchain industry, With the aim of "Mastering the thinking of blockchain and seizing the opportunities of digital economy", it helps students understand how blockchain can empower the real economy and "learn blockchain in ten days". In the lecture of "ten blockchain trends that must be known in the next decade", Yu Jianing analyzed the logic of the recent rise of digital assets such as bitcoin. One is the dividend of the global digital cycle, and the large-scale release of water by the global central bank has rapidly increased the demand for such assets.
        Second, the widespread attention of mainstream investment institutions has accelerated their integration with the mainstream financial system. Third, new products based on the blockchain, such as defi (decentralized Finance), crypto collectibles and blockchain games, are developing rapidly. The demand for blockchain infrastructure directly drives the demand for such digital assets. Yu Jianing particularly emphasized that the fundamental behind the value of digital assets is the vigorous development of the global digital economy. The digitization of wealth is the "theme of the times" for a century, but the key strategic period is in the next decade. In essence, blockchain is a "new species" that combines technology innovation, digital finance, economic community and industrial application.
        Yuan Yuming said in the in-depth analysis of industrial blockchain cases that most of the leading technologies such as 5g and artificial intelligence are to solve the problem of how a monk can draw water, while blockchain is to solve the problem of how three monks can draw water and drink. Blockchain technology has four major functions: token incentive, value transmission, tamperability and data sharing. In the mystery behind blockchain technology, Li Hui, vice president of Huobi Research Institute, reviewed the prehistoric era of bitcoin and the birth process of bitcoin, and further introduced the distributed ledger technology of blockchain. She believes that the distributed ledger technology can establish a reliable production relationship between strangers, which is an important progress in promoting commercial activities and the essential reason for the blockchain to obtain high commercial value and status.
        It is worth mentioning that the security protection and management of digital assets are the basic survival skills that everyone must master in the future. Fang Jun's "from Internet + to blockchain +" course not only explains the principles and applications of blockchain and the four innovative modes of blockchain + in simple and easy terms, but also has special practical content in this issue. Through the demonstration of blockchain programming and blockchain wallet, it explains the effective ways of safe management of digital assets. The blockchain has opened a new cycle of global economic development, will achieve a major upgrade of the Internet and global finance, and bring a new era of value Internet and inclusive digital finance. Defi is a public infrastructure for global open finance.
        In his lecture on how token economy transforms industry, Meng Yan said that defi has fundamentally brought changes to the theory and practice of blockchain and token economy. There are four major development trends in the future. They are that defi will achieve major technological upgrading within two years, that defi will enable the great development of openweb value Internet, that the real economy will be combined with defi through digital assets, and that defi will be regulated and standardized. Zhang Yuanjie, co-founder of conflux, took "the infinite possibilities of NFT crypto world" as the theme. From the introduction, application classification and trend of NFT, he shared NFT's attempts in the fields of collectibles, artworks, games and virtual worlds, and talked about the infinite possibilities of NFT in the fields of insurance, tickets and automobiles.
        This special training camp adopts the innovative teaching mode of "live broadcast + special training". In particular, blocks such as blockchain excellent talents exchange salon and famous teachers' frontier courses are opened. Through the interaction between lecturers and excellent students, real-time communication is carried out. Through the video operation of "I explain blockchain to the mayor", classroom teaching, interactive discussion and video practice are combined, so that students can not only "understand blockchain", It can better "explain" the blockchain. Huobi University, as a professional educational institution focusing on the application of blockchain and the development of digital economy, takes "linking industries and enabling entities" as its motto, focuses on the teaching and research of new distributed business model, new application of blockchain technology, new digital financial system and other fields, helps entrepreneurs and investors systematically master "blockchain thinking" and takes the lead in the era of digital wealth.
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