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Heavy! Jinshan cloud, the first blockchain cloud in the industry

Time : 20/01/2022 Author : q12kfh Click : + -
        After discussing the blockchain for so long, the Chinese cloud market finally ushered in its first blockchain cloud. At the GIEC global Internet economy conference on September 25, Jinshan cloud released this cloud and its overall strategic layout. Tian Kaiyan, a partner of Jinshan cloud, said at the press conference that Jinshan cloud will rely on the project-x plan to expand from the existing game industry. The strategic plan will cover five industries including finance, medical care, AI, games and intellectual property. Previously, Jinshan cloud has launched the online game asset chain solution. Egretia, the world's first HTML5 blockchain platform, put the limited star cards of its mobile game soccer master on the blockchain, and thus became the world's first football game based on the blockchain.
        Jinshan cloud is very optimistic about this change: the pain points such as the serious homogenization of the game industry, the monopoly of large manufacturers, and the destruction of the economic balance of the game will be solved by the chain of virtual assets. The value of more game assets may change due to the blockchain, including rare cards in card games, top-level equipment in RPG (role-playing games), and Limited clothing in MoBa (multiplayer online tactical competitive games). Changes in the game industry will soon appear in many industries. Tian Kaiyan said at GIEC that Jinshan blockchain cloud will successively disclose 10 blockchain project landing cases from October, and these cases just cover the five industries involved in the strategic planning.
        Earlier this year, Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud also announced that they have entered the blockchain field. In addition to paying the same attention to the exploration of supply chain finance as Jinshan cloud, Alibaba cloud focuses on commodity traceability and digital asset trading, and Tencent cloud focuses on bills and sharing economy. So far, the top three in China's public cloud market in CCID's data have laid out the blockchain. Among them, Jinshan cloud has raised the blockchain cloud service to the strategic level of the company, and first promoted the blockchain cloud (including the Jinshan cloud blockchain service platform kbaas + blockchain ecosystem project-x), which shows that Jinshan cloud has placed great emphasis on the future of blockchain technology.
        In fact, the three major cloud manufacturers "led" the entry into the blockchain, and successively launched the blockchain platform product baas and blockchain cloud, which have also shown the expectations of the whole industry for blockchain business. Here, a technical background of Jinshan cloud's first blockchain cloud service is that Zhu Jiang, the head of Jinshan cloud's blockchain business, is the first batch of technology evangelists in the blockchain field. In early 2016, Zhu Jiang participated in the "hyperledger fabric" project of the world famous blockchain technology open source community incubated by the Linux foundation. At the same time, he is also the initiator of the first hackthon activity in the Asia Pacific region of super ledger.
        At present, considering the type of blockchain that naturally matches the cloud business form and the ecological environment, the three cloud service providers have all chosen the alliance chain as the exploration direction and used the same blockchain open source technology hyperledger fabric. As a technical school of blockchain 2.0, Ethereum, which is based on standard smart contracts and oriented to the public chain, hyperledger fabric mainly focuses on building alliance chains for enterprises. It has the underlying blockchain technology and the concept of distributed ledger DLT based on smart contracts. In the current industry cognition, blockchain 3.0 will mean its landing in the industry, which is similar to the well-known "+ Internet" & mdash& mdash; Just like the 10 project cases that Jinshan blockchain has been launched and will be released soon.
        Earlier this year, when discussing the blockchain's landing in the game industry, Zhu Jiang already determined that the blockchain will reconstruct the business ecology in the future; Interestingly, it seems that the cloud ecology itself has changed first. An important background here is that the competitive environment of cloud service providers is changing. In the early years, the vision of helping small and medium-sized enterprises to go to the cloud has been accepted by the market to a large extent. Subsequently, the smart city and the digital transformation of enterprises into cloud service providers have shown huge and predictable market space. Faced with this space, in order to avoid homogeneous price competition and to compete for new business areas as much as possible, cloud service providers must launch product service layout in new technology fields such as integrated AI, edge computing and blockchain.
        If the entry and pattern of cloud computing service providers in the past few years are regarded as the first half of China's cloud computing, then the layout and industry landing based on AI and blockchain will obviously become an important sign of the competition situation in the second half. In addition to the scarce virtual asset proof solution for the game industry; In terms of copyright, Jinshan cloud launched a digital asset copyright protection solution. The proposed scheme can provide users with up chain certificate storage services for four types of digital assets, including audio, video, graphics and text. Previously, on September 7, the Supreme People's Court issued the provisions on Several Issues concerning the trial of cases by Internet courts, which has for the first time legally confirmed the electronic deposit of blockchain technology in the form of judicial interpretation.
        In terms of finance, Jinshan blockchain cloud launched the inter-bank shared ledger service based on the advantages of voucher and account management. The service connects all financial supply links, and can realize real-time confirmation, data can not be tampered with, and maintain a high degree of consistency. This service enables banks to improve the operational efficiency of the middle and back offices, improve the degree of process automation, and reduce operating costs. In terms of medical treatment, Jinshan blockchain cloud has launched the service of uploading and sharing medical records on the home page. Through blockchain technology, it has solved the current problems of difficult sharing of medical records, electronic transmission, supervision and review, and difficult desensitization of medical records for scientific research. In terms of artificial intelligence, Jinshan cloud's blockchain technology based on encryption algorithm has successfully solved the trust problem of artificial intelligence platform, such as big data security.
        At the same time, AI algorithms also make blockchain smart contracts more intelligent. These services are based on the one-stop blockchain solution technology platform kbaas and blockchain ecosystem project-x launched by Jinshan cloud. When introducing the strategic layout of blockchain cloud, Tian Kaiyan said that kbaas will help developers quickly build blockchain infrastructure and provide a complete set of solutions for blockchain application development, deployment, testing and monitoring. In the field of technical products and services, kbaas currently provides three types of technical products and services: hyperledger fabric technology, decentralized smart contract platform Ethereum, and decentralized storage IPFs.
        At the same time, in order to break the technical barriers between blockchain and developers, kbaas has also launched a one-stop blockchain Technology Service & mdash& mdash; On demand deployment, blockchain browser, smart contract, API call, log query and other product functions. Tian Kaiyan obviously has deep feelings about the popularity of cloud computing in the early years. He said: "Jinshan cloud will make the blockchain as simple as tap water.". [it chronicle] create the future of science and technology, aiming to provide readers with forward-looking analysis and comments on science and technology enterprises and trends. Qi Meng, the founder, is a senior technology we media person. He has been the deputy editor in chief of business partner, the editor in chief of computer business daily, and the editor of urban media reporters for more than 14 years.
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