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IOV, blockchain officially open source in the world, ranking among the top ten blockchain underlying technology platforms in the world

Time : 13/01/2022 Author : ofw6hk Click : + -
        On January 14, 2020, Beijing time, Guangdong Zhongke intelligent blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the global open source of the underlying technology of the Internet of vehicles blockchain and the launch conference of the ecological service system in Huangpu, Guangzhou. It released the underlying technology platform of the Internet of vehicles blockchain iovblockchain to the world. Relying on the mdpos algorithm and cross chain technology, it officially became the representative platform of the fourth generation blockchain algorithm technology, It ranks among the top ten blockchain underlying technology platforms in the world. In just two months after China Science and technology settled in Huangpu, the number of blockchain technology patent applications has reached 11.2% of the number of applications of the people's Bank of China, and 1.3% of the number of Alibaba, the world's largest blockchain technology patent application company. It has become the backbone of the successful incubation of Guangzhou Huangpu blockchain industry and participation in the global blockchain technology competition.
        At the press conference, China Science and Technology Corporation, the operation center of Guangzhou intelligent networked automobile demonstration zone and treasure Bus Group signed a tripartite agreement on the application of blockchain technology, which became another important scene for the application of blockchain technology in Huangpu District. The technical infrastructure route in the development process of the blockchain industry is particularly important, including the underlying algorithm capability, open source service capability, ecosystem development capability, industry standardization process and digital chip industry application. After long-term scientific research incubation, Zhongke has completed the open source of the underlying blockchain algorithm and launched the ecological service system. It will start the standardization construction of the blockchain of the Internet of vehicles and the design and development of digital chips in 2020.
        The open source and ecological service launch of iovblockchain marks that the underlying technology strength of China's blockchain is changing the global competition pattern of the new generation of information technology. In terms of underlying technology and business ecology, as one of the core technology representatives of blockchain, it leads China's blockchain industry and becomes a Chinese force participating in global competition. The conference was guided by the industry and Information Bureau of Huangpu District, Guangzhou, and supported by the Guangzhou urban block chain industry association, the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay block chain alliance, blockchain 728, the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce for automotive products and the Internet of vehicles branch. More than 100 representatives from industry organizations and core enterprises of the block chain attended the conference and participated in the technology docking activities.
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