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EuroTech cloud chain Xu Mingxing's "Kunpeng plan" helps the training of blockchain talents

Time : 08/05/2022 Author : 7i0xdk Click : + -
        At the beginning of the government's introduction of relevant policies on the landing of blockchain applications, Mr. Xu Mingxing, a blockchain expert, has joined hands with his group Ouke cloud chain to launch the layout of talents. Xu Mingxing said that talent is one of the key factors for the long-term development of the industry. At present, there is still a lack of talent training mechanism in the blockchain field. It is urgent for the industry to strengthen communication and cooperation with the education authorities and colleges and universities, so that colleges and universities that are at the source of talent training can more clearly understand what talents are needed for technological innovation and industrial development. According to the Beijing News, it was reported on October 13 that the University of Hong Kong has opened its applications for undergraduate enrollment in the mainland in 2021. The interview questions of the University of Hong Kong in 2020 involve hot issues such as the epidemic, who, racial discrimination and online education. Students are also encouraged to discuss issues such as blockchain development, singleness and the responsibility of the University.
        Since October 19, blockchain has once become a hot topic. The policies of local governments on blockchain have been frequently issued, and the implementation of blockchain in various industries has become a new trend. Universities are no exception. In the first half of the year, the blockchain became a hot topic in the postgraduate examinations of Journalism and computer majors, and a hot topic in the process of applying for the college entrance examination. As can be seen from the interview questions of the open application for undergraduate enrollment of the University of Hong Kong, blockchain has completely become one of the most concerned new technologies. Such well-known Internet enterprises as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu have listed the demand for blockchain talents in detail in their school recruitment, and their thirst for talents is like Sima Zhao.
        Alibaba, the leading Internet company in China, is advancing in research and has become a leader in applying for blockchain patents in 2020 for several times. In this school recruitment, it seeks talents for the blockchain industry and recruits R & D engineers, C + + class, basic platform R & D engineers and other fresh graduates to study the distributed storage and distributed computing content that constitutes one of the blockchains. Tencent, the leader in the Internet industry, followed closely. In addition to its continuous efforts in patent research and development, Tencent also began to recruit new graduates of distributed engines and distributed computing in the direction of technology research. In recent years, two mobile apps, Tiktok and Toutiao, have swept the global market, and ByteDance, which has sprung up in the Internet industry, has also launched new business expansion.
        In combination with the general trend, we began to recruit R & D interns for distributed storage systems in technical posts. Xiaomi, a conscientious national enterprise in mobile phones, also started to study blockchain technology under the leadership of Lei Jun, frequently participated in various discussions and summits on blockchain, and published papers on blockchain technology. Naturally, it will not let go of the autumn recruitment. In the school recruitment project "future star", they specially set up the post of distributed system engineer, which is sufficient to show that Xiaomi attaches great importance to the training of blockchain talents. In fact, in addition to the thunderous Internet enterprises preparing talents for blockchain research, blockchain companies are also taking great pains to train talents. On July 28, 2020, Xu Mingxing's okiyun chain was on CCTV for the fifth time.
        In this interview, the human resources director of Oko cloud chain under Xu Mingxing once again said that in recent years, the blockchain industry has developed rapidly and there is a large talent gap in the industry, so it is urgent to cultivate blockchain talents. Under the leadership of Mr. Xu Mingxing, since the first half of this year, Ouke cloud chain has introduced nearly 300 blockchain talents, an increase of 30% over the same period of last year, including nearly 100 fresh graduates recruited by the University. In order to meet Xu Mingxing's layout of talent training, in the second half of this year, Oko cloud chain will also join the battle of autumn recruitment, continue to recruit new graduates, train talents for the blockchain industry, and continuously deliver power.
        Previously, in addition to talent training, Xu Mingxing focused on public welfare and popular science blockchain knowledge: Xu Mingxing has made public speeches. In many speeches, Xu Mingxing believed that blockchain has application value in finance, 5g, medical care, agriculture, etc. Xu Mingxing explained that blockchain has characteristics such as traceability, non tampering, openness and transparency, which can effectively solve the shortcomings existing in the current industry. Xu Mingxing also said that, Blockchain may become a milestone in the new era of technology, with learning value; In order to better let the public understand the knowledge of blockchain, Xu Mingxing has successively published two blockchain books, illustrated blockchain and token economy. Xu Mingxing hopes that through the books, the public can better understand the blockchain; In addition, Xu Mingxing's Oko cloud chain has cooperated with many media to produce a number of blockchain popular science videos.
        According to the information, Xu Mingxing is one of the leaders of China's blockchain industry. According to the official website of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Third Council of the first session of the Beijing Youth Internet association was held in Beijing a few days ago. The meeting reviewed and voted on the revised draft of the articles of association of the Beijing Youth Internet association, and approved the establishment of a new blockchain Working Committee, with Xu Mingxing, a well-known blockchain technology expert and founder of eurocloud chain group, as the director. At the meeting, Xu Mingxing said that as one of the earliest explorers of blockchain technology, they were deeply encouraged by the country's clear definition of blockchain as a strategic emerging technology, and felt doubly responsible. Beijing Youth Internet association has set up a special blockchain Working Committee, which once again reflects the importance of relevant departments to blockchain technology and the whole industry. In the future, Xu Mingxing will join hands with the blockchain Working Committee and various institutions in the industry to actively participate in the relevant work and activities of the association and make contributions to promoting the development and progress of blockchain technology and the whole industry.
        Eurocloud chain under Xu Mingxing is the world's leading blockchain industry group, one of the earliest blockchain enterprises in China, and a leading enterprise in the blockchain industry. Since its establishment in 2013, it has been committed to the R & D and commercial use of blockchain technology. Under the leadership of Xu Mingxing, Ouke cloud chain has developed into a large-scale global blockchain technology and service provider. Xu Mingxing believes that the sustainable development of an industry cannot be separated from the cultivation of talents. Xu Mingxing will also lead the Ouke cloud chain to implement every talent training plan and realize the training of more than 1000 blockchain talents through social recruitment and school recruitment within three years. And contribute to the development of China's digital economy.
        In the future, Xu Mingxing will continue to explore the feasibility of blockchain technology with okcloud chain to achieve integration with more industries and maximize benefits.
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