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Inventory! Which provinces and cities in the country have issued meta universe support policies

Time : 05/08/2021 Author : n46dai Click : + -
        On July 22, the National Museum welcomed the first virtual digital Homo sapiens "Ai Wenwen"; At the same time, China culture news also officially settled in the new cultural and creative collection platform of China cultural media (referred to as "Zhongchuan new cultural and creative collection platform"), which is the first collection & mdash& mdash; The digital collection of the inaugural issue of China culture daily will be limited to 3000 copies from 14:00 to 22:00 on the same day. Earlier, the National Palace Museum, the National Museum, the Hubei Provincial Museum, the Hunan Provincial Museum, the Henan Museum and other institutions have successively launched digital collection services for the collection of treasures. The CCTV financial digital collection, the Xinhua News Agency digital collection and other platforms have also been launched one after another, and the official platform has actively participated in the meta universe circuit.
        In addition, the governments of many provinces and cities throughout the country have also made an advanced layout for the development of the meta universe. In the work report, industrial planning, action plan, special support and other documents, the shadow of the meta universe has been clearly identified, and the development of the meta universe industry has been actively explored. On November 30, 2021, Beijing proposed in the digital economy development plan of Shijingshan District (2021 & mdash; 2025) to promote the construction of Beijing virtual reality / augmented reality industry development demonstration base and create a virtual reality / augmented reality industry development highland in Beijing. We will accelerate the industrial layout of the meta universe, build a meta universe innovation center, and explore and promote the deep integration and development of cutting-edge science and technology industries.
        On December 14, 2021, at the first meeting of the 17th People's Congress of Shijingshan District, Beijing, in the report on the implementation of the 2021 national economic and social development plan and the 2022 national economic and social development plan (Draft) of Shijingshan District, Beijing, it was mentioned that the metauniverse innovation center would be accelerated, the Huawei (Beijing) virtual reality innovation center would be put into operation, Drive the integration and innovation of multiple technology fields. Notice on printing and distributing the action plan of Beijing Urban sub center to promote the construction of a digital economy benchmark city (2022 & mdash; 2024) (Tongzheng Ban Fa [2022] No. 1).
        On January 29, 2022, Beijing pointed out in the notice on printing and distributing the action plan of Beijing Urban sub center to promote the construction of a digital economy benchmark city (2022 & mdash; 2024) (Tongzheng Ban Fa [2022] No. 1) that it would promote the cultivation of digital industries and expand the emerging industry cluster of digital economy. Focusing on cultivating the "new driving force" of development through digital industrialization, it is proposed to carry out the cultivation of emerging industrial clusters around network security, urban science and technology, digital design, digital content, blockchain and metauniverse, and strive to incubate 10 quasi Unicorn enterprises with a valuation of more than 1 billion yuan. On February 23, 2022, the office of Tongzhou District People's Government of Beijing issued the notice on several measures to accelerate the innovation and leading development of the meta universe in the sub center of Beijing (Tong Zheng Ban Fa [2022] No. 4), vigorously promote the demonstration and application, accelerate the deep integration of the meta universe related technologies with various industries, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and create a number of meta universe demonstration and application projects focusing on the fields of culture, tourism and commerce, Support the construction of a number of meta universe application scenarios; Comprehensively optimize the industrial layout, improve the carrying capacity of the industrial space of the yuan universe, and create a "1 + n" industrial innovation cluster; Encourage the development of early and long-term investment, rely on the Tongzhou Industrial guidance fund, and combine other social capital in the form of "master Fund + direct investment" to create a fund covering the yuan universe industry; Strengthen intellectual property protection and standard innovation; Financial subsidies for rent of yuancosmos enterprises; Exerting the strength of industrial organizations; Support the introduction of talents and teams; Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.
        On December 30, 2021, Shanghai printed and distributed the "14th five year plan" for the development of Shanghai's electronic information manufacturing industry, and yuancosmos was written into the local "14th five year plan" for the first time. Shanghai should make forward-looking deployment in such fields as quantum computing, third-generation semiconductor, 6G communication and metauniverse. At the same time, it supports the research of image engine, blockchain and other technologies that meet the requirements of the meta universe; Encourage the application of metauniverse in public service, business office, social entertainment, industrial manufacturing, safety production, electronic games and other fields. On January 8, 2022, the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission held a meeting to plan the industry and informatization work in 2022, emphasizing on accelerating the layout of the new circuit of the digital economy, closely following the digital transformation of the city, laying out the new circuit of the meta universe, developing application scenarios, and cultivating key enterprises.
        On February 6, 2022, Hongkou District of Shanghai released the "action plan for the development of yuancosmos industry". At the same time, the party building alliance of yuancosmos industry in Hongkou District was unveiled. The alliance will integrate the key enterprises in the District, the Shanghai Institute of technology and physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tongji University and other scientific research institutions, and is committed to supporting the "production, learning, research and application" units in the district to give play to their respective advantages and build a strong technological support The characteristic meta universe ecology of efficient achievement transformation and rapid market application. In addition, Hongkou District will also strive to build a demonstration zone for the development and application of the North Bund metauniverse, cultivate and introduce a batch of high-quality enterprises for the application of the metauniverse scene, and build a batch of metauniverse industrial economic spaces. On June 12, 2022, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government issued the notice on printing and distributing the 14th five year plan for the development of Shanghai's digital economy.
        Accelerate the research and deployment of platforms for the interaction between the virtual world and the real society in the future, and strengthen the whole chain layout from the bottom to the application. Develop human-computer interaction technology, accelerate the research of core technologies such as intelligent human-computer interaction and virtual digital human, carry out the research and development of terminal technologies with more immersive experience such as XR (extended reality) and brain computer interface, encourage the creation of new platforms with more diversified content scenes, and cultivate new formats of digital entertainment consumption such as virtual concerts, virtual idols and virtual sports. Accelerate the ecological layout of virtual reality, break through the key technologies such as low delay and fast rendering and virtual simulation engine, and develop new VR (virtual reality) / AR (augmented reality), 3D scanning and other products integrating software and hardware.
        Create industry benchmarking applications, and create influential meta universe benchmarking demonstration applications in the fields of network entertainment, intelligent manufacturing, digital content, transportation, online education, medical health, etc. On July 8, 2022, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government released the action plan (2022-2025) for cultivating the "Yuan universe" new track. The policy includes general requirements, main tasks, key projects and guarantee measures. The main target is that by 2025, the scale of relevant industries of "Yuan universe" will reach 350 billion yuan, driving the scale of the city's software and information service industry to exceed 150 billion yuan, and the scale of electronic information manufacturing industry to exceed 550 billion yuan.
        The industrial development ecology continued to improve. We will promote the construction of "yuancosmos" industrial parks with different characteristics, create a number of innovative service platforms, accelerate the training and introduction of "yuancosmos" industrial talents, and optimize the ecological environment. On January 4, 2022, the office of the digital economy development leading group of Zhejiang Province issued the guiding opinions on the construction of future industrial pilot zones in Zhejiang Province. Focusing on the goal and task of creating "Internet +", life and health, and new materials, and taking subversive technological breakthroughs as the guide, and taking into account the cutting-edge technologies required for future scenarios and applications, we will focus on building a platform based on artificial intelligence, blockchain, third-generation semiconductors, quantum information, flexible electronics, future networks, aerospace integration, bioengineering, cutting-edge new materials, advanced equipment manufacturing, advanced energy The future industrial development system focusing on the fields of yuancosmos.
        On February 18, 2022, the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology held the party history learning and education summary conference and the deepening of style construction and comprehensive evaluation conference. It is necessary to break the rules and regulations, break through the shackles of concepts, speed up the cultivation of new business formats such as yuancosmos, strive to build a modern industrial system, promote a new round of manufacturing "cage for birds and Phoenix Nirvana", promote the construction of digital economic system, and show "provincial capital responsibility" in striving to create an "important window" and solidly promote high-quality development. On February 23, 2022, the 13th National Congress of Hangzhou, China. We will step up the layout of future industries such as quantum science and technology, deep-sea aerospace, and meta universe, and strive to seize the initiative in the competition of new tracks.
        Optimize and upgrade the digital infrastructure, build an international digital trading center, build a digital trade chain, and create a demonstration highland for comprehensive development and utilization of data. On March 26, 2022, the first meeting of the 14th people's Congress of Hangzhou city. The government work report released at the meeting mentioned that future industries such as quantum science and technology, gene technology, future network, artificial intelligence and metauniverse should be actively developed. On May 12, the inaugural meeting of the "youth Media & middot; town" Network Consortium (meta universe innovation consortium) and the "youth Media & middot; town" meta universe forum were held at the Ningbo Gang Museum in Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang. It was the first meta universe cooperation platform in Ningbo& mdash; The "youth Media & middot; town" Network Consortium (meta universe innovation consortium) was officially established.
        Relying on the science and Education R & D Innovation Zone of Yongjiang science and Technology Innovation Zone, it will gather industrial and intellectual resources in the field of network and meta universe, and will build a cooperation platform for the future industrial development of meta universe. The consortium exists in the form of "virtual town" and is an open connection platform of "1 + 3 + n": 1 is a headquarters organization located in the science and Technology Park of Ningbo National University; 3. The linkage of three "societies" of network social organizations, network communities and network social groups; "N" refers to the construction of a number of joint post stations in Zhenhai university students entrepreneurship Park, Zhenzhong alumni entrepreneurship and innovation base, and Kaiyuan New Youth Square within the scope of Yongjiang science and Technology Innovation Zone. On May 21, the day of the opening of yuancosmos Xintiandi Park in Qiantang District, Hangzhou City, the industrial policy of yuancosmos in Qiantang district was released. If high-level talents come to Qiantang district to establish yuancosmos industrial projects, they will be given a start-up fund of up to 10 million yuan, a subsidy for R & D expenses, and a three-year rent subsidy of up to 1000 square meters.
        For entrepreneurial projects with short industrial development and outstanding level, the maximum subsidy is 100 million yuan. On January 1, 2022, the Binhu District of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province held the 2022 Taihu Bay science and technology innovation belt lakeside Innovation Conference. The Binhu District officially launched the development plan of yuanuniverse ecological industry in the Taihu Bay science and technology innovation belt leading area, as well as the supporting scientific and technological innovation service system, the construction of science and technology innovation carriers, and the three-year action plan of talent placement project, aiming to create an international innovation highland and a domestic yuanuniverse ecological industry demonstration zone. On January 11, 2022, Wuxi yuancosmos innovation alliance was established and Wuxi yuancosmos Industrial Park was listed; Four days later, the final of the first Yangtze River Delta yuan universe innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held in Binhu District, Wuxi. The Yangtze River Delta yuan universe alliance and Wuxi yuan universe innovation and entrepreneurship base were also announced to be settled in Binhu District.
        On May 26, at the 2022 Nanjing yuancosmos industry development conference, Jiangning high tech Zone officially released several policies of Jiangning high tech Zone on accelerating the development of yuancosmos industry, which is the first support policy for yuancosmos industry in Nanjing. It takes out "real gold and silver" to strengthen incentives and guidance and fully empower and promote the development of yuancosmos industry. We will fully support the implementation and development of metacosmic enterprise projects, the application of metacosmic enterprise scenarios, the establishment of metacosmic enterprise platforms, the gathering of talents in the field of metacosmic, and the construction of an ecological system for the development of metacosmic industry. On January 10, 2022, at the first meeting of the 17th People's Congress of Hefei, Anhui Province, it was stated in the government work report that in the next five years, Hefei will make a forward-looking layout of future industries, aim at the frontier fields such as meta universe, superconducting technology and precision medicine, and create a number of leading enterprises, cutting-edge technologies and high-end products.
        In addition, Hefei will cultivate three hundred billion enterprises and 300 specialized, special and new enterprises, and accelerate the construction of an advanced manufacturing highland with international competitiveness. On March 25, 2022, the Department of economy and information technology of Anhui Province released the development plan of software and information service industry in the "14th five year plan" of Anhui Province, which listed yuanuniverse as one of the innovative projects of emerging business forms. Support enterprises to carry out technological innovation such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D engine and Internet of things, guide enterprises to actively layout the emerging business forms of the meta universe, carry out the construction of the meta universe platform, and accelerate the integration of digital technology to empower the real economy. On January 11, 2022, in the government work report of the first session of the 15th people's Congress of Wuhan, Hubei Province, it was pointed out that it is necessary to accelerate the development of the digital industry, promote the integration of the meta universe, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, geospatial information, quantum technology, etc. with the real economy, build a national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone, and create five digital economy industrial parks such as Xiaomi science and technology park.
        On January 29, 2022, the general office of the people's Government of Hubei Province issued the action plan for the integrated development of 5g + industrial Internet in Hubei Province (2021-2023), which pointed out that the application of typical scenes such as remote assistance, auxiliary assembly, online inspection, equipment maintenance and sample display based on 5g + Ar and typical scenes such as virtual assembly, virtual training and virtual exhibition hall based on 5g + VR should be vigorously carried out to improve industrial production, equipment maintenance Efficiency of value chain such as professional training. Explore the concept of meta universe and the application scenarios of 5g, AR / VR, artificial intelligence and other technologies in the manufacturing industry. On May 9, 2022, several policies of Wuhan to support the accelerated development of the digital economy pointed out that it supports the holding of major activities in the field of the digital economy.
        We will encourage and support the holding of important international and domestic influential activities or innovation competitions such as 5g, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, and metauniverse, and provide subsidies in accordance with laws and regulations in the form of "one case, one discussion". Strengthen the guidance of digital economy fund. Angel investment, venture capital, venture capital and other funds are encouraged to support investment projects with integrated circuits, new displays, optical communications, basic and industrial software, metauniverse, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other related products and technologies as the main business in the form of investment. On May 23, 2022, the "14th five year plan" of Wuhan new smart city was released, which pointed out that integration and promotion of emerging industries.
        Focusing on the development field and direction of national strategic emerging industries, we will concentrate on developing national strategic emerging industrial clusters such as integrated circuits, new display devices, and next-generation information networks. Advance the layout of future industries in digital fields such as 6G, photon technology, quantum technology, metauniverse, brain science and brain like research, flexible electronics, and enhance the hard power of Wuhan. On January 23, 2022, the sixth session of the 17th People's Congress of Chengdu, Sichuan Province stated in the government work report that it would promote the new economy and speed up the layout of new tracks. We will continue to release the list of urban opportunities and create innovative application laboratories, future scenario laboratories and demonstration application scenarios.
        We will vigorously develop the digital economy, make good use of the advantages of network information security and supercomputing centers, speed up the development of new tracks such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, and take the initiative to seize future tracks such as quantum communications and metauniverse. On April 14, 2022, the "14th five year plan" for the development of digital economy in Chengdu focused on supporting the high-quality development of integrated circuits, giving play to the comparative advantages of scientific research institutions in relevant fields in Chengdu, and focusing on breakthroughs in lithography equipment in terms of future technological breakthroughs; Focusing on seizing new opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence, aiming at the frontier development trends such as meta universe and brain like intelligence, and focusing on breaking through XR to expand reality and brain science; Focus on meeting the efficient and safe interactive flow of information and data flows, and focus on breaking through 6G communication and privacy computing; We will better support the digital transformation of key industries through technological breakthroughs in the three basic, leading and strategic fields of chips, artificial intelligence and information networks.
        On January 23, 2022, at the second meeting of the 16th People's Congress of Baoding City, Hebei Province, it was proposed to integrate the development plan of the capital metropolitan area, fully connect the industrial chain of Beijing, vigorously implement the "five ones" action of Beijing Baoding cooperation, and actively plan
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