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Differential lattice: IOT and big data technology enable the development of supply chain finance in the oil storage industry

Time : 27/12/2021 Author : 6wh53o Click : + -
        It shows that due to the development of the petrochemical industry, the third-party petrochemical storage industry in China has developed rapidly. At present, it has basically entered a mature period. The tank capacity of the third-party petrochemical storage is about 82.03 million cubic meters. At present, there are more than 300 Petrochemical warehouses with more than 100000 cubic meters in China, and about 6000 other large-scale product oil depots. China's petrochemical warehousing is developing rapidly and the number of related enterprises is growing. However, the service mode is still single. The single warehousing service mode accounts for about 65%, and the multi-functional service enterprises including warehousing, transportation, distribution and information management account for 35%. As many petrochemical storage services are single, the information level is low, the resources and information cannot be shared, the lack of market competitive advantages, the vacancy rate is high, or the market will be eliminated.
        At present, the continuous spread of the global epidemic and the improvement of safety and environmental protection management have pushed the operating costs of the entire industry, and the capital pressure of petrochemical enterprises is increasing day by day. However, for a long time, the traditional credit risk control system of "looking at people (looking at the credit of the financing subject) rather than goods" has made it difficult for enterprises of this type with "small scale and high value of movable property" to meet the credit conditions of financial institutions. On the one hand, due to the lack of effective risk control measures, it is difficult for financial institutions to track the trading process of bulk commodities, especially to effectively "control goods", resulting in frequent risk problems such as false warehouse receipts, unclear cargo rights, repeated pledge, collateral impairment, and loss of collateral.
        Financial institutions were repeatedly hit hard and had to tighten lending against warehouse receipts. On the other hand, warehousing enterprises have no way to understand the change information of cargo rights and pledge rights, and there are many cases involving cargo rights disputes and financing disputes. Illegal enterprises forge seals and issue false inventory certificates and delivery documents. When the deceived enterprises find that they have been cheated, they often sue the warehousing enterprises together. Warehousing enterprises have to avoid issuing warehouse receipts and avoiding financial supervision business, focusing on single warehousing business, with limited income. On May 27, 2021, Shanghai Futures Exchange launched the standard warehouse receipt trading business of petroleum asphalt varieties. The launch of the petroleum asphalt standard warehouse receipt trading business platform has improved the circulation efficiency of the petroleum warehouse receipt, provided a new way for the futures market to serve the real economy, and is of great significance to serving the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain.
        With the development of IOT Internet of things technology, nb-iot and Beidou are gradually popularized. With the arrival of 5g era, the price of sensor hardware, communication cost and IOT platform are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and the technology is becoming more stable and mature. All these make it "feasible" to use IOT Internet of things to monitor oil warehouse receipts. Based on the Internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data technology, build a financial supervision warehouse, build an electronic warehouse receipt supervision platform, realize real-time risk control and work order supervision of warehouse receipts (inventory), and ensure the consistency of orders. 1) Transformation of financial supervision warehouse: intelligent transformation of the warehouse and multi-dimensional data fusion. According to the regulatory requirements, the oil warehouse is transformed based on intelligent equipment such as intelligent pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, intelligent fire protection, license plate recognition and AI camera, and the data of multiple systems and equipment is integrated;.
        2) Warehouse process supervision: realize the management of multi category, multi warehouse, multi supervision equipment, multi-dimensional data supervision, and the whole process supervision of operation (the whole process monitoring of oil warehousing, outbound, in warehouse, inventory, etc.);. 3) Risk control work order Supervision: real-time data monitoring, realizing risk control early warning and alarm according to risk control rules and policy rules, real-time / manual generation of work orders, online) warehouse receipt credit financing: realizing financial products, warehouse receipt credit, loan, fund management, financing management, etc. The oil storage process includes quality inspection, weighing, storage, temperature and humidity monitoring, pressure monitoring and other environments. According to the regulatory requirements, the oil warehouse will be reconstructed based on intelligent equipment such as intelligent pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, intelligent fire fighting, license plate recognition and AI camera, and the data of multiple systems and equipment will be integrated;.
        Realize the full life cycle management of inventory, realize the management of multi category, multi warehouse and multi supervision equipment, multi-dimensional data supervision, and the supervision of the whole process of operation (warehousing, weighbridge, in warehouse supervision, delivery, inventory counting, etc.), and track the work orders generated in the process. Warehouse receipt issuance, warehouse receipt pledge and decompression, movable property unified registration and publicity platform, and warehouse receipt disposal, including spot trading platform and futures trading platform. First, enterprises should do a good job in top-level design, fully understand their own industry background, the strategic development requirements of enterprises, and the digital transformation goals of enterprises. Secondly, enterprises should fully understand the significance of Internet of things, blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence technology for digital transformation and financial technology; To fully understand the objectives of project demonstration and operation is to cultivate a team that understands digital transformation and financial technology, to explore the technical supervision and operation experience of warehouse receipts, to establish a warehouse receipt operation standard system, to establish the R & D and application standards of future digital technology that meet the strategic development requirements of its own enterprises, and to provide an opportunity for cultivating new strategic industries.
        The enterprise should select the financial supervision demonstration warehouse, cultivate a team that understands the warehouse receipt business, build a warehouse receipt supervision financing technology platform, and establish a set of warehouse receipt operation specifications and systems through the construction of the demonstration warehouse, which is conducive to summing up experience and laying a solid foundation for later promotion and operation. (1) With good business demonstration conditions, the warehousing business can be carried out, with a certain business foundation and a certain scale, which is conducive to the business development as soon as possible;. (2) It has a good digital foundation, has digital and networked conditions such as warehouse management system, and can increase IOT monitoring equipment to facilitate deployment, networking and commissioning operation;. In the whole warehouse receipt pledge business process, firstly, the inventory party, the supervisor, the fund party and other parties sign the financing intention agreement offline, then create a virtual warehouse through the platform, associate with the warehouse intelligent equipment and business system, establish the warehouse supervision strategy, associate with the relevant contracts and strategies, and form the goods sealing data. Finally, start the whole life cycle management of the warehouse receipt, and create the whole process and visual intelligent risk control and supervision ability.
        Through the full life cycle management of warehouse receipts, the full life cycle management of warehouse receipts is realized, including warehouse receipt application, warehouse receipt pledge, warehouse receipt release, warehouse receipt invalidation, warehouse receipt cancellation and other links. By connecting intelligent equipment data, system data, on-site monitoring data, business data, external data and other multi-dimensional data, real-time supervision of assets is realized to ensure the consistency of orders. Risk identification is carried out through standardized and unified data processing, and intelligent management of the whole life cycle of assets is realized by virtue of flexible alarm processing rules. Through the intelligent transformation of intelligent warehouse, warehouse receipt process supervision, risk control supervision and management, and financing management, the intelligent supervision and supervision of "physical warehouse receipt" and the digital and standardized transaction management of "electronic warehouse receipt" have been realized, and an oil warehouse receipt pledge financing platform based on the Internet of things and blockchain has been created.
        2) It has completed the monitoring means of six dimensions such as oil quantity, quality, safety, price, right confirmation and data, and more than 60 different risk control strategies and rules;. (2) In terms of operational results, it has gradually established a large database of industry and finance, an index database of evaluation / quality / safety / price / operation, hundreds of risk control strategies and model libraries, and improved warehouse access and warehouse supervision standards, warehouse receipt scoring and portrait standards. (3) In terms of economic benefits, according to the current cost calculation, the scientific and technological cost accounts for about 10% of the total income, and the risk control level has been significantly improved. In the future, with the expansion of business, the extensive application of intelligent hardware, the continuous improvement of real-time monitoring capability, the risk control level will continue to improve, which is conducive to reducing the financing cost and accelerating the financing ability of warehouse receipt pledge.
        Enterprises should focus on the innovative technologies of the Internet of things and blockchain in the future, deepen the use of new technologies such as the Internet of things, blockchain and big data, strengthen the construction of core capabilities of intelligent hardware, intelligent risk control and Internet of things supervision, and continue to improve the oil warehouse receipt pledge financing platform based on the Internet of things and blockchain,., Make the information credit information of the virtual world and the objective credit information of the physical world into one, and realize the empowerment of financial science and technology. Return to Sohu to see more responsible editors:.
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