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The project of "ten thousand townships, one thousand cities and one universe" was launched! Alibaba asset was launched as an important entrance

Time : 03/11/2021 Author : oxn65t Click : + -
        In order to respond to the call, speed up the pace of China's digital society construction, promote the high-quality development of the digital culture and tourism industry, promote the revitalization of the digital village, drive common prosperity by digital, innovate and tap the traditional elements of China, and enhance cultural self-confidence, After a long time of planning and cooperation, the project "ten thousand townships, one thousand cities and one universe" was jointly launched. The project takes "Digital China blockchain service infrastructure (Digital China chain)" as the bottom layer, and "knowledge and trust chain" as the public service layer of the blockchain. It is supervised and created by the National News Animation platform, and the digital collection SaaS technology is provided by Houjian software, in-depth cooperation with the national financial media platform, developed and operated by Guangdong blockpark Technology Co., Ltd, The metauniverse open world "block Park" equipped with box3's exclusive engine is used as an asset application scenario.
        Guided by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics and in accordance with the general requirements of industrial prosperity, ecological livability, civilized rural style, effective governance and rich life, the "ten thousand townships, one thousand cities and one universe" gives full play to the driving and leading role of informatization in rural revitalization, drives and promotes the modernization of agriculture and villages as a whole, and promotes the comprehensive upgrading of agriculture, the comprehensive progress of rural areas and the comprehensive development of farmers. "Ten thousand townships, one thousand cities and one universe" will form a virtuous ecological digital economy, support virtual advertising space, digital space appreciation, circulation diffusion and value-added, contribution transformation, production based on sales, virtual and real mutual feeding and other digital rights and interests, release the amplification, superposition and doubling effect of digital on economic development, and obtain the most favorable treatment for participating in the project, so that the project and user income space are full of imagination.
        The participating users of "Wanxiang Qiancheng yuancosmos" not only have the digital identity rights and artistic value of "digital villagers", but also increase the functions of personal digital space construction, 3D interaction, advertising space, etc., and use the digital economy to empower the entity. Its digital collection of yuancosmos has passed the copyright review of Xinhua Wenxuan and was released after online publication, thus ensuring the credibility of the value of the yuancosmos world. So far, "ten thousand townships, one thousand cities and one universe" has reached cooperation intentions with many cities across the country, signed more than 150 villages, and actively promoted the common development of more than 50 prefecture level cities and more than 1000 villages. The project is currently launched in the "meta universe collection" of Alibaba asset (Alibaba auction) digital collection platform, and it will also be one of the important entrances in the future.
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