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How is the blockchain now? A haircut Exhibition

Time : 20/10/2021 Author : i7hmsp Click : + -
        On the morning of May 8, 2020, the price of bitcoin once broke $10000, about quadrupling compared with two months ago. As the "halving" time (May 12) approaches, bitcoin, which is the origin of blockchain technology, is again gaining attention. After experiencing the ups and downs, how is the development of blockchain? Let's take a holistic approach. Origin and Shenxian month, a person who has no clear identity and claims to be "Satoshi Nakamoto" published a paper "bitcoin: a peer-to-peer e-cash system", which is called "bitcoin white paper" by later generations. This marks the birth of bitcoin. From the "bitcoin white paper", we found that the underlying technology of this system adopts a "block" and "chain" data structure, which is summarized as blockchain technology and translated into "blockchain" by Mr. Yuan Dao.
        Therefore, blockchain originated from bitcoin. Blockchain technology is the underlying technology of bitcoin, which provides accounting services for bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin is also the first application of blockchain technology. The bitcoin blockchain has now become the oldest blockchain system. In order to improve the shortcomings of the bitcoin blockchain system, Ethereum launched the second generation blockchain technology system with smart contract function, laying a good foundation for the crazy development of the blockchain and digital tokens. Due to the distributed accounting characteristics of the blockchain, it has the characteristics of "decentralization", which also makes technology geeks, anarchists and some blockchain practitioners vigorously advocate "decentralization" and constantly myth the revolutionary color of the blockchain. They have become believers in "decentralization".
        With the official use of bitcoin to purchase physical goods becoming a reality, its price has risen rapidly, and digital tokens have attracted unprecedented attention. More kinds of digital tokens have been issued. As an efficient and convenient financing means, ICO has also stepped onto the historical stage. The definition of ICO is very clear: "ICO (the abbreviation of initialcoinoffering), the initial coin issuance, originated from the concept of initial public offering (IPO) in the stock market, is the first token issuance of blockchain projects and the raising of bitcoin, Ethereum and other common digital currencies.". Because it is too easy to get money, there is no threshold for operation, and there is no supervision. Crazy people rush up one after another. Air coins are popular, a few people become rich, and countless people's hard-earned money is trapped.
        On September 4, 2017, seven ministries and commissions jointly issued the announcement on preventing the financing risks of token issuance, pointing out that the financing of token issuance is essentially an unauthorized illegal public financing, requiring that all kinds of token issuance financing activities be immediately stopped from the date of the announcement, and organizations and individuals that have completed the financing of token issuance should make arrangements such as clearing. At the same time, domestic digital currency exchanges were also required to close down. According to the hype curve, the emergence of revolutionary new technologies will always go through several stages, such as starting, foam, foam bursting, warming and rapid development, and maturity. The bursting of the foam of the blockchain is also the turning point of the next stage of development.
        On October 24, 2019, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China collectively studied the blockchain. The leaders made an important speech, systematically discussed the important value and application direction of blockchain technology, and raised the blockchain to the national strategic level for the first time, which can be regarded as a positive name for the blockchain. It is called "1024 speech" in history. After the central government made clear that blockchain is a national strategy, local governments intensively introduced policies to promote the development of blockchain and accelerate the implementation and application of blockchain. On April 20, 2020, the national development and Reform Commission defined the scope of new infrastructure for the first time, and blockchain was included in it. It exists as a new technology infrastructure in the information infrastructure category. On April 28, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 45th statistical report on the development of China's Internet network, which pointed out that: the intensive introduction of policies encourages the development of blockchain technology, and the regulatory framework of blockchain has been initially formed; The underlying technology innovation continues to improve, the encryption algorithm attaches importance to self-control, and cross chain technology has become the focus of research; The blockchain government application has been implemented in the field of people's livelihood, and the blockchain financial application has achieved phased results. The supply chain system based on the blockchain has been used in practical business.
        If we can get the help of legal digital currency, the application of blockchain technology will play a greater role. Blockchain technology originated from digital currency, but before the birth of bitcoin, people had been exploring digital currency for a long time, but at that time, blockchain technology solutions were not used. That's why those experiments failed. Next, how to strengthen the basic research of the blockchain under the supervision of the government, promote the breakthrough of the underlying logic of the blockchain, and promote the industrial application and Reform under the premise of technical security will be the main direction of the development of the blockchain in the future.
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