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8 years of Ouke cloud chain: Xu Mingxing's "return" to technology

Time : 23/01/2022 Author : c07qd6 Click : + -
        When it comes to Xu Mingxing, many people have the impression that he is the "old Xu" in the field of digital asset trading. With the help of the market, he created the well-known digital asset trading service platform okcoin. Xu Mingxing, a science and engineering graduate, has always been vigilant. In a speech in early 2015, he said that there are many risks in this industry, and entrepreneurs in the industry must not be too radical. The situation is changeable. On September 4, 2017, a paper announcement in midsummer poured cold water on the whole hot industry: it called for the suspension of token issuance financing activities. One month later, an announcement from okcoin entitled "dream back to the starting point" was released, which clearly defined the transformation of "blockchain technology application and development company".
        Four years later, Xu Mingxing talked about his dream again in an interview recently: "We hope to gather a group of talents who have both dreams and the ability to adapt to the reality on the tortuous road, and can finally turn their dreams into reality, so as to lay a solid foundation for the steady development of new infrastructure represented by the blockchain industry in China, promote the acceleration of the blockchain industry to enable the reality, and export our own technology to the world to change our lives.". At this time, the industrial map behind him has become an industrial group integrating blockchain big data, blockchain technology R & D and application, blockchain industry investment, blockchain incubator, blockchain security and other businesses. Once OK, it has also changed into Oko cloud chain group.
        The group has just upgraded the "Kunpeng plan" for blockchain talents launched last year on January 18, saying that it will further promote the construction of talent teams in the new technology industry from the aspects of demand side talent introduction, supply side training, social science popularization and so on. From trading services to blockchain technology, Xu Mingxing, who started his business with technology, completed the "return" from trading services to technology companies in 8 years. In 2006, he graduated from Beijing University of science and technology, majoring in Applied Physics, and successfully entered the Graduate School of mathematics of Renmin University of China. Unexpectedly, Xu Mingxing did not follow the traditional logic of "graduation from a famous school and high salary from a big factory". Ma Yun's bowl of "chicken soup" and "people like me who have taken the university examination three times can succeed, and 80% of the world's people can succeed" and "financing of 40 million US dollars in six minutes" ignited Xu Mingxing's restless entrepreneurial spirit.
        Even his father's "stern exhortation" on the other side of the phone and his tutor's sincere retention did not stop him from dropping out of school and starting a business. Xu Mingxing first entered the group buying industry and founded with a technician from a traditional industry. At that time, the whole Internet was still in the stage of widespread rise at the beginning of the new millennium, four years before the real outbreak of group buying and the birth of meituan, the protagonist of the hundred group Wars. However, due to the lack of funds and experience, this first venture ended after only half a year of operation. After that, Xu Mingxing started a short internship in Yahoo China, responsible for search engine technology. It was also during this work experience that he met another entrepreneurial partner, Lin Yaocheng.
        In 2007, the two founded, an online document service. At that time, Xu Mingxing's positioning in the company was focused on technology. From an engineer to a CTO, overcame difficulties because of the blank market and developed into one of the most famous C2C document sales and sharing communities in China. However, the pattern was changed again by the giant. In 2009, the company entered the market, squeezing the income and profit space of, and the development of also entered a bottleneck. In the 6 years of, Xu Mingxing resigned to end this entrepreneurial history and open another new chapter. There is still a distance between this and his creation of okcoin. At the end of 2012, he sold his house and invested two million yuan to test the o2o field of the catering industry. However, this venture lasted only a few months and ended in a loss.
        Xu Mingxing first came into contact with the digital currency bitcoin in 2011 when he watched the American drama "good wife". The judge in the drama decided that bitcoin was a currency, which aroused his interest. After understanding the operation principle of bitcoin, he bought hundreds of bitcoins at a price of less than $20 for the first time. If calculated according to the current market price, the total value reached tens of millions of yuan. With the continuous in-depth trading, Xu Mingxing found that bitcoin trading was slow to arrive at the account, difficult to withdraw cash, and the security was not effectively guaranteed. With a keen sense of smell and the impulse of technical practice, Xu Mingxing's blockchain dream started from a windowless office in 2013. In June, okcoin was officially established and rapidly developed into one of the three major digital asset trading platforms in China at that time.
        Since April 2017, the price of digital assets has risen again, and the shock mode has been opened. The whole market is immersed in "Carnival". The result is only five months later, the announcement on preventing the financing risk of token issuance was released. In fact, in the heart of Xu Mingxing, the belief of technology Geek has always been there. "I don't like to make money, but I like to make powerful technology." The user's public praise when he was working in the exchange all incorporated this belief, and "9.4" is accelerating his practice of the geek belief. "As one of the earliest start-ups in China's blockchain industry, we shoulder the historical mission of promoting the development of China's blockchain technology and participating in the global competition of blockchain.
        We will increase investment in the development and application of blockchain technology, actively participate in global competition and cooperation, and strive to win a place for China on the global blockchain stage. " Okcoin said so in its 2017 "transformation" announcement. For Xu Mingxing, his OK stands at a new starting point. The following story also witnessed the rapid transformation of a technology company in four years. In March 2018, OK specially set up a technology research and development institution, with three sections: technology research and development center, academic research center and innovation laboratory. Each department cooperates with each other to target a target "blockchain application". Also in 2018-2019, OK invested US $100 million to set up industrial capital to provide investment and financing services for global blockchain high-quality innovation projects.
        The company also established a 10 billion yuan win-win master fund plan in conjunction with CE yuan capital to focus on the investment of blockchain underlying technology R & D projects. Based on the earliest local establishment and many years of technology accumulation, the application of big data on the chain has become one of the key directions of the landing research of OK technology. In June 2019, oklink blockchain browser was launched, which is the first infrastructure application of oklink in the blockchain + big data field. At present, the blockchain browser not only provides anti money laundering functions such as transaction tracing on the chain, analysis of blockchain address relationship, and tracking of fund flow on the chain, but also provides commercial functions such as blockchain basic data query, blockchain address tag library, blockchain address portrait, and cross chain project data aggregation. It is the only blockchain browser product in the market that integrates blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence, The ability to structure the data on the chain is the world's leading.
        The blockchain security issues highlighted in recent years have also continuously deepened the security track that OK has been continuously investing in the chain. In June 2020, the oklink blockchain browser added the address tag function to ensure the security of user assets. Less than three months later, on September 1, oklink's blockchain browser launched the blockchain security system "sky eye on the chain". Through address analysis, transaction map and monitoring on the chain, it can help users understand the flow of assets on the chain and protect the security of assets on the chain. The system is the first online data monitoring tool that is free to all users in the whole network, and the query dimension depth is wider.
        In January 2019, Xu Mingxing invested in Qianjin holding group, a listed company in Hong Kong, and oklink became a subsidiary of Qianjin holding. Later, in February 2020, Qianjin holding group was renamed as Ouke cloud chain holdings. Another "OK" okcoin has promoted compliance business overseas through investment, cooperation and other means after 2017. Currently, it has regulatory licenses in the United States, the European Union, Japan, Singapore and other countries and regions to carry out compliant digital asset trading services such as US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and Singapore dollar. Not only that, he also infiltrated into more industries through investment in upstream and downstream companies of the industry, as well as resources such as solution consulting, technical support and industrial capital docking related to the link industry, and built a blockchain system from inside to outside.
        At the beginning of 2020, Xu Mingxing's industrial map officially began a new name, Oko cloud chain group. Just like its destiny, it has built a blockchain ecological engine with the promotion of blockchain applications as the core and multi-level industry empowerment. It is the internal driving force. Oklink, okcoin and the listed company okcloud chain holdings rely on the blockchain browser, compliance licensed digital asset trading and other businesses to provide the company with a source of power for development; As for the industry, the group has set up research institutions specializing in technology research and development. In addition, it has laid a foundation for self-development in three aspects, including investment and facilitating the docking of industrial resources, while promoting industrial empowerment; In addition, Ouke cloud chain group also actively supports the government's blockchain strategy by publishing books, videos and offline activities to popularize the blockchain to the whole society and pave the cognitive foundation for the development of the industry in China.
        It is understood that the group is headquartered in Beijing, China, and has branches or offices in more than 10 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, South Korea and Japan. Its business covers more than 180 countries and regions. At present, the blockchain infrastructure products that have been independently developed have greatly improved the scalability of technology. Among them, the data layering technology and multi chain parallel development technology with independent intellectual property rights have reached the world's leading level, greatly reducing the cost of blockchain data transmission and greatly improving the efficiency of blockchain application development. It is one of the few blockchain solutions that support the implementation of large-scale commercial applications in the world. According to the company, it is also extending its self-developed technical solutions, data applications on the chain, and sky eye on the chain to real life through research and cooperation, and promoting the implementation of blockchain applications.
        In keeping with the development of the company, Xu Mingxing has successively published industry books such as blockchain: reshaping the economy and the world, illustrating blockchain, and token economy in recent years. He is responsible for popularizing blockchain in society. He believes that the development of the industry needs to be based on a correct and broad understanding. In September 2020, EuroTech cloud chain was invited to participate in one of China's three major exhibitions & mdash& mdash; The special blockchain forum of the global financial technology summit of China International Trade in services Fair "exports China's blockchain solutions to the world" on the platform. Since the end of last year, EuroTech cloud chain group has summarized the year 2020 with nearly 20 honors, such as being successively rated as "China's top 30 new economy", "the best security service institution" and "top 10 in the financial technology field".
        However, in the heart of Xu Mingxing, "science and technology change life has never been an empty slogan." His positioning of Oko cloud chain is still a startup company that shoulders innovation and turns dreams into reality. Blockchain was raised to the national strategic level in 2019 and included in the new infrastructure in 2020. There is no doubt that there is a consensus in the industry on the prospect of blockchain entering the reality. Just as Xu Mingxing said, it has the power to "change life". However, according to a 2019 blockchain business technology maturity curve released by Gartner, most of the blockchain application-based technologies are still in the embryonic stage, and it still needs 5-10 years to mature.
        The industry generally believes that the blockchain, with its unique underlying logic and architecture advantages, will reshape the trust system in the future and promote social progress. Thomas middot, Nobel Prize winner in economics and American economist; In his speech on how artificial intelligence and blockchain will create new opportunities and challenges for governments and enterprises, Sargent said that artificial intelligence and blockchain do different jobs and form a complete whole. Benter & middot, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in economics; Homstrom also expressed confidence in the future of blockchain technology and believed that it would change the operation mode of financial institutions. Xu Mingxing said that blockchain is a point-to-point database system based on the Internet, data encryption, distributed storage and other theoretical science and technology. It has the characteristics of point-to-point transmission, traceability, non tampering, data security and so on. It can be used to solve the existing industry's low efficiency, trust and other pain points, and to a certain extent solve the integrity, authenticity and uniqueness problems in the value transmission process.
        "Blockchain technology brings the role of point-to-point network technology and distributed storage technology to the extreme, thus more conveniently protecting user data and solving trust problems in economic activities." Xu Mingxing believes that this technology can be combined with all walks of life, take root in all walks of life, and even reshape the operation mode of all industries, with great development space. In addition to finance, blockchain plays a significant role in promoting public welfare, supply chain, e-commerce and other industries. Taking the application of blockchain in the supply chain as an example, he explained that as a "trust machine", the blockchain and the supply chain can be said to be a match made in heaven. Take the goods as the starting point and establish the identity information of the goods to form a safe logistics network covering the whole process, open and transparent, traceable and traceable, so that the fake goods have nowhere to go and the substandard goods can be found.
        At the same time, the collected data will be built into a blockchain information summary platform, and all nodes on the chain will be synchronized in real time, making it possible for large-scale and rapid distributed cooperation. In this process, product information, capital flow and amount details will also be clearly recorded on the blockchain, which can not be tampered with, increasing transparency and reducing trust costs. Ultimately, it will benefit consumers and obtain better products and services. According to Zhang Chao, vice president of Ouke cloud chain, blockchain technology, together with 5g, IOT (Internet of things), artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, is a part of the information system and should be used as a whole to give play to its value. 5g is blood as a channel for faster data transmission; IOT is the eye, as the entrance infrastructure of real world informatization; Blockchain is an artery, which can solve the interaction logic and data transmission rules between various role subjects; Artificial intelligence is the brain, which can realize better system services with less development cost based on data and models.
        Xu Mingxing believes that the application of "blockchain + industry" is still at a very early stage and requires a long time of exploration and linking. The blockchain will usher in the best development period in the next five years. Talent training is one of the current problems to be solved. In the critical period of the new round of scientific and technological revolution, China needs to seize the technological highland and master the core technology. The prerequisite for achieving this goal is to cultivate a large number of talents in the blockchain industry. Hu Chao, vice president of Ouke cloud chain, also said that blockchain is an emerging technology integrating multiple disciplines such as cryptography, mathematics, operating system, network communication and computer programming. This requires that talents need to have a multi-disciplinary underlying knowledge structure, so that they can understand the underlying design principles of blockchain and master the ability of system architecture design.
        Blockchain talents should not only pay attention to the construction of the underlying technical knowledge structure, but also pay attention to the learning of the business logic at the application level, so as to truly release the value of the innovative application of blockchain technology, which should also become the training orientation of practical talents. Technology, talents and popular science have become the three focuses of Xu Mingxing to promote the geek dream. In the past eight years, he has created a blockchain industry group. In the next eight years, the technology will soon enter a high-speed period. Just as people did not think that the Internet had changed the world, blockchain and artificial intelligence are also entering "industry +" at the speed of seeing. Time will give the answer to what changes Xu Mingxing's early momentum can bring to real life.
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