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Remember the blockchain content platform that was popular in 18 years? Do you remember Jane Shubei of Jane Shu?,What is the most popular platform of blockchain

Time : 16/08/2021 Author : p418nf Click : + -
        Remember the blockchain content platform springing up in 18 years? The popular coins at that time, although they are now closed and the price of coins is no longer good, many authors did make more than ten thousand dollars a day at that time. Today, what we want to talk about is not Bihu. There are many latecomers after Bihu. Similarly, there are many traditional content transformation blockchain token incentive platforms, such as Tianya and Jianshu. At the end of last year, many blockchain content platforms were almost dead. Thinking that Jianshu is an old-fashioned content platform after all, it is not easy to die if the transformation is not successful, so I wanted to buy some jianshubei to post articles to see if I could make some money. As a result, it was converted to Jianshu drill. After playing with Jianshu for a period of time, it was found that it was not fun and could not earn too much (maybe it was playing coins in the past, and it could not adapt to the search platform of Jianshu). In addition, Jianshu could not send encryption related articles, so Jianshu drill was replaced by jianshubei, who wanted to sell it instead of playing.
        The rule of Jianshu is that it takes 13 weeks to release Jianshu drill into Jianshu shell in batches, so there is no attention after the conversion. Yesterday, I saw Jianshu and suddenly thought of this matter. I clicked and read it and released more than 17000. When I went to see Jianshu shell, I found that the price had risen to 0.087, and then I sold the shell. At present, there are still 10000 Jianshu shells that have not been converted. If the price does not fall in the next five weeks, After half a year, I can earn 30%. I bought less. I earned 500 yuan from 1700 yuan, but only a few hundred yuan. If you have played Jane books and bought Jane books before, you can go and see how much you bought them. Maybe it will give you a surprise.
        However, when jianshubei was first opened, it was 0.3 yuan. At the lowest time, it was 0.04 yuan. Now it is 0.086 yuan. It is estimated that the shock is greater than the surprise.
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