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Unveiling the grey industrial chain of "blockchain license"

Time : 06/03/2022 Author : qtd38x Click : + -
        With the great popularity of blockchain, the grey industry of blockchain license has appeared in the market, and some brokers holding "blockchain license" are also digging deep into the great opportunity of making money. However, the reporter of Beijing Business Daily found through investigation that the so-called "blockchain license" is actually a business license with blockchain, and is not an official document for approving relevant institutions to conduct business. Analysts believe that companies that register blockchain related names are in fact speculation under the pretext of the title, with little investment significance and suspicion of deception and speculation. Recently, a reporter from Beijing business daily saw a message from a resource exchange group called financial license, "a hot blockchain license has been released. There is no household and no operation. After 15 days of transfer, 20000 yuan will be taken away.".
        The broker who sold the license said that the price of the existing license for M & a ranged from 20000 to 100000 yuan. If there is no special requirement, the minimum budget of 20000 yuan can be completed. However, the reporter of Beijing Business Daily found some tricks in the specific information of issuing the license plate. According to the requirements of the formal business license, the business license must be issued by the State Administration for Industry and commerce or the local administration for Industry and commerce. The formal business license must have the name, type, domicile, legal representative, registered capital, date of establishment, business term and business scope. The so-called "blockchain license" is only stamped by the local industry and Commerce Bureau, without indicating the amount of registered capital. There is a registration date but no deadline, and there is no specific legal person information.
        The license broker did not respond positively to the questions raised by the reporter. When the reporter of Beijing business daily asked whether the new license could be handled, the license broker said that on the whole, the national blockchain registration policy is getting tighter and tighter. At present, Shanghai has fully restricted the handling. Although Beijing does not restrict the handling, the business scope is limited to science and technology and science and technology related types. If you choose to register in Beijing, the cost is between 18000 and 50000 yuan. The shortest is 15 working days and the longest is about one month. Analysts believe that the reason why many people focus on the business of scrambling to register and transfer blockchain licenses is that companies with "blockchain" in their previous names have sprung up like bamboo shoots.
        According to the data, most of the enterprises with the word "blockchain" in their business scope are newly established within one year, with a total of 4266, which are concentrated in Guangdong. Among them, 2177 companies are registered in Guangzhou and 502 companies are registered in Shenzhen. In this regard, Zhang Yexia, senior researcher of Yingcan consulting, said that at present, the favorable policies of the block chain in various regions are continuous, and the overall business environment is good. From the perspective of participants, the current blockchain circle is small, and there is obvious regional concentration due to policy differences. For most participants, there is a lot of room for development in the rising period of the industry, which has strong attraction for their entrepreneurship. For the seller, the income from the sale of "blockchain license" is much more difficult and costly than the application, which also provides the seller with a larger profit seeking space.
        In recent years, the concept of blockchain has become more and more popular, and various localities have issued preferential policies for blockchain. For example, Guangzhou released the "ten blockchain" based on rewards in cultivation, growth, platform, application and other aspects. Therefore, many entrepreneurs saw the dividends and actively entered the market. In fact, there is no access license for the domestic blockchain industry. As for the formal license plate, the official statement is "the certificate issued by the industrial and commercial administration authority to industrial and commercial enterprises and individual operators to engage in certain production and business activities". The foreign blockchain license is similar to the financial license, which is an official document for approving relevant institutions to conduct business. Zhang Yexia told the reporter of Beijing Business Daily that in the early days, blockchain was mainly applied in the field of digital currency and had financial attributes. However, in recent years, the regulatory authorities' requirements for the "third-party payment", "network small loan" and P2P online loan filing issued by Internet finance have led entrepreneurs to mistakenly believe that blockchain also has relevant licenses.
        Thus providing conditions for the generation of "blockchain license". Zhang Yexia further said that these so-called "blockchain licenses" are actually not licenses, but business licenses with the word "blockchain" in the enterprise name, which is no different from other business licenses. At present, China has no clear access requirements for the blockchain business. The current policy support focuses on the integration of blockchain technology and the real economy, and the overall emphasis is on the technical level rather than the financial level. A person in charge of a blockchain company frankly told the Beijing Business Daily that blockchain, as a popular project, has strong attraction to investors, and many investors want to test the water to seize this profitable business opportunity.
        In the view of Lu Nan, research director of the sack Research Institute, the acquisition of the blockchain business license obviously gives these companies a chance to become rich. However, blockchain technology companies do not need a "blockchain" business license, so such "license" actually has no intrinsic value. Xiao Lei, founder of xicaihui and President of 500 Gold Research Institute, also believes that the probability of blockchain license is intentional speculation. At present, there is no license at the national level, and there is no official document. Moreover, it is difficult to issue a special license for blockchain in the future, because blockchain is a technology, not a business form. The registration of names related to blockchain is actually a kind of hype. The investment significance is not very great. The most important thing is to see the business ability of the specific company.
        Because there is blind respect, there is always room for speculation in the concept of "blockchain". In addition to the influx of retail investors, as long as the listed company discloses that it is connected with the blockchain, the stock price can rise sharply, and the blockchain business can rise by the limit. This has also attracted many "unknown" companies to announce that they will launch blockchain projects in order to catch up with this wave of hot spots. When receiving the inquiry letter from the exchange or the questions from the interactive platform, some companies responded positively, and some companies made urgent clarifications to clear the relationship. Xiao Lei stressed that it is difficult for blockchain to bring real high profits to enterprises in a short time. From the current situation, the risk in the short term is very large.
        Moreover, many enterprises do not need blockchain technology to solve their projects. They are hard wired, which requires very high recognition ability of investment. At present, nearly 90% of blockchain projects are "air" type projects, which is meaningless. Huo Xuewen, director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of financial work, stressed in a closed door meeting held a few days ago that "blockchain, as a technology, has a threshold. The blockchain discussed by many people from the perspective of technicians is often not a dimension. Most people do not know much about technology. Liars take advantage of this to make blockchain a cloak for their own deception. It has become a trend to cheat by using technology concepts.".
        Talking about the reasons why there are still calls for blockchain licenses when the regulations are explicitly prohibited, Shi Dalong, a senior researcher at Suning Financial Research Institute, pointed out that after the regulation of blockchain, bitcoin and other tokens was tightened, the industrial and commercial registration department temporarily suspended the approval of business licenses involving blockchain. Some companies that are really engaged in blockchain technology development urgently need to obtain business qualifications involving blockchain, and these enterprises will purchase such licenses; On the other hand, some speculators may speculate and buy low and sell high. "The society has almost crazy blind admiration for blockchain, and there is also a market space for fishing in troubled waters for profit. A large amount of capital continues to enter. However, digital currency is completely prohibited in China, and the registration of blockchain companies has been suspended, thus forming a & lsquo; Shell Resources & rsquo; market.
        At present, China has not issued any franchise license in the blockchain field. This is hyped by the seller; Concept & rsquo;, There is no intrinsic value, and the future regulatory landing or & lsquo; Blockchain & rsquo; Company registration is open, these & lsquo; License plate & rsquo; It may be worthless. " Lunan said.
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