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Interpretation of laws by case column 2, financial field

Time : 12/04/2022 Author : t71645 Click : + -
        According to people's daily, in May 2018, the police of XX City reported a case of fund-raising fraud in the name of issuing virtual currency. The virtual currency involved in the case is "ordinary silver coin", which is issued by XX company through its official website and the website acquired. The police reported that at present, there are more than 3000 victims of "ordinary silver coins", with a total amount of about 307 million yuan and a maximum single loss of about 3 million yuan. On the company's official website, it is defined as a blockchain company, claiming to be the first domestic blockchain industry promotion organization integrating theory, technology and market development. Its core business product is general bank & mdash& mdash; It is introduced to the market in the form of commodity portfolio based digital currency.
        To put it simply, "Pu Yin" is not a pure virtual digital currency, but a digital currency with asset binding. One piece of "Pu Yin" corresponds to Pu'er tea with a value of 1 yuan. The number of Pu'er silver coins sold by the company corresponds to the number of Pu'er tea as a commodity, waiting for consumers to withdraw at any time. According to the police, the company publicized its possession of a large number of Pu'er tea through the Internet, wechat and other media without obtaining the financial license issued by the state administrative department. At the same time, a company without qualification was also engaged to conduct "reference evaluation" on a small part of the sample tea of this batch of tea, which was said to be worth 1 billion yuan.
        Through asset digitization, Pu'er coin (later renamed Pu'er silver) was created. First, the price of ordinary silver coins was raised from 0.5 yuan to 10 yuan. At the same time, it was promised at the press conference that the ordinary silver coins held by investors would be split twice (one for ten), so that the ordinary silver coins held by investors would be expanded 100 times. When a large number of investors could not resist the temptation of interests, the company continuously cashed in by maliciously manipulating the price trend of ordinary silver coins, resulting in the worthlessness of ordinary silver coins in the investors' hands, and finally a total loss of about 307 million yuan. During the monitoring and investigation of illegal fund-raising, it was found that some lawless elements used various illegal financial platforms to illegally absorb public funds and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the public by fabricating "high-yield and low-risk" projects, issuing "virtual currency", "virtual assets" and "digital assets" under the banner of "the Belt and Road", "supporting agriculture, rural areas and farmers", "financial innovation" and "blockchain".
        It is understood that these financial platform companies are not real financial service companies. Instead, they confuse the concepts of Internet finance, investment and financial management, fictitious investment projects, and engage in illegal fund-raising, pyramid selling, and fraud activities by borrowing the national policies.
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