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OMT group helps the tourism industry through blockchain app

Time : 11/11/2021 Author : 875toz Click : + -
        OMT group, a tourism consulting industry with a network of distributors spanning four major markets and covering 25 countries, hopes to help the tourism industry through blockchain app. In order to accelerate the development of the next stage, OMT group, headquartered in Singapore, will provide consumers with a series of selected travel itineraries, as well as secure payment gateways and incentive systems through decentralized apps. In addition to merging apps, OMT group also hopes to provide a series of reasonably priced itineraries for the first stage of APP use. This will be supported by major destination countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.
        From April, consumers will be able to download this app from iTunes and Android stores. The move comes at a time when the global economy is beginning to recover and people's interest in leisure and entertainment in some regions is beginning to pick up. At present, while the global retail industry is facing a series of major changes, OMT group plans to select the best partners to help create unique customer experience advantages. These partnerships are expected to bring a huge impetus to the global tourism industry. With the use of emerging technologies, the tourism trade sector will be reorganized to make it stronger than ever and able to rise from the epidemic. As one of the pioneers of Singapore's tourism industry, OMT group takes the lead in using new technologies to realize the operation of its value chain. OMT group's efforts in digitization are commendable.
        This means that the standards of travel dealers will be improved and the funds and personal data will be protected from illegal acts. It also pointed out that Singapore will continue to strive to consolidate its position in the cashless digital hub and maintain a neutral attitude in digital asset transactions. Dr. James Yeow, chairman and CEO of OMT group, said: "Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in the world. One tenth of the world's people work in this field and provide livelihood for millions of people. This upcoming app will be dedicated to promoting billions of transactions on the blockchain, enabling travel salespeople to adopt more targeted data and driven marketing strategies, and create sustainable employment opportunities for more people.
        ”。 In today's digital environment, data plays an indispensable role in personalized overall travel experience. From the gate to the destination, airlines, hotel accommodation and even destination tourism distribution companies are using blockchain technology to carry out targeted marketing activities and expand to their target audience. In addition, as many countries consider opening their borders to international tourists, the use of blockchain technology can also help eliminate paper document formalities, optimize the boarding process, predict the arrival time of tourists, and formulate more comprehensive and targeted incentive plans. For OMT group companies, the use of blockchain technology to help emerging mobile apps can improve transparency in a secure and reliable environment, especially in the processing of sensitive data (including personal identification codes, addresses and credit cards).
        This, in turn, helps to build trust between tourism trade dealers and the wider community. Dr. James Yeow said: "emerging technologies such as blockchain have abandoned the need for physical documents and replaced them with digital documents. This makes tourism marketing more targeted and specific processes, such as payment, providing a worry free experience for independent tourists, high-end luxury and group business travelers.". A decentralized management system, OMT group's app will help destinations, brands and operators reduce costs, improve business ratings, improve communication channels with consumers, customize unique travel packages for consumers, and implement worry free loyalty programs.
        Dr. James Yeow added: "with personalization becoming the choice of many people and the increasing demand for unique travel experience, we believe that the combination of our app and customized itinerary will create a differentiated high-end service experience for our existing and new customers.". In the past decade, Asia's growing economy has had a positive impact on the region's tourism market, partly due to the rise of the middle class, the relaxation of visa policies and the proliferation of low-cost airlines. According to the "the future of outbound travel in Asia Pacific" survey conducted by MasterCard, from 2016 to 2021, outbound travel is expected to continue to grow at an annual growth rate of 6%.
        In addition, up to today, nearly 32% of Asia Pacific bookings are made through the line, which makes them a resource for strategic allies of travelers who urgently need to seek the best fares and holiday experience. With this exponential growth, OMT group hopes to support the innovation of mobile app in the travel and leisure industry by introducing special travel bags developed by blockchain technology. With the fact that Asian tourists spend much more per trip than other countries, 2 even in the post epidemic environment, the tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region is expected to achieve substantial growth. OMT group is one of the largest travel and tourism groups in Southeast Asia. Through cooperation with the world's leading travel agencies, OMT has achieved good results in providing meetings, rewards and vacation programs for corporate and association customers.
        OMT group is also the main supplier of products and services of cytt Changyou Travel Alliance.
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