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15 innovative measures to optimize the business environment, and the blockchain application of Guangzhou public resources trading center was selected

Time : 31/07/2022 Author : l74m2w Click : + -
        Recently, the general office of the State Council released some innovative measures found in the third-party evaluation of the implementation of the regulations on optimizing the business environment on the Chinese government website, and published 15 innovative measures for mutual learning and mutual learning among regions. Among them, public resource trading centers in Guangzhou and other places initiated the construction of public resource trading blockchain platforms, and the innovative practice of using blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of bidding ranked first. It is reported that in August 2019, Guangzhou public resources trading center took the lead in organizing the construction of the country's first public resources trading blockchain platform, innovating and developing application tools such as "account pass", "easy chain signature" and "easy chain guarantee", which effectively solved the pain points and difficulties such as poor information sharing of public resources trading market subjects, CA digital certificates cannot be mutually recognized, and financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises.
        After more than a year of operation and development, the blockchain platform has expanded to 62 members, covering 15 provinces across the country. Its application results have been selected into the "national public resource trading 2019 innovation results training and promotion case" of the national information center and the "national development and Reform Commission's" national typical case of deepening the integration and sharing of public resource trading platforms ".
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