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Yichain technology - a solution provider for the combination of blockchain and real economy

Time : 19/07/2022 Author : 1aemzw Click : + -
        Founded on April 12, 2017, Yilian technology is positioned as a technology development platform for customers and partners, a business transformation expert and a financial innovation consultant. Yichain technology is a technology company focusing on "blockchain + industry", which is positioned to use blockchain technology and services, integrate financial and other related resources, and promote scene innovation and industrial ecological fusion. The company has the underlying technology of blockchain with independent property rights. The core team comes from leading enterprises in the industry such as Huawei, Intel, Baidu and Guotai Junan. The company has implemented many innovative scenarios in different fields such as supply chain finance based on blockchain credit enhancement, traceability and anti-counterfeiting, inclusive finance, visual government governance, smart energy trading, public welfare and sports.
        The company is committed to the development of blockchain technology and related industrial level applications, and has applied for dozens of Chinese invention patents and international invention patents. At present, the company has become a director unit of the trusted blockchain promotion plan and a member of the international organization CCC (climate chain coalition) climate chain alliance. The company's Zhongxin chain and operation system obtained the trusted blockchain function test certificate of China Institute of information and communications, and Xinyun chain and operation system obtained the trusted blockchain supply chain financial test certificate of China Institute of information and communications. "GS1 + blockchain traceability innovation application" won the technical innovation award of China Federation of logistics and procurement.
        Blockchain data is an asset. In the future, various financial services business scenarios can be carried out based on the uplink data: deposit service: the data can not be tampered with, so as to improve the credibility of the data. The first example of supply chain finance Starman blockchain application open platform (stardapp) based on blockchain credit enhancement relies on Zhongxin chain to open the industry-leading blockchain business application services. Consumers: obtain satisfactory DAPP and smart contract core functions through the application market: data storage: data cannot be tampered with, and improve the credibility of data.
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