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South Korea uses "Internet of things + blockchain" to ensure food source and safety

Time : 11/01/2022 Author : 9j08nq Click : + -
        The development company of waltonchain, a public blockchain network focusing on the Internet of things (IOT), has established a strategic partnership with the Korea food and animal husbandry promotion center to encourage the use of blockchains in agriculture and food distribution. The Korea food and livestock promotion center is an organization established in March 2017 and led by Jung in Hwa, a member of Parliament from the main opposition People's Party of Korea, to protect farmers and livestock distributors. "Waltonchain participated in the inaugural meeting of the Korean blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association held in the national assembly of the Republic of Korea, and signed a cooperation agreement with the Korean food and animal husbandry promotion center.
        ”。 In addition to the partnership itself, the waltonchain team has not released any other information about the nature of the transaction and the potential cooperation between the Korean government and the waltonchain development team. Nevertheless, this partnership is particularly noteworthy because it is the first transaction signed between the agricultural and animal husbandry related organizations supported by the Korean government and blockchain companies. There is still some time to go before the transaction. The South Korean government is expected to implement its new cryptocurrency and blockchain regulatory framework, which will legalize the blockchain sector and its startups. At the beginning of July, a local publication disclosed a document entitled "adjustment plan for industrial classification of blockchain technology", which is a regulatory framework drafted by the Korean financial authorities.
        Local analysts said that the government plans to complete the latest version of the cryptocurrency regulatory draft this summer and hopes to integrate it by the end of 2018. Similar to major economies such as the United States and Japan, the South Korean government has recognized that blockchain, Internet of things and artificial intelligence are the main technologies capable of leading the next industrial revolution. President moon Jae in delivered a speech before his election. Waltonchain's value Internet of things (viot) network is a protocol that supports blockchain. It supports enterprises to integrate retail, logistics and product manufacturing into the blockchain. It may attract local companies that regard blockchain as an important emerging technology.
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