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What is web30 game?

Time : 14/07/2022 Author : teqzj3 Click : + -
        The game market has attracted attention again. Since July 12, the game version number has been released again. According to the securities times, the State Press and Publication Administration released the approval information of domestic online games in August, and a total of 69 games were approved this time. Among the games with the approved version number, the key games include zhongqingbao's Portia time Nintendo switch version, thunder's rain age Nintendo switch version, and gibbet's super cat project. Among them, there were 64 mobile games, 2 switch games and 2 client games, and 1 web game. Previously, 45 games were distributed in April, 60 in June and 67 in July. From this trend, the number of game version numbers is expanding. Insiders believe that the distribution of version numbers has an accelerating trend.
        However, judging from the release of version numbers during this period, the games of small and medium-sized manufacturers have been approved. However, Tencent and NetEase have not been approved for four consecutive batches. It can be seen that after the regulation of the game has been gradually strengthened, the giant has become more and more cautious: no good project is allowed. According to the Securities Daily report, a senior game analyst said that small and medium-sized game companies take the lead and large companies rest, which is a kind of macro-control. In the absence of big factories, small and medium-sized factories are constantly attacking, and the industrial pattern is also changing quietly. According to cryptopolitan data, in the first quarter of this year, Web3 startups have received more than 173 million US dollars of investment.
        One of the hottest concepts is gamefi. We have also introduced gamefi, that is, gamefinance, game finance. In short, gamefi is a blockchain game that can make money while playing and provide economic incentives for players. In this game, users can earn income by doing tasks, fighting with players, and upgrading customs clearance, and the income is cryptocurrency and NFT. There are two key points here. One is the recently popular concept Web3.0, and the other is blockchain games. It has been reported that many programmers have been laid off, and the industry has fallen into the sunset.
        But I didn't expect that these programmers immediately joined the development team of Web 3.0. According to the CrunchBase report, there are currently 152 venture capital institutions betting on Web 3.0 Unicorn enterprises. Coinbase ventures, established by coinbase, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has invested a total of 19 transactions; There are 14 DCG capitals focusing on blockchain and digital currency investment; 8 investments of tiger Global Fund; 4 Softbank vision funds; Sequoia Capital launched an investment fund focusing on cryptocurrency, with a capital scale of US $500 million to US $600 million.
        However, investment is one thing and development is another. Most people generally do not understand what Web 3.0 is, let alone how Web 3.0 is related to games. So what will Web3.0 Games be like?. Web 3.0 is a very novel concept. The original initiator was Gavin middot, the co-founder of Ethereum; Wood, he described it as "a set of compatible agreements that guarantee people to act for themselves in a low barrier market". Or more frankly, Web2.0, that is, the Internet age we are now in, is just "readable + writable"; While Web3.0 will be upgraded to "readable + writable + owned Internet", that is to say, in addition to watching various information and videos on the Internet, you can also create, and finally this creation can bring benefits for yourself.
        However, at present, there are different definitions of Web 3.0, but they all point to the same keyword: user ownership and control. Suppose there is a mobile phone with a game called Royal glory. In this game, players can play alone or with other players, but the premise is that they must be connected. So far, it may be consistent with the Internet games we usually recognize. However, if you complete the tasks in the game or win the battle, you can get a cryptocurrency or NFT as a reward. These rewards can be used in the game, can be used to buy heroes, skins, props and other things, and can also be used in the interface outside the game.
        The method is very simple, that is, directly quit Royal glory and click e-commerce. As long as the e-commerce in this mobile phone accepts cryptocurrency or NFT for shopping. This is different from the ordinary games. Of course, in our example, Web3.0 is like a mobile phone. In fact, Web3.0 has no so-called fixed format. This concept is actually a huge network platform, which is shared globally. All nodes are built with blockchain technology as the core, so each node is not the center. Even if a node is destroyed or lost, the whole platform has no impact. This is the embodiment of decentralization.
        Web3.0 game is more like a cloud game, but it does not rely on fixed servers or fixed teams. Blockchain games can be run and maintained by other people on the chain. Once the game is on the chain, it will not stop because there is no fixed server to regulate and restrict the game. Everything is related to the players on the chain. In other words, even if the development team goes bankrupt and the original operation team leaves, the game works and contents still exist. Moreover, the NFT awarded in the game can also be directly used in Web3.0, and it is not restricted to use in the game: it may be a set of cards, or an original record, and anything is possible.
        These NFTs can be used as avatars of players, as bgms in their social accounts, and even as ornaments in the digital land. In fact, a game called axiinfinity has become popular in Southeast Asia recently. This is a primary Web3.0 game mode: players first register members and recharge to exchange axie's game currency AXS. After exchanging game currency, they need to buy 3 elves to fight. As long as they win, they will drop a certain amount of cryptocurrency, SLP coins; Or players can use the elves to breed and sell them to earn money. In short, players can use SLP coins to upgrade their sprites, or they can withdraw money directly through their wallets.
        Conceptually, Web3.0 games connect players, making the games more creative and diversified, because every player can become a creator, and they can realize value while entertaining. But now, Web3.0 has not been really perceived by us. During the transition period, many gamefi games will appear to attract players. Among them, many games may make money in the name of games: it is not important whether the games are fun or not, the main thing is that they are simple enough, and can quickly raise funds and realize cash. Of course, this situation will also occur in today's game circle. However, since the decentralization of blockchain technology will not bind creators, it means that most creators do not have long-term enthusiasm for creation.
        It should be noted that many line a masterpieces took several years to complete, and game companies need to constantly pay high fees to developers. However, blockchain generally needs to have certain results to give rewards to creators. There are some differences between the two mechanisms. But it is undeniable that there are always talented developers in the world who can immerse themselves in creating a virtual world, just like the "keyboard" of programmers in "out of control player". Once a high-level production game appears, this game will become another 10-year masterpiece.
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