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Tencent cloud helps acchain share 30 times of blockchain,Where is Tencent's blockchain platform

Time : 24/02/2022 Author : id59ka Click : + -
        On December 8, Wu Fei, senior architect of Tencent cloud and head of Tencent blockchain products, said at acchain's "invitation for the establishment of the international digital asset trading policy committee and the asset chain a-sdr fund issuance conference" in Shenzhen that he would "work with acchain to create a digital asset product that will subvert the entire industry in the future". Tencent cloud has a deep infrastructure and has many years of experience in massive Internet services. It has many years of mature products to provide product services in social networking, games and other fields. Tencent has completed important deployment in the cloud, providing developers and enterprises with integrated one-stop service solutions such as cloud services, cloud data and cloud operations.
        Mr. Wu Fei first introduced that Tencent cloud, which he represents, is currently working with Weite to build acchain. Secondly, Wu Fei mentioned the deep cooperation with acchain. Wu Fei said, I am glad to have this opportunity to communicate with you. We all know that the social change is fast. We may not have heard of bitcoin in the past two or three years. The bitcoin reached US $18000 a few days ago. Its entire market value can be said to exceed that of many new economies. Bitcoin has brought the whole technology of the blockchain. Under what achievements can it play a subversive role? Today, we happened to come to acchain. We found that acchain is very likely to become a subversive application in the future, especially in the traditional field.
        Then we decided to work with acchain to create such a product. We are more concerned about the characteristics of Tencent in the field of blockchain. Wu Fei explained to us from three aspects. First of all, we are an open platform. First of all, we use the super account of kubernetes foundation. It is an open source. We always think that openness and transparency are the characteristics of Tencent. Well, because of openness, it has the ability to freely accept and is also the safest product. This is from the perspective of the bottom level coordination, so we look at it from the platform side. We can access Tencent's blockchain system from the platform side, and you can access Tencent's blockchain system from Amazon cloud. In this way, we can bind it to various online platforms. We are a system using super accounts.
        Second, the blockchain is not just a blockchain. We all know that Tencent has the ability to pay, social media and related big data AI platforms. Therefore, after we enter the Tencent blockchain system, we naturally enter the products of Tencent circle, thus creating value for more users. Third, the full name of Tencent blockchain products is "Tencent blockchain technology service", which we build in the application of this underlying platform. For our customers, for example, in terms of providing more value for customers, users can conceive of their own subversive innovation on the upper application side, so we are lucky to work together with acchain to create products that will subvert the digital assets of the entire industry in the future.
        In this era, sincere cooperation is the core foundation for creating great value. An excellent company is a company with a mind. Acchain has the ability, determination and 100% sincerity to open up its own capabilities. We need new ecology and new technology. The success of the partners is the success of the cooperation between Tencent cloud and acchain. The two will explore a series of all-round cooperation. Acchian will certainly use its best efforts and sincerity to cooperate with Tencent cloud. The all-round and multi-level deep cooperation between Tencent cloud and acchain focuses on raising the digital asset economy of China to a new level and opening a new era of digital asset.
        So that everyone, every collaborator and every technology developer can obtain more powerful capabilities. Illegal and bad information report telephone report email: professional ethics supervision of news practitioners telephone supervision email:.
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