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The blockchain Industrial Park is booming

Time : 19/02/2022 Author : mifvb8 Click : + -
        As a subversive technology, blockchain is leading the accelerated development of the digital economy, promoting the intelligent transformation of traditional industries, and constantly creating new explosion points and growth points for scientific and technological innovation and industrial rejuvenation. The vigorous development of the blockchain Industrial Park has provided a carrier and platform for the deep integration of blockchain technology and physical industry, and promoted the blockchain to move towards industrialization and scale. In order to further promote the rapid cluster development of the blockchain industry in Henan Province, on August 6, the first blockchain Industrial Park in Henan Province was officially unveiled in Zhengzhou, marking the addition of another strong player in the national blockchain Industrial Park. According to the reporter's statistics, there are 52 blockchain industrial parks in China, covering 20 provinces (autonomous regions / municipalities directly under the central government), including 9 in Zhejiang, 7 in Guangdong and 5 in Shanghai, ranking the top three.
        As a subversive technology, blockchain is leading the accelerated development of the digital economy, promoting the intelligent transformation of traditional industries, and constantly creating new explosion points and growth points for scientific and technological innovation and industrial rejuvenation. The vigorous development of the blockchain Industrial Park has provided a carrier and platform for the deep integration of blockchain technology and physical industry, and promoted the blockchain to move towards industrialization and scale. At the unveiling ceremony, 24 enterprises including quchain technology, Shengjian cloud chain, Bubi blockchain, digital chain technology, ZHONGDUN yun'an and Jiuzhoutong (600998) blockchain signed cooperation agreements with Zhengdong New Area, accumulating strength for promoting the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Henan Province. On August 6, Zhengdong New District announced the measures of Zhongyuan science and technology city to promote blockchain technology innovation and industrial development, and formulated various subsidy policies for blockchain enterprises or institutions in the fields of blockchain technology research, product development, data processing, scene application, platform operation, testing and certification that implement independent accounting.
        The development of the blockchain industry in Henan Province has pressed the acceleration key. In recent years, Henan's digital economy has developed rapidly, with a scale of nearly 1.6 trillion yuan, providing rich scenarios for the application of blockchain technology. In the field of blockchain, a complete industrial chain from the bottom to the middle, application and service levels has been initially formed, and a number of well-known blockchain technology R & D and innovative application enterprises such as Shengjian, ZHONGDUN Yunan and digital chain technology have emerged. Among them, digital chain technology is deeply engaged in the application and promotion of blockchain technology in business scenarios. The bulk commodity supply chain digital service platform developed by it takes blockchain as the underlying technology to build reliable digital assets for enterprises. It has been recognized by enterprises and financial institutions and has been widely used in Digital Supply Chain financial services.
        ZHONGDUN Yunan has been included in the list of top 100 blockchain enterprises for many times. Its "grain warehouse receipt pledge platform based on blockchain + Internet of things" won the "2022 industrial blockchain typical case Award". High quality enterprises are the driver of the high-quality development of the industrial park. The sparks generated by the collision between enterprises are the spark that ignites the vitality of the industry. According to the person in charge of Henan blockchain Industrial Park, in the next step, the park will introduce more blockchain Unicorn enterprises and cultivate local blockchain industries, drive the iterative upgrading of technology products and the continuous improvement of industrial ecology with large-scale applications, and create China's future industrial highland. Talking about the park's help to enterprises, Wei yuezong, President of digital chain technology, felt deeply: "On the one hand, the park gives strong support to enterprises in terms of office space, capital subsidies, talent training and other aspects, so that the settled enterprises can have confidence and confidence to increase R & D efforts and accelerate application innovation; on the other hand, the provincial-level technology innovation platform and public service platform provide a broader stage for enterprises, which is conducive to accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of enterprises and promoting the implementation of application scenarios.
        From a higher starting point, we will join hands with high-quality enterprises in the park to complement each other's advantages and resources, and use high standards and high quality to build a national blockchain industry pilot zone. ". In recent years, provincial blockchain industrial parks led by the government have been constantly emerging. In order to further accelerate the coordinated development of the blockchain industry "industry, University, research and financial service", fully integrate scientific research, talents and industrial resources in various regions, and accelerate economic growth and industrial transformation, the construction of blockchain industrial parks across the country is in full swing. Public information shows that the construction of blockchain industrial parks began in 2015. After years of development, most blockchain industrial parks have moved from the early exploration stage to the project incubation and industrial application landing stage.
        From the perspective of the location distribution of the industrial park, the development effect of four clusters has been formed, that is, the Bohai Rim cluster mainly in Beijing and Shandong, the Yangtze River Delta cluster mainly in Zhejiang, Shanghai and Jiangsu, the Pearl River Delta cluster mainly in Guangdong and Hainan, and the Hunan Guizhou Chongqing cluster mainly in Chongqing, Hunan and Guiyang. In 2015, Shanghai held the first blockchain global summit to promote the dissemination of blockchain concepts in China. In the construction of blockchain industrial parks, Shanghai also took the lead, creating the first domestic application blockchain incubation base in 2015& mdash; Hongkou District new chain space. The following year, the first blockchain Industrial Park was established in Baoshan District, Shanghai& mdash; Shanghai intelligent industrial park sky blockchain incubation base.
        Since 2017, the blockchain Industrial Park has witnessed explosive growth. In April of that year, Hangzhou officially launched the first domestic blockchain Industrial Park led and guided by the government & mdash& mdash; In Xixi Valley blockchain Industrial Park, the government of Xihu District, where the industrial park is located, has also issued the opinions on building Xixi Valley blockchain Industrial Park (for Trial Implementation). According to the policies, the settled enterprises can enjoy rent subsidies, tax incentives, scientific and technological achievements awards and talent support policies. Hangzhou has entered the fast lane of the development of the blockchain Industrial Park. Driven by Shanghai and Hangzhou, Jiangsu Suzhou, Zhejiang Ningbo and other places have also started the construction of blockchain parks.
        At the same time, as an area where Internet enterprises are relatively concentrated, Guangdong has also started to explore blockchain industrial parks. In 2017 alone, four blockchain industrial parks were set up in Guangzhou, and then increased the layout in Foshan and Shenzhen, increasing to seven in 2019. What is the status of these blockchain industrial parks? According to the white paper on China's blockchain development in 2021 recently released by CCID blockchain Research Institute, in recent years, with the rapid development of the blockchain industry and the rapid growth of the industrial scale, all parts of the country have begun to take blockchain technology as a new driving force for economic development, and the construction of blockchain industrial parks has accelerated. Since 2021, the central government has attached great importance to the cultivation of the blockchain industry chain. The industrial support policies have been further refined and deepened. The construction of the "famous park" of the blockchain industry has begun to accelerate, and the industrial park has gradually moved from initial construction to high-quality development.
        However, the problems faced in development should not be underestimated. Insiders disclosed to the reporter that at present, the scale and volume of domestic blockchain industrial parks are not large as a whole, lacking experience in integrating blockchain technology with the real economy. The main problems are that the application mode and path still need to be explored, the talent cultivation needs to be strengthened, and the development has not formed a joint force. Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, where blockchain enterprises are "clustered", are undoubtedly in the forefront of the construction of blockchain parks. However, with the frequent favorable policies in Chongqing, Changsha, Guiyang and Wuhan, the clusters of Hunan, Guizhou and Chongqing are likely to become rising stars. In recent years, Chongqing has established a strategic action plan led by big data intelligence, and the development of digital economy has achieved remarkable results.
        On June 24, the construction of Chongqing's national blockchain innovation and application comprehensive pilot (Yuzhong District) was launched. Since 2017, Yuzhong District has taken the lead in developing the blockchain industry, successively gathered a number of key blockchain enterprises such as quchain technology and Inspur cloud chain, successfully established the Chongqing urban blockchain digital economy industrial park, and ranked the first echelon in China. In the list of national blockchain innovation and application pilots published in January this year, Yuzhong District was selected as a comprehensive pilot with the second best performance in the country, and strive to form a number of replicable and replicable blockchain innovation and application typical cases and experience practices in key areas such as the real economy, social governance, people's livelihood services, and financial technology by the end of 2023.
        Changsha Xingsha blockchain Industrial Park is the first blockchain Industrial Park in Central China. After years of development, it has become a "Xiang army" that can not be underestimated in the blockchain field. In the latest list of "top 100 Chinese industrial blockchain enterprises in 2022", three enterprises, Hunan Tianhe Guoyun Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Hexin Anhua blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. and Shugen Gezhi Technology (Hunan) Co., Ltd. in Changsha Economic Development Zone were selected. The high-quality business environment has cultivated a fertile land for enterprises. The preferential policies of Changsha Economic Development Zone have been issued frequently to help the development of the park's blockchain industry. At present, Xingsha blockchain Industrial Park has introduced more than 100 blockchain enterprises, developed more than 40 scientific and technological innovation projects, and a number of smart parks, smart factories, financial technology and other application projects based on blockchain technology have also been implemented.
        In April this year, the Tianhe Hui high chain semiconductor industrial base project with a total investment of about 500 million yuan was announced to be settled in Xingsha blockchain Industrial Park of Changsha Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province. It is the first "blockchain + semiconductor equipment Industrial Park" project in China. Some insiders disclosed that semiconductor and blockchain cover hardware and software, which promote each other, promote the localization process in the semiconductor field, solve the bottleneck problem, and promote the development of blockchain and realize overtaking at a curve. The landing of the Henan blockchain Industrial Park will add impetus to the development of the Xiangqian Yuzhong cluster. It is reported that Henan blockchain Industrial Park will target Changsha, Chongqing, Wuhan and other regions, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and jointly support the rise of science and technology in the central and western regions.
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