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This company focuses on software customization development services and helps the informatization development on the Yipin Weike platform

Time : 17/07/2021 Author : u7pnvz Click : + -
        With the rapid development of social informatization, customers' dependence and requirements on software are getting higher and higher. At present, the existing software does not match the specific needs of customers. How to submit high-quality and low-cost software products on time and completely customize them on demand to create value for customers has become the core competitiveness of software development service providers. Service providers from Jinan, Shandong & mdash& mdash; Shandong Zhiju Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhiju Technology) is an enterprise that focuses on providing software customization development services. The main service scope covers high-end website customization, mobile app development, official account development, small program development, enterprise management system development, distribution system development, blockchain technology development, game development, etc.
        On April 14, 2020, Zhiju technology joined Yipin Weike network to open the "vke Youxiang" shop, becoming a platform service provider to provide professional software development services for customers online. They adhere to the service concept of "customer first", take integrity and efficiency as the service purpose, and strive to provide customers with high-quality software product solutions. It is understood that Zhiju technology, founded in July 2015, has formed its own unique advantages after five years of development. First, industry wide marketing solutions. Rich industry customer service experience, has successfully provided solutions for real estate, e-commerce, finance, automobile, life service catering, tourism, home and other industries.
        The second is the integrated service process. Professional service team, standardized service process, establish an independent project team for each project, and implement seamless docking of special personnel and teams from project initiation to project completion. "The third is a professional R & D team. The company has a strong personnel configuration, creating a surging R & D power. At the same time, through the combination of software and service, and the combination of technology and industry management capabilities, it has formed a business model dominated by industry solutions and product engineering solutions, accumulated technical advantages, built a human resources system, and realized talent advantages. The fourth is perfect after-sales service, so that customers have no worries. ”The relevant person in charge of Zhiju technology introduced.
        Take customer satisfaction as the core value and service efficiency as the core competitiveness! Zhiju technology said that it hopes to output high-quality services, undertake project orders, provide customized software development solutions for more customers from all over the country, and help enterprise customers achieve informatization and digital development through the Internet online platform of Yipin Weike.
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