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Blockchain + Internet of things: realize the interconnection of everything

Time : 31/05/2022 Author : 4ydklc Click : + -
        In the future, the Internet of things will be the field that has the most sparks with the blockchain. When these two technologies come together, a world of interconnected things will emerge. In short, the Internet of things is the Internet of things. More and more people believe that in the future, the Internet of things will be the field that has the most sparks with the blockchain. When these two technologies come together, a world of interconnected things will emerge. In short, the Internet of things is the Internet of things. There are two meanings: 1. The core and foundation of the Internet of things is still the Internet. Only with a strong and profound Internet as the foundation can the powerful Internet of things be extended and expanded.
        2。 The user end of the Internet of things extends and expands from the traditional computer interconnection to the information exchange and communication between any objects. Although the development time of the Internet of things is not long, public data shows that the number of small sensors, large household appliances and other Internet of things devices has reached the order of 10 billion. After 2020, it is estimated that the number will reach about 25 billion. When these devices go to the Internet of things, it will not only bring changes to the whole society, but also bring great impact to the traditional Internet software system. These impacts include the following aspects:. The data generated and used by the Internet of things include different aspects of daily life such as food, clothing, housing and transportation in human society. At the same time, it is also related to different fields such as public management, production and manufacturing, medical and health care, transportation science and technology.
        If the existing Internet storage mode is adopted, massive data will be centralized and stored, which is bound to require a large amount of infrastructure investment. Therefore, the cost of current IOT solutions is too high, including the infrastructure and maintenance of centralized cloud servers, large servers and network equipment. It can be imagined that when the number of Internet of things devices rises to 10 billion, more communication information will inevitably be generated and the unbearable high cost will be brought. If the data of the Internet of things is collected into a single central control system for a long time, it is easy to have potential data security problems. If the central node of the Internet of things is attacked, the loss to the social economy is incalculable.
        As the Internet of things involves different fields, different operators and ad hoc networks will be connected together. In this way, it will objectively create a situation of multi centers and multi subjects in the Internet of things. If these participants are unable to deal with the mutual trust between them, the IOT system will not be able to coordinate its work, and it will be difficult to play its due efficiency. With the continuous development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's living quality, the number of vehicles is also increasing, which brings great pressure to the data processing between vehicles. As an important part of the Internet of things, the Internet of vehicles is actually equivalent to the data ecosystem of cars. New cars are constantly added to the network and connected with big data.
        The emergence of blockchain technology has brought an account book that cannot be tampered with while ensuring transparency and authenticity to the Internet of vehicles, and effectively, safely and confidentially record the driving data and behaviors of vehicle owners. In the future, the use of blockchain can provide perfect data records for all car owners or the insurance industry, and can also ensure that the vehicle data joining the Internet of vehicles is effectively saved and cannot be changed. It is gratifying that in China, a team has started to build a marriage between "blockchain" and "Internet of vehicles". This also makes it possible for Chinese people to lead the world in the blockchain application field of the Internet of vehicles. On its intelligent transportation platform system, Sigma team uses blockchain technology and electronic license plate to provide the following functions: the electronic license plate is used as the unique account number and identification of the vehicle and connected to the blockchain system; Provide users with electronic license plates with customized chips. Under the effect of long-distance scanning technology, various fees can be deducted during vehicle traffic. Users can check and pay fees at any time by using mobile phone app; The public security traffic management department can manage, supervise, view and protect the corresponding information of all vehicles by accessing the nodes of the blockchain and using the unique permissions of the nodes.
        In this case, the blockchain not only solved the efficiency problem that the Internet of vehicles has been facing, but also solved the security problem. This is because identity identification is always a thorny issue for the Internet service industry and is also very important for the Internet of things industry. Based on the existing characteristics of blockchain technology, key issues such as security and identity authentication of the Internet of things can be successfully solved, thus ensuring the authenticity and security of intelligent information interaction and links. Blockchain technology focuses on transferring data in a point-to-point direct connection, rather than through the central processor. This distributed computing method can handle hundreds of millions of exchanges. At the same time, it can also make full use of nodes distributed in different locations around the world to develop hundreds of millions of idle computing power, storage capacity and network resources, which can be used for transaction processing of the Internet of things, and greatly reduce the cost of computing and storage.
        The core problem of IOT security lies in the lack of the original mutual trust mechanism between devices. In the early stage of the development of the Internet of things, all devices need to be verified with the data of the Internet of things center. Once the central database collapses, it will cause great damage to the whole Internet of things. It is gratifying that in the blockchain distributed network, a new mechanism can be provided to ensure that consensus can be maintained between devices, and there is no need to go to the data center for verification. In this way, even if one or more nodes on the Internet of things are broken, the data on the whole network is still reliable and safe. Due to the decentralized and consensus mechanism of the blockchain, cross system data transmission on the Internet of things will be transferred from the upper layer to the lower layer of the blockchain.
        In this way, the complexity of IOT applications can be greatly reduced. The Internet of things will also evolve into the era of "Internet of things chain" and build a brand-new world on the chain. The combination of blockchain technology and the Internet of things can eliminate the audit and authentication link between nodes, directly build a communication bridge for multi-party contacts, and improve the network operation efficiency. At the same time, the consensus mechanism based on the decentralized blockchain can also ensure the security and privacy of the Internet of things and facilitate the transmission of real information. In view of this, the blockchain will surely come together with the Internet of things and play the strongest voice of the Internet of things.
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