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Blockchain all-in-one machine will be standardized and developed. ICT Institute and ant chain will take the lead in formulating international standards

Time : 06/08/2022 Author : wgi4n0 Click : + -
        On September 29, the global industrial blockchain summit was held in Shenzhen. At the meeting, ant group and China information and Communication Research Institute officially launched the international standard of all-in-one blockchain machine, and made specifications around the hardware and software technology, architecture level and security requirements of all-in-one blockchain machine, filling the gap in the international standard of all-in-one blockchain machine. According to the information on the official website of IEEE, the world's largest non-profit professional technology organization, this standard has been approved by ant group. In recent years, the application scenarios of blockchain have been continuously expanded, and the privacy issues, high concurrency performance issues and data security issues among cross enterprise collaboration have put forward higher requirements for the technology. The blockchain integrated machine integrates a variety of software and hardware technologies and becomes an important infrastructure for building a trusted industrial network.
        However, due to the technical requirements and product packaging capabilities, the "similar" all-in-one machines in the market are different in system performance and security, and it is difficult for enterprises to accurately match their own business needs. "Different hardware devices have different levels of security capabilities and system performance." Yan Ying, technical director of the blockchain platform of ant group's intelligent technology business group, pointed out that with standards, the all-in-one machine market will have a standardized development & lsquo; Ruler & rsquo;, Enterprises are also more aware of what products are best for them. The biggest feature of the blockchain is "cross institutional and cross regional cooperation". It is the basic premise of the industrial interconnection of the blockchain to complete cooperation on the premise of ensuring data security and ensuring that information is not leaked.
        Therefore, privacy computing has been regarded as the standard configuration of the blockchain all-in-one machine. Yan Shu, deputy director of the big data and blockchain Department of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of the Chinese Academy of information and communications, said that the integrated machine integrating software and hardware technology can simultaneously solve the technical demands of blockchain and privacy computing on customized hardware, such as the trusted execution environment or the acceleration of various cryptographic algorithms. By providing a unified underlying infrastructure, it can realize data privacy processing and trusted circulation, and help the effective implementation of industrial solutions. Yan Ying said that with the application deployment and popularization of blockchain technology, it will become an inevitable technology and business trend to integrate existing software and hardware technologies to form an integrated technical solution.
        In July last year, ant chain launched a self-developed software and hardware integrated machine. Based on more than 300 software and hardware patents, it can save more than 90% of the blockchain deployment time and make "the chain is as simple as the Internet". Inside the ant chain all-in-one machine, the blockchain cipher card, the security computing hardware and the network consensus accelerator constitute the core "three pieces". Among them, the self-developed cipher card has obtained the national highest security level product certification, and the security computing hardware has passed the national CFCA certification, which can ensure the security of key use in a variety of application environments. It is understood that the ant chain integrated machine has been put into commercial use in government affairs, shipping, engineering, traceability and other fields.
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