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Guizhou Province issued blockchain, application guide, etc., 4, local standards of blockchain

Time : 03/07/2021 Author : 60kwnf Click : + -
        On March 13, the reporter learned from the provincial big data bureau that recently, the market supervision bureau of Guizhou Province issued four local blockchain standards: db52 / t1466-2019 blockchain Application guide, db52 / t1467-2019 blockchain system evaluation and selection specification, db52 / t1467-2019 blockchain system evaluation and selection specification, and db52 / t1468-2019 blockchain based data asset transaction implementation guide. As early as may 2017, in order to promote the development of the blockchain industry in Guizhou Province, the provincial big data Bureau and Guiyang city jointly promoted the establishment of a blockchain standard working group, bringing together well-known enterprises and experts in the national blockchain industry to carry out relevant work.
        These four local blockchain standards were jointly prepared by China Institute of electronic technology standardization and dozens of blockchain enterprises inside and outside Guizhou Province. The four local blockchain standards released this time mainly regulate the following aspects: the key elements for judging the applicability of blockchain, the basic principles for developing blockchain applications, technical concerns and application paths are given; It provides solutions for the quality model and key elements of the blockchain system, the evaluation of the blockchain system and the selection of the blockchain system; It specifies the terms, basic requirements, transaction requirements and methods of the implementation process of data asset transaction based on the blockchain; The terms, key elements, overall architecture and application modules of the implementation process of targeted poverty alleviation based on the blockchain are given, which will provide specifications and guidance for the construction of blockchain applications, blockchain platforms and data trading platforms in relevant industries in Guizhou, and help accelerate the development of blockchain politics, civil and commercial in Guizhou.
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