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Inside story of virtual currency fraud disk! How much money did you give the liar? Three cases show you about the scam!

Time : 05/03/2022 Author : 1l7sfq Click : + -
        Because "blockchain" was first applied in the field of digital virtual currency, many investors flocked to use "blockchain" to invest in virtual currency. Recently, there have been many cases of fraud using the "blockchain digital currency investment platform" in various places, resulting in the inability of investors to withdraw huge funds. Blockchain is an important concept of bitcoin. It is essentially a decentralized database. At the same time, as the underlying technology of bitcoin, it is a series of data blocks generated by using cryptography methods. Each data block contains a batch of bitcoin network transaction information, which is used to verify the validity of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block.
        The state Internet Information Office issued the regulations on the management of blockchain information services on January 10, 2019, which will come into effect on February 15, 2019. In your daily life, are there strangers who add your friends and recommend "blockchain financial management project" to you? You can make one order every few minutes, and each order has hundreds of yuan Do you even have friends and relatives to join you?. 1. On October 28, Mr. Xi, a citizen of Suzhou, reported to the police that he was pulled to a wechat chat group to say that he could invest and manage money. Then he downloaded a software called "speculation blockchain", registered an account and made investment. Mr. Xi transferred four transactions through bank transfer, each of which was 720000 yuan, with a total of 2.88 million yuan. It was found that the website could not be opened, so he called the police.
        2. On October 28, Mr. Xu, a citizen of Wuxi, reported to the police that he had joined a wechat group recommending stocks. Later, the stock teachers in the group recommended a "trck" app for blockchain, claiming that it was very profitable. 3. On October 16, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Nantong, reported to the police that he had joined a stock wechat group called "158 Guofeng studio Stock Exchange". Later, the teachers in the group called on the group members to invest in the "SDS blockchain" digital currency. Illegal elements choose middle-aged and young people with certain economic ability, and most of them are investors who lack investment experience. Such people are easily advocated by the so-called "investment experts" and "financial advisors".
        After that, under the pretext of investing in "blockchain virtual currency", it promised to raise public funds in the form of huge investment returns to attract investors to invest. After the financing was completed, the transaction was closed and the money was absconded. We should establish a correct outlook on investment and financial risk, rationally view the seemingly lofty names of "blockchain" and "virtual currency", and do not easily believe the attractive promises of high investment returns to avoid losses caused by blind investment. Investment and financial management must be conducted through formal channels, such as banks and funds. Do not easily trust strangers and unknown apps (websites) to disclose their personal information. Don't believe strangers.
        It's not terrible to make friends online. It's terrible to believe blindly. We must be vigilant when chatting and playing games. We must be vigilant when it comes to investment, remittance or personal privacy, especially the payment information of banks and third parties. For those who have been cheated and lost money by investing in foreign exchange gold, crude oil, Hang Seng Index Futures, individual stock options, stock allocation, margin trading, etc., Wang Xin can recover the funds after meeting the following requirements:. If the above five conditions are met, we have more than 80% confidence in recovery. The recovery time is 3-15 working days, and it will take about one month for individual platforms. Before cooperation, a clear agreement will be signed. Blade Wang Xin promises customers that if they fail, they will not charge any fees. After the money is recovered to your card, they will be given a commission.
        I hope this article can help those who have lost money or been cheated in the investment market! This kind of atmosphere in the market can't be damaged by some people. I also hope to help those friends who are victims to recover their losses as soon as possible!.
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