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[Jingwang 2018] be vigilant! "Blockchain", a new method of online fraud, has also been "rubbed hot"

Time : 14/08/2021 Author : 43z6ki Click : + -
        With the sharp rise in the price of blockchain assets such as "bitcoin", ordinary investors are more and more interested in blockchain and digital currency investment. Some lawless elements have also moved to "rub hot spots" to carry out fraud & DARR& darr;& darr;。 In the name of "investing in virtual currency based on blockchain technology", lawless elements often build fake trading websites overseas, and declare that the "virtual currency" of their websites is the banner of cooperation with a famous company's blockchain, with the characteristics of "short cycle, high income and low risk" by boasting that their "operating entities are registered in the United States, Britain, France... And other countries and subject to the supervision of the financial administration of * *, To cheat netizens' trust.
        At the same time, illegal elements also hide key information such as their domain names and various contact information, so that the deceived can not find the real owners of the relevant websites and can not authenticate their qualifications. Once the victim believes in the publicity of the website and prepares to recharge the "false trading website", the lawless elements often entice the victim to believe that "it is normal to recharge the private account" (note! It is private, which means that the recharge operation of investors on these false websites can only be manually completed, which is obviously a fraud). What's more, it directly provides a fake recharge link and directly swindles the victim's bank account number and password.
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