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Zhigui technology was listed in the "top 50 most valuable blockchain enterprises in China"

Time : 11/10/2021 Author : mfxrp1 Click : + -
        On the afternoon of December 20, the 12th Zhejiang merchants annual conference and the second China Industrial blockchain Development Summit Forum were held in Hangzhou. The list of "2019 China's top 50 most valuable blockchain enterprises" was announced at the forum. As the first batch of Companies in China to participate in the research and development and practice of blockchain technology, Zhigui technology was selected into the top 50 list by virtue of its outstanding contributions in the blockchain field. At the same time, the enterprises on the list also include ant financial services / ant blockchain baas, JD Digital Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. / JD Zhizhen chain, Huawei / Huawei cloud BCS, etc. Zhigui technology is a technology enterprise with data governance and blockchain technology, focusing on serving finance, government enterprises and justice.
        It is the vice chairman unit of the trusted blockchain promotion program of the Chinese Academy of information and communications, a formal member of the super ledger, and one of the six Super ledger certification service providers (HCSP) in the world. At present, Zhigui technology is at the international leading level in the technical fields such as the underlying blockchain, high-performance consensus algorithm, cross chain technology, multi-party security computing, and zero knowledge proof. More than 200 patent applications and software copyright applications have been completed, involving core fields such as data processing and blockchain system architecture, cross chain processing solutions, security monitoring and operation and maintenance. On March 30, 2019, Zhigui technology became the first domestic unit to pass the blockchain information service filing. Two blockchain service platforms, Zhigui Xinyun and Zhigui copyright, are among them.
        The z-ledger blockchain platform independently developed by Zhigui technology passed all 52 test items of the functional test in the 2019 trusted blockchain evaluation results of the ICT Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, which was released not long ago, with excellent performance. At the same time, it won the "2019 China's top 10 blockchain underlying technology platform" award of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In addition, the supply chain financial service platform enabled by blockchain & mdash& mdash; "Xinhuitong supply chain financial service platform" successfully passed the first batch of domestic supply chain financial tests. A total of three companies in the country have passed.
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