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Blockchain scams can't be prevented, and the neighboring village Er GA wails about her experience

Time : 19/07/2021 Author : 7lx9tq Click : + -
        Although there is no typical "offline development" behavior in the operation mode, it can only be said that this is a variation of Internet-based MLM, from offline "word of mouth" in the past to online "spark a prairie fire". In recent years, fraud activities in the name of "virtual currency" and "blockchain" have shown an upward trend, which has seriously endangered the economic and property security of ordinary people. Recently, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the central Internet Information Office, the Ministry of public security, the people's Bank of China, the General Administration of market supervision and other departments jointly issued the "risk tips on preventing illegal fund-raising in the name of" virtual currency "and" blockchain ", which has a positive effect on regulating the financial market.
        I hope you can forward this article to your friends so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.
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