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Digital transformation of the pig industry, Chongqing released the blockchain pig supervision electronic signature platform

Time : 17/01/2022 Author : g9uvp2 Click : + -
        On August 24, at the "China International Intelligent Industry Expo 2021" held in Chongqing, the "blockchain pig supervision electronic signature platform" developed and operated by the national pig big data center was officially released to the world. The reporter learned that the platform uses the technology of "blockchain + electronic seal" to build an electronic signature platform for the supervision of live pigs in the blockchain, and uniformly conduct all-round and whole process signature supervision on all quarantine links of the pig industry chain, such as pig immunity, animal origin quarantine, animal slaughter quarantine + quality inspection, harmless treatment and vehicle washing, so as to realize the association of seals, certificates, people and seals, and the association of time and space. The platform adopts the electronic seal service based on the Ministry of public security's national level electronic seal platform of material and electricity homology to generate the electronic seals of all departments and relevant personnel, so as to ensure the consistency, authority and credibility of the electronic seals used for signature and seal with the traditional physical seals; Through the blockchain technology, we can "guarantee, trace and verify the source", and realize the whole process of signing identity authentication, signing process tracing, and signing result certification.
        The person in charge of relevant functional departments in Chongqing told the reporter that in the future, the national pig big data center will focus on the pig industry with the power of digital ecology and technology, covering intelligent breeding, digital agriculture, industry chain finance and other aspects, and promote the digital transformation of the pig industry. It is reported that the platform was put into trial operation in 6 towns and streets in Rongchang District of Chongqing on June 3. It was put into operation in the whole district on June 19. As of August, there were 95 registered quarantine personnel, and 108 pig traders conducted 1533 times of origin quarantine through the Rongyi Guan electronic signature platform. A total of 1533 electronic certificates of origin quarantine were issued, and 37506 pigs were quarantined. At the same time, the trial operation of slaughtering and Quarantine has been started.
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