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Blockchain apprentice: on August 11, ether broke the new high of 2000 and it is not far away!

Time : 12/04/2022 Author : s9juvn Click : + -
        According to the news on August 11, San Francisco Fed chairman Daley initially indicated that he supports slowing down the pace of interest rate increase, and it is too early to "declare the victory over inflation". The 50 basis point interest rate increase in September is her "benchmark" expectation. Pay attention to employment and inflation data before the September meeting. Let's take a look at Ethereum. The bullish trend of the daily moving average is relatively strong at present. Yesterday, it was also stable at US $1850. This morning, it surged to more than US $1900, and then entered the volatile market. However, the overall direction still maintains the upward thinking. The KDJ Index currently presents an upward form. At present, the upward desire is relatively strong. MACD is currently in the upward stage, Key points: from the daily perspective, the short position is not very large at present. We can pay attention to the short position and pay attention to the lower part (1850-1700).
        Looking at the four hour daily average line, it is still in the upward stage. Here, we need to pay attention to the situation of high-level market smashing. High altitude is the main idea, and the KDJ index also shows a downward pattern. If we fail to get out of the strong upward situation before 12:00 pm, the subsequent direction will still walk downward, and MACD will also enter a downward trend. The current pullback is not very obvious, Friends can pay more attention to the short-term support of 1850. Today's focus: the lower part focuses on whether the 1800 line can be maintained. The second is that if the daily currency price is stable at US $1850, the market will enter the situation of pulling up again. If it is not stable near the short-term support of the lower pressure level (1800-1650), the upper pressure level focuses on the area of (1950-2100).
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