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The sharp rise of bitcoin price has increased the popularity of the industry, and the industry is optimistic about the application of blockchain technology

Time : 14/12/2021 Author : m25z0x Click : + -
        On June 14, the first global blockchain Summit Forum jointly sponsored by Chengdu high tech Zone Financial Services Bureau (Preparatory), Tianfu Software Park, chain one technology (btc123) and bitcoin was held in Chengdu. The reporter of the daily economic news noted that the recent sharp rise in the price of bitcoin has significantly increased the popularity of the industry. Many investors and companies have taken the opportunity of this forum to look for investment opportunities in the bitcoin industry. From the trading platform app to the mining industry chain, some investors have expressed their intention. "It turns out that there are not many people and the venue is very small for such an industry conference. I didn't expect so many guests this time." Zhang Jun, a senior member of Taiyi Strategic Research Institute, told the reporter of daily economic news.
        The number of participants in this meeting exceeded thousands. She believes that this is also because "the industry has become hot, and it is really different.". As a "decentralized data ecosystem", blockchain technology has been a hot topic in recent years. However, how can blockchain change our lives? The organizer of the conference, chain I technology, introduced to the reporter that blockchain technology has wide application space in the fields of transfer and payment, pan financial business and credit investigation. It can also be combined with cloud computing, Internet of things, big data and other innovative technologies. It is a "peak new technology". The current situation and development of bitcoin have also become the focus of discussion.
        "Everyone knows how the price has risen recently. I believe everyone here has some bitcoin!" Zhang Shousong, CEO of bitcoin trading network, told the reporter that driven by the blockchain technology, the overall market value of digital currency is rising. In fact, the rise of bitcoin lags behind that of other competitive currencies. For example, the rise of Ethereum is much higher than that of bitcoin. In this context, many capital are new to the industry to "dig gold". The legitimacy and future prospects of bitcoin were widely discussed by the participants. "At present, the United States and Japan have officially recognized bitcoin as a legal payment currency. Russia has also opened up from the previous blockade.
        Australia also included bitcoin as legal currency on July 1. " Zhang Shousong, CEO of bitcoin trading network, told the daily economic news, "the whole industry is still developing towards transparency and standardization.". "Bitcoin will never become legal tender, but some countries have recognized its currency attribute." Zhang Shousong said that he was not worried about the promotion of blockchain or bitcoin. "If this technology is a useful technology, it will develop in an orderly manner; if it is not, capital may not be useful even if it is vigorously promoted.". "Blockchain can be regulated. If the government is a blockchain, it can retrieve data that can be queried according to different needs from the blockchain. Therefore, this is a problem considered from the top-level design, not from the users.
        ”Zhang Songhao, CEO of Chengdu Lianyi technology, believes that there is no solution to the regulatory problems of blockchain or bitcoin. In fact, China is becoming a leading country in blockchain technology. According to the white paper on the development of China's blockchain industry, the number of investment and innovation enterprises engaged in technology innovation and application in the blockchain field in China is growing rapidly. In 2016 alone, there were 17 enterprises on the list, which also makes China successfully replace the United States as the country with the largest number of new blockchain enterprises in the world. "Through the blockchain technology, future transactions in the energy industry, including residential power consumption and power purchase payment, can be automatically executed through smart contracts, and the carbon trading market can also adopt the blockchain technology to improve transparency and fairness and avoid repeated calculations.
        ”Huang Qi, Dean of energy College of Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology, told the daily economic news that blockchain can solve the real-time transaction settlement form and build a transparent "energy Internet". This is an application of blockchain technology in his imagination. If you need to reprint, please contact the daily economic news. Without the authorization of the daily economic news, it is strictly prohibited to reprint or mirror images. Those who violate the law will be punished. Special note: if we use your pictures, please contact us for payment. If you do not want your works to appear on this site, you can contact us to request that your works be removed.
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