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Before the U.S. stock market: the three major futures indexes rose, bitcoin broke the $50000 barrier, and the blockchain concept stocks took the lead. The high-tech stock Jianan technology rose

Time : 01/11/2021 Author : tscdn6 Click : + -
        After the president's Day holiday on Monday, the three major indexes of the US stock market rose before Tuesday. Before the trading, bitcoin broke the psychological threshold of $50000 for the first time in its history. Us blockchain concept stocks rose sharply in response to the call. By the time of press release, the China concept stock Jianan technology had risen 25.31%, and the ninth city had risen 16.37%. According to the 13F position document released last Friday, Hillhouse capital has cleared its position in three new power stocks of China concept stock and car building in the fourth quarter of 2020 & mdash& mdash; Weilai automobile, ideal automobile and Xiaopeng automobile. However, the three stocks did not fall before trading. In addition, due to the announcement that about 10% of the shares were purchased from the pool split by Wu Jihan from bitmainland, the stock of zhonggai stock once soared by 83.6%.
        Finally, pinduoduo soared by more than 6% before the market. According to the 13F document released earlier, pinduoduo was increased by Gaoling, Jinglin and qiaoshui funds in the fourth quarter of 2020. As of press release, the Dow index futures rose 0.51%, the S & P 500 index futures rose 0.46%, and the NASDAQ index futures rose 0.5%; The well-known Chinese stocks rose in general before the US stock market this week. As of press release: Alibaba rose 1.21%, rose 2.06%, pinduoduo rose 6.16%, Weilai automobile rose 0.7%, ideal automobile rose 0.6%, and Xiaopeng automobile fell 0.26%. As of press release, WTI crude oil rose 0.29% to US $59.66/barrel, Brent crude oil fell 0.44% to US $63.02/barrel, spot gold fell 0.61% to US $1807.56/ounce, and the US dollar index fell 0.11% to US $90.27.
        The financial market conduct authority (FCA) said that it had launched fraud and insider trading proceedings against two brothers, one of whom had worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs and the other as a lawyer at Clifford Chance. The FCA said that for the 32 year old Muhammad & middot; Mohammed Zina and his 33 year old brother Suhail & middot; Suhail Zina's lawsuit involves six counts of insider trading and three counts of false statement fraud, with an alleged profit of 142000 pounds (about US $197834).
        JD (NASDAQ: JD) rose 5.72% before the trading, after JD logistics officially submitted its IPO prospectus to the Hong Kong stock exchange. [before the U.S. stock market, it once rose 83.6%, and previously announced that it would purchase the mineral pool split by Wu Jihan from bitland with about 10% of its shares]. Wbai rose 83.6% before the U.S. stock market, and previously announced that it would purchase the mining pool split by Wu Jihan from bitmainland with about 10% of its shares, including all the mining pool business of, domain name and cryptocurrency wallet. At present, ranks third in bitcoin computing power.
 was originally a lottery website. It has recently transformed into a mining industry, filling in a large number of Sichuan mining resources. The latest market value is 860 million US dollars. Bank of America Fund Manager Survey in February: the cash level in the portfolio of fund managers has dropped to the lowest level since the eve of the so-called "taper tantrum" in 2013. The survey also showed that investors are overwhelmingly optimistic about the economic prospects. On Tuesday, the Bank of America's survey of 225 fund managers with $645 billion in assets under management showed that a net 91% of investors expected the economy to strengthen, the largest ever. The Bank of America survey also showed that the cash level of fund managers fell to 3.8%, the lowest level since March 2013, before the market panic caused by the Federal Reserve's hint of intention to reduce the bond purchase program launched during the 2008 crisis.
        Indian health officials said on Tuesday that India has detected the novel coronavirus variant found in South Africa and Brazil for the first time, and people returning from these countries may be subject to stricter tests. Officials said that the South African variant strain was detected in four people last month, and the Brazilian variant strain was detected in one person this month, adding that compared with the British variant strain, this strain is more likely to infect people's lungs. Investors' risk-taking mood keeps rising & hellip& hellip; 75% of the funds are currently flowing into the stock market (the most since the end of 2018); Among them, investors' interest in global, thematic and inflation friendly assets continued to rise.
        According to the daily mail of the UK, 33 cases of infection with another novel coronavirus variant have been found in the UK: this new novel coronavirus variant has the same strain as the variants previously found in South Africa and Brazil. Scientists say the newly discovered novel coronavirus variant can escape immune cells triggered by the vaccine. This strain named b.1.525 has been found 33 times, but experts say that this number may be a huge underestimate. The ZEW Economic Research Institute said on Tuesday that due to the expectation that consumption will soar in the next six months, German investor sentiment in February rose far more than expected, boosting the prospects of Europe's largest economy.
        German consumer morale in February recorded 71.2, expected 59.6 and previous 61.8. Another indicator to measure the current situation recorded - 67.2, expected - 67 and previous value - 66.4. According to the chart released by Goldman Sachs, if the world's top ten covid-19 vaccine manufacturers meet the expected production targets, there will be enough covid-19 vaccines for the global population by the end of this year. If you need to reprint, please contact the daily economic news. Without the authorization of the daily economic news, it is strictly prohibited to reprint or mirror images. Those who violate the law will be punished. Special note: if we use your pictures, please contact us for payment. If you do not want your works to appear on this site, you can contact us to request that your works be removed.
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