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The "revolutionary" road of blockchain application

Time : 01/08/2022 Author : hk63t9 Click : + -
        This article was published in December 2018, when it was about to enter the winter. Everyone was shouting that "the blockchain is dead" while still thinking about the digital assets in the account that had not been cut. Gradually, no one in the circle of friends frequently forwards articles in the style of "subversive innovation of blockchain to * * industry". The blockchain enterprises that have shrunk into a group have also changed from confidence to caution in the face of nearly ten times reduced assets. A few months ago, I was still thinking: where is the outlet of the exchange and how to beat the peers. I didn't expect to think about the outlet of the blockchain immediately. The bursting of the foam caught people off guard.
        The problem now is that those who said that "Lao Tzu has 10000 Ethereum in his hand" at the beginning of the year have a very different context and mood. When the natural development speed of the industry can not bear the expectations of users, "run" occurs. All this is very consistent with the development laws of most industries. For example, I was very excited when I thought about the Internet, which often means that new opportunities are coming. Those who believe that blockchain technology will play a role in the future society also believe that what is going on in the blockchain field, like what has been experienced in the Internet wave, will ultimately produce long-term value.
        For ordinary investors, blockchain is only one of many investment fields. However, this technology is considered as a masterpiece of cryptography and human nature by technology experts. Before the blockchain, the storage mode of data is like a book in the library. In the blockchain, as shown in the above figure, the blocks are linked by chain hash pointers, which fully satisfies all the imagination of the organizer of the perfect world. This is traceable. The characteristic of the hash pointer is that when the object it points to changes, the hash pointer itself will also change. In this way, once a certain data is tampered with, every block behind the block will be changed, and this change cannot be completed independently, which is unalterable.
        All block data is stored on each node. If a node is breached or lost or changes data privately, it doesn't matter. Go to other nodes to synchronize the data and verify it. This is distributed. Practitioners like to package their blockchain projects with various words and technical terms. In the hundreds of white papers I have studied, few projects are willing to tell investors frankly that the blockchain technology they use is essentially the simple data storage principle described above. But the simple truth often contains profound changes. The seven layer network protocol we are familiar with has evolved into today's Internet. Each layer contains countless changes. Even no computer scientist can guarantee that he is familiar with all the changes. We rely more on the existing technical foundation to apply the Internet creatively. Even so, it is prosperous enough to change the world.
        The changes based on the data layer brought by the blockchain technology directly affect the network structure above it. These are different from the existing technologies in the OSI network seven layer protocol. This is why many people still believe that blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology, because it is a completely different concept from the previous development based on Application scenarios. In this field, traditional Internet companies may not have monopoly advantages, And a new king will be born in the new territory. From 2017 to 2018, we will hear that some blockchain based applications have become popular intermittently, but we have never heard of any application that has been popular for a long time, even less than three months. Sometimes, one month is forgotten by the public, starting with speculation and finally speculation.
        Of course, these words are not enough to comfort investors, because people are more concerned about how much the currency price has risen at this time. In such a depressed market, it is impossible to sell, and you can't make up your mind to cut the meat, so you can only wait. Our project investment department has stopped investing in new projects since the middle of this year, and it is no longer easy to set up new projects for research and development. It is more astute, cautious and patient. When the whole world is in the daytime, we sometimes can't distinguish things under the strong light. When the night falls, we can see a little light. Putting aside all kinds of extravagant concepts and unspeakable policy high-voltage lines, bitcoin, the largest application of the blockchain in the early period, has been strong and can not recover its value without cross-border anonymous payment.
        To. For the demand of cross-border anonymous payment, there are often application scenarios that can not be compared with outsiders: gambling, black market transactions, and other fields that hover on the policy high-voltage line. They may not be the end of the blockchain field, but they are the starting point. Their unified characteristics are: traditional payment channels cannot be used / data security is very important / fairness requirements are high. By monitoring the data on the chain, we can find that even if the overall market is so sluggish, blockchain games developed on the basis of EOS and eth are still very hot. In the previous online gambling games, players always worried that the game operators would cheat and thus affect the game results. However, in the blockchain, since all the data are disclosed on the chain, such cheating cannot be completed; The majority of investors, affected by the market, are gradually forced to accept the idea of token as the carrier of the right to use, because the current investment value is decreasing at an unimaginable speed, and finding another way out has become the only choice; Affected by regulation, some games cannot use traditional payment channels to make profits and realize cash, which makes them the first batch of "blockchain +" testers.
        Of course, the basis of all these judgments is constantly changing. However, the daily trading volume of eosbet and other games developed based on EOS reached 20 million EOS at the peak, which is equivalent to 200 million yuan in RMB. It is still popular today. The feedback from the market has explained the problem. In the field of cross-border payment, if privacy and security are to be considered, blockchain digital currency cross-border payment is still a payment method with cost-benefit advantages. No matter how the market changes, this demand has always existed, and blockchain has reduced the cost for the whole cross-border payment industry. In the case of unstable currency prices, the space for cost reduction seems insignificant. However, when the future market stabilizes, such innovation based on cost optimization will gradually be accepted by more people.
        Baidu has launched cloud services for blockchain application developers in Baidu cloud. With the development of blockchain applications, tools that can effectively reduce the entry threshold will occupy a place in the short term. The more perfect such basic services are, the shorter the application landing cycle, and the greater the possibility of obtaining returns from them. When the investment value decreases, the application value will naturally increase. This is because when the investment value is lower than the application value, the fund flow will be directed to the application end. This is what we see today. We predict that 2019 will be a year of explosive growth of blockchain landing applications. On the one hand, it will come from the value transfer of the investment side, and on the other hand, after the industry has eliminated a large number of air coins, the remaining blockchain enterprises capable of surviving need to have profitability, which depends on the development of blockchain applications.
        More and more rich application scenarios will spring up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, in which a new round of games will be generated, and everyone will return to the traditional investment thinking, and will no longer regard "receiving capacity" as the primary investment assessment standard; Instead, we should re-examine the product experience / user activity of the project, in which there will be excellent applications, which will promote the technological breakthrough of the infrastructure of the blockchain industry. At this time, there may not be so-called "100 times return" projects as in the past two years. However, the development path will be very stable, the survival of the fittest will be more obvious, and users will have a deeper understanding of the nature of the blockchain industry, rather than staying in speculation as in the past.
        Personally, I have always appreciated the universal spirit conveyed in out of control. Those choices from bottom to bottom and from the bottom of my heart have finally formed the whole world; The characteristics of blockchain technology are almost in line with the vision of product people for the future world: everyone is equal, the choice of most people has become the mainstream direction, the glory of human nature can still be seen in a free society without oppression, and human society finds a comfortable sense of space in one round of disorder and order.
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