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The decisive battle of "mine bully": Wu Jihan still claims the king

Time : 09/12/2021 Author : mvx2qn Click : + -
        The bchabc camp represented by Wu Jihan and the bchsv camp represented by AOBEN Cong will try their best to open up all the computing power they can to destroy the other party in the face of the hard bifurcation of bitcoin cash, so as to master the future of BCH (bitcoin cash). Computing power is the military and the highest arbitration institution in the blockchain world. Developers are like the government that controls the military. The winning party has the right to formulate new playing methods and rules in the blockchain world. The attacker only needs to dig one more block than the defender to declare the defender's previous block invalid, and life and death are in a moment. If Wu Jihan fails, the millions of bitcoin cash in bitmainland will be greatly depreciated or even turned into air currency.
        This kind of loss is absolutely unbearable for bitland, which is at the threshold of listing. In addition, bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created by Wu Jihan, which embodies Wu Jihan's ambition to replace bitcoin and even become a means of payment for 5 billion people. If the future rules of bitcoin cash will be formulated by others, wouldn't it be a wedding dress for others. On August 1, 2017, bitmainland represented by Wu Jihan started the hard fork project of bitcoin blockchain & mdash; due to dissatisfaction with various restrictions of bitcoin blockchain& mdash; Bitcoin cash (BCH).
        Subsequently, in a short time, bitcoin cash became the top four currency in the digital cryptocurrency market with the scale of 10% of the total market value of bitcoin. The bifurcation of the blockchain can be seen as the bifurcation of a branch. The change of blockchain structure caused by bifurcation is like a branch growing out of the trunk of a tree. The main chain is the trunk, also known as the basic chain. It is the infrastructure of the blockchain, and its status is equivalent to that of the operating system to the computer. Ethereum bitcoin is the main chain. In the blockchain, new blocks are generated and connected to the main chain one by one. In this way, only a single main chain will be formed, as shown in the following figure. At this time, the consensus of all miners is the same. However, under certain circumstances, some miners have reached a new consensus, which is incompatible with the original consensus. At this time, the blocks formed by the new consensus and the blocks formed by the original consensus will be connected to the original chain at the same time, and hard bifurcation will occur.
        If the new block is really recognized by many miners, they will mine based on the consensus of the new block, and the excavated new block will be connected to the new block. At this time, a new chain will be generated. The ABC school represented by Wu Jihan believes that the development of BCH should move towards the basic public chain under the condition that the block size is maintained at 32MB, so that BCH can expand more application scenarios like EOS. The development team announced that it would add consensus changes in version 0.18.0, add new opcodes, and plan to implement hard fork on November 15, 2018. The SV faction led by AOBEN Tsung, who represents nchain, raised objections: it is hoped that the development of BCH will still follow the white paper of Nakamoto Tsung, strictly restrict the operation code, focus on the transfer transaction itself, and hope to eventually expand the block to 128MB.
        Based on the above different ideas, ABC school and SV school developed mutually incompatible consensus protocols, which led to the BCH hard bifurcation. However, it is reasonable to say that different ideas can be divided into two chains with the same root but independent of each other. However, in an interview before the split, AOBEN Cong of the SV faction threatened to use various resources under his control to "launch a war" and even "destroy the bitland with money". Therefore, since the two sides can not coexist peacefully, they can only fight a decisive battle of life and death with calculation power. However, these three sports cars and 500 square meters of luxury houses may not be one tenth of Wu Jihan's wealth. After all, bitland is a big Mac valued at $15 billion and being listed.
        Mike Fei, the restless godfather of anti-virus software, also joined in and posted an email he wrote to Wu Jihan on Twitter: "I see you involved in the war, but I am still a veteran fighting on the battlefield. If you need help, I can go to battle at any time.". Yesterday, the official twitter of bitcoincash released a comparison chart of computing power. Currently, BSV's computing power accounts for 81%, while ABC's computing power accounts for only 19%. However, this does not represent the final result. Before the war began, the computing power was only useful when it was put into the offensive and defensive war. The mainland camp also has enough strength to increase the combat power, which only shows that the strength of both can not be underestimated.
        Although Wu Jihan's computing power on BCH is far less than that of BSV, if Wu Jihan's computing power on bitcoin is also included in the calculation, bitmainland will have more than 50% of the computing power of BTC and BCH, which is enough to reverse the current situation of computing power on paper. Another variable is that the proposal of the SV faction is to maximize the interests of the miners, which can make the miners get the due remuneration, while the proposal of the ABC faction is to let the miners work for nothing. Therefore, as far as ordinary miners are concerned, they tend to support the Challenger SV faction. This adds suspense to the confrontation. After all, it is not clear how many miners will defecte after the start of the war.
        Before the war, each blockchain browser / data website hung the countdown of BCH bifurcation. And some other people will witness the first "battle of the gods" in the blockchain world with you through the way of live broadcast by multiple people. However, BCH delayed the bifurcation time due to the incomplete network upgrade, which delayed the performance that should have started at 00:40 on the 16th for more than one hour. Wu Jihan still transferred his own "Guandong army". Less than half an hour from the bifurcation, the BCH computing power of the mine pool () under bitmainland has increased by 1593.09% in the past 24 hours, reaching 4081.03ph/s, surpassing the coineek mine pool (of the AOBEN Cong camp), which has long dominated the list, and ranking first.
        Before Wu Jihan transferred the computing power of bitcoin ore pool, the first three blocks were excavated by SV camp. The fourth and fifth blocks were excavated by the ABC camp supported by bitland, and the last block was excavated by the BSV camp. The rules are simple and cruel. Whoever grows up in the chain has a chance to win. He has the "naming right" of BCH and claims that he is the real BCH. The block with a height of 556767 was first created by bitcoin using the new consensus mechanism of bitcoinabc, which is incompatible with bitcoinsv. Starting from this block, two bifurcated blockchains were created and formally bifurcated.
        With a height of 556768, this block continues to be dug up by bitcoin, while bitcoinsv is still in the block out stage. After several minutes, MemPool in the camp dug up the first block, but it was too late. Since then, ABC has always maintained a leading position. In front of Wu Jihan's all-out computing power, the BSV camp found that it had no chance. As the trend of this war becomes clear, the most intuitive reaction is the price of cryptocurrencies of the two camps. The price of bchabc (cryptocurrency of Wu Jihan camp) on P network (digital asset trading platform) has risen sharply, while the price of bchsv (cryptocurrency of AOBEN Cong camp) is in the US dollar, less than one-third of the price of bchabc.
        Meanwhile, AOBEN Cong sent a tweet accusing bitland of arbitrarily switching and invoking the user's computing power. Previously, AOBEN Cong publicly said that if Wu Jihan misappropriated his computing power, he would sue him. However, the scene he was worried about happened. A Weibo user named "bitcoin gold analyst" wrote under a picture: "AOBEN Cong (Cong) still lost the chess game. I didn't expect that the Chinese people would join forces to cheat in such a League (Jian). This figure is the BCH calculation task issued by the two captured mining pools (Huobi and BTC. Top) to the miners who originally dug bitcoin. Lightcoin ore pool BTC Jiang Zhuoer, the founder of top, wrote that SV may also engage in guerrilla warfare and attack ABC for a long time. However, according to the current situation of computing power, SV is unable to fight.
        Because BCH bifurcation caused BCH prices to rise and fall, market panic, and serious capital flight, BCH led to the collapse of the market, and about 3 billion yuan of contracts were sold out. The market value of the digital currency market fell by more than 180 billion yuan in just two days. Wu Jihan raised his arms and shouted, and the group of heroes responded, showing their unparalleled hegemonic status. While all people yearned for it, they also saw the cruelty of the world of computing. But the biggest advantage that blockchain is proud of is decentralization. In this war, an extremely centralized computing machine mercilessly crushed the other side. In this war, right and wrong are not important. No one is better in concept. But in terms of interests, it is very important for me not to have you. Therefore, we must have a victory or defeat.
        This is by no means the last war. The blockchain, which is claimed to be absolutely decentralized, actually hides the absolute power of "computing power", which can control the life and death of others and wield its own will.
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