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Mom said you should not cheat people when you make blockchain!

Time : 13/05/2022 Author : c4gp2u Click : + -
        "The world has gone and come again, and the world is filled with sorrow.". In recent years, the hot blockchain, like a "giant baby", has rapidly grown into the focus of the Internet industry. Perhaps it is because people have too many expectations and requirements for it, so that it loses its self in the process of growth. When the hot and dry tide dissipates, those who still insist on solving the technical bottleneck also have to face queries from all sides. When talking about blockchain, people will think of many words such as "decentralization", "underlying technology", "subversion", "revolution", "mining" and "sudden wealth". Each word is easy to make people agitated. The campaign of bitcoin to create wealth and the advocacy of industry leaders have pushed a chaotic Carnival to a climax.
        Industry watchers will say that every new technology has to go through such a period of expectation inflation. Only after disillusionment can it usher in real maturity. The harvesters and leeks seem to have chosen not to consider this issue. All people think is what posture should be used to make a profit in the waves, so that various fraud routines packaged with blockchain are so numerous that aunts have remembered a new knowledge point. Blockchain is a new type of fraud. "My mother said, don't cheat people when you do blockchain". Therefore, Chen Xi, the chief creator of the "mirror platform" of the team participating in the Xunlei global blockchain application competition, mentioned her mother's advice in the interview.
        Don't deceive people. In the eyes of parents, the simple life principle seems somewhat extravagant in today's blockchain world. It is precisely for this reason that, in the midst of the clamor, it is more difficult and valuable for a real practical blockchain person. In fact, practical blockchain people do not know the existence of the foam period, but if they want to enjoy its dividends, they must first grow with it. Only in this way can the blockchain walk through the foam faster and usher in a comprehensive landing. Although the boom of blockchain has just passed, what remains is not only the end of speculation. Blockchain solutions in some industries have been released, and those high-quality projects have survived and become industry benchmarks. The commercial application of blockchain may still take some time to brew, but as long as entrepreneurs master their own rhythm, there will always be a moment when they stand in front of the stage.
        As Chen Xi said, when others are crazy, you are stable, and when others are stable, you will bloom again. Wu Zhifeng, a judge of the Xunlei global blockchain application competition, from the Institute of international currency of Renmin University of China, pointed out in the interview that Chinese entrepreneurs should take a long-term view and understand it from the perspective of a revolution. They should not be impetuous. The most important thing is to make a thing successful, not earlier or later. Don't blindly follow, don't lose. Although it's an old growth story, it's more difficult for blockchain entrepreneurs to do it. Because there are more temptations, because the resistance is greater. The successful holding of the Xunlei global blockchain application competition is a reassuring agent for both the blockchain industry and these valuable pragmatists, and strengthens their courage to move forward pragmatically.
        This competition attracted more than 500 teams from all over the world, more than 2000 developers and guests from various fields to communicate and collide together to explore the value of blockchain. Talking about this period of participation, Li Dong, the chief creator of Aiyi team, said with confidence that they did not give up the blockchain business when "the directors of the parent company did not support it", "This competition has given us opportunities, and also the top ten have given us opportunities. After we have entered the top ten, we can proudly tell them that whether you recognize it or not is important, and this society recognizes it. Whether you recognize it or not is important, and you can not stop our technology from pursuing blockchain.". Of course, the enthusiasm and persistence of developers are the wealth of the blockchain, and a platform that is also true to technology, has strong capabilities, and is convenient for developers to use their skills is also indispensable.
        "We believe that every blockchain person who works in a down-to-earth manner should not be let down." Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei group and CEO of netheart technology, responded to the insistence of pragmatic developers. In addition to Chen Lei's statement, the Xunlei chain released by netheart technology in April this year has also won wide recognition from developers with its powerful performance, second level request confirmation, compatibility and other advantages. Of course, it is also crucial that Xunlei chain can effectively help enterprises and individual developers reduce the development threshold, reduce the application cost, and truly land the blockchain. At the final of the Xunlei global blockchain application competition, NetCenter technology also released a file system specially designed for blockchain application development & mdash; TCFS。
        Before that, due to the lack of a file system suitable for application development, many blockchains were limited by the problem of data storage. The release of TCFs fills a gap in the industry. For Xunlei, it means that the developer ecology of Xunlei chain has been further improved. For global blockchain developers, TCFs has become a key to open the door of the blockchain 3.0 era.
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