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Analysis of security events in blockchain since this year

Time : 30/07/2021 Author : yisdhp Click : + -
        The security of the blockchain is much higher than that of the traditional Internet, but high security does not mean absolute security. In addition, due to technical defects and possible vulnerabilities during construction, many security incidents often occur in the blockchain. Because the blockchain converts digital content into digital assets, it activates the value of data. Therefore, when a security event occurs, it also suffers relatively large losses. According to the statistics of slowmisthacked, since the beginning of 2022, by the end of June, there were 187 blockchain security incidents in the whole network, and the losses suffered were as high as US $1.976 billion.
        Of these security incidents, 77% (144) were hacked due to the security vulnerabilities of the blockchain project itself, and the losses caused by this part of the project accounted for 93% (US $1.84 billion) of all losses. The remaining part of the security incidents, of which 39 (about 21%) were caused by people including phishing & amp; Rugpull's scams was attacked for other reasons. With the further development of the blockchain, the ecological environment has begun to evolve towards a multi public chain ecology. By the end of June, the number of public chains included in the market had reached 119, while at the end of last June, there were only 31 Public chains in the market.
        The massive increase of public chains has diversified the ecology of the blockchain and promoted the progress of the industry. However, its security problem is also becoming more and more serious. After many years of improvement and optimization, the security of the blockchain itself is actually very high. However, when the Multi Chain ecology is generated, the interaction between chains has become a new research content. Due to the immaturity of the technology, it is easy to find loopholes in cross chain design, which makes the Multi Chain ecology vulnerable to attack. Among them, cross chain bridge has become the focus of hackers due to its huge capital flow, but its corresponding decentralization and security protection are weak. Although in the statistics of slowmisthacked, there were only 7 cross chain bridge safety incidents in the first half of this year, the amount of loss was as high as 1.043 billion US dollars, accounting for 53% of the total loss in the first half of this year.
        It is worth mentioning that these 7 cross chain bridge security incidents all occurred in the defi with high demand for cross chain interaction. In addition, as defi is a financial based blockchain application scenario, it is also coveted by hackers. In the first half of this year, there were 100 security incidents in defi, with a total loss of more than 1.63 billion US dollars. In addition, as an important part of the Multi Chain ecology, the NFT field is also a scene with frequent safety accidents. According to statistics, there were 48 security incidents in the NFT field, most of which were phishing attacks, accounting for 45.8% (22).
        Of course, some of them were attacked by hackers due to vulnerabilities in the project itself, accounting for 33.4% (16 cases), and the remaining 10 cases were due to rugpull. Return to Sohu to see more.
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