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Blockchain apprentice: the CPI data will be released tonight on August 10. Can the ether 1700 pass stand firm?

Time : 28/11/2021 Author : dmt6bl Click : + -
        Islamic coin, an Islamic encryption project, announced that it had completed private financing of US $200 million, setting the highest private financing scale in the encryption industry in 2022. The encryption project has been approved by fatwa (ruling or decree of Islamic law). Let's take another look at Ethereum. The downward short trend of the daily average in the past week is relatively strong. Yesterday, it fell to around us $1650 again, and then entered the volatile market. However, the overall direction still maintains the upward thinking. The KDJ index is currently in the downward shape, and the upward desire is still strong. MACD is currently in the downward stage. The key point is that the short volume is not very large from the daily line, Small partners can pay attention to short at present and pay attention to the lower part (1650-1550).
        Looking at the four hour daily average, the overall trend is relatively good, and the currency price is always fixed above US $1600. This key support is relatively strong at present, and the low is the main idea. The KDJ indicator also shows the form of a golden fork. If the strong downward situation does not emerge before 12:00 pm, the follow-up direction will continue to move upward, and the MACD will also enter an upward trend, At present, the pullback is not very obvious. We can pay more attention to the short-term support of 1650. Today's focus: we need to pay attention to whether the 1650 front line can be maintained. Secondly, if the intraday currency price is stable at US $1700, the market will enter the situation of pulling up again. If it is not stable, we can watch the short-term support of the lower pressure level (1650-1500), and the upper pressure level (1750-1900).
        The above personal suggestions are for your reference only. There are risks in the currency market, and investment should be cautious!.
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