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Blockchain e-commerce platform,Jiuling blockchain creates a new fortress of e-commerce platform

Time : 03/01/2022 Author : sigl6f Click : + -
        With the continuous maturity of its technology and concept, the blockchain has officially entered the 3.0 stage characterized by a programmable society, that is, the blockchain will gradually penetrate from the virtual world to real life, and e-commerce is the best opportunity to connect reality and virtual at this stage. The characteristics of blockchain, such as smart contract and non tamperability, can just cope with the development difficulties of e-commerce, such as unsafe information and unreliable transactions. The continuous development of social economy has also promoted the vigorous development of e-commerce. Blockchain technology has been widely used in various fields. E-commerce involves many subjects including enterprises, consumers and suppliers in the overall operation process, and these subjects form an e-commerce complex through the interconnection of information and value.
        Based on the blockchain technology, establish the corresponding e-commerce production model to promote the sustainable and healthy development of e-commerce. In the commodity circulation system, the blockchain technology is used to ensure the effectiveness of transactions, ensure the safety and fairness of transactions, realize the non tamperability and traceability of information, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the commodity circulation mode by integrating the supply side / demand side business and embedding the government regulatory mechanism. Through the integration of e-commerce platform and products / partners through the Internet of things through the blockchain technology, the effective transmission and block storage of important information are realized, the traceability of goods in the logistics process is ensured, and the real-time update ensures the accuracy of information in all links.
        In the whole process of commodity circulation, the government departments can realize comprehensive supervision, and can query the business information of any enterprise in real time, and conduct intelligent supervision on the commodity circulation at any time. Blockchain e-commerce avoids "single chain" through multi-party participation, business collaboration and multi chain collaboration. Based on the blockchain + e-commerce system, it builds a commodity chain around manufacturers, suppliers, sellers and consumers; Build a transaction chain around purchase orders, commodity inventories, express orders and sales records; Build a capital chain around receipt, payment, account splitting and financing; Build a business chain around transaction, credit, supervision and data assets. Four chains in one, serving the ecological upgrading of e-commerce and promoting the development of e-commerce.
        As an old national enterprise that has been deeply engaged in the blockchain e-commerce industry for many years, Jiuling blockchain has many senior elites and strong strength in the industry. With its rich e-commerce experience, Jiuling e-commerce platform has won many honors and established an unshakable position in the industry to achieve a breakthrough and upgrade from the platform to the ecology, Since then, it has opened a road of blockchain enabled entities from top-level business model design to technical services. Jiuling blockchain company operates a wide range of businesses. Its core businesses include: blockchain e-commerce (genuine goods, online and offline, convenient shopping), financial payment (digital asset circulation and security), product traceability (optimizing supply chain, eliminating counterfeiting and shoddy, and full process visualization), blockchain social networking (changing communication methods, protecting personal privacy), equity chain reform (activating small and medium-sized enterprises) Product supply (more than 100000 SKUs), service system (system development, normative governance, patent rights), asset trading (national platform, project incubation, asset exchange).
        At present, Jiuling blockchain has formed stable strategic cooperative relations with many brand enterprises in the world, providing an important guarantee for creating a new e-commerce ecology of Jiuling blockchain. With the deep integration of blockchain technology and e-commerce, the future blockchain e-commerce platform will focus on linking credit and value interconnection. With the help of blockchain technology, reduce payment procedures and reduce payment costs; Improve commodity circulation system and promote transformation and upgrading; Improve network data security and protect user privacy; Improve transaction transparency and help the credit society.
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