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Overview of blockchain landing projects in major cities and companies

Time : 01/12/2021 Author : olxh7p Click : + -
        When we mention blockchain in China, many people's first reaction is "virtual currency". When we mention "virtual currency", we think of ICO. When we mention "ICO", we can see the government's extensive regulatory reports, and we can think of the omnipresent "MLM currency" and "air currency". People who do not know the truth unknowingly equate "blockchain" with "virtual currency ICO" and "pyramid selling currency". It seems that those who are still actively talking about blockchain are those "bad elements" who have engaged in pyramid selling and do not work properly. As a blockchain + practitioner, I have also been so skeptical. However, after some understanding, I was shocked. It turns out that blockchain has gone so far in China for so long!.
        Fortune magazine of the United States released the new ranking of the world's top 500. In terms of the number of listed companies, the number of Chinese companies reached 120 this year, which is very close to that of the United States (126). Among the 120 enterprises listed in China, 46 enterprises in different fields are involved in blockchain. China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation: China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation has successfully applied the blockchain technology to complete the transportation of gasoline. Sinochem Group released a statement on its website, explaining that digital bills of lading and smart contracts can save 20% - 30% of financial costs. Bank of China: Bank of China's blockchain deployment covers the widest range, with up to 6 application scenarios: digital wallet, trade financing, housing leasing, public welfare poverty alleviation, cross-border payment and digital bills.
        In addition to digital bills and cross-border payment in the test (successful) stage, other scenarios have successful cases or real products have been launched. At present, Bank of China has launched the blockchain e-wallet app, launched its own "public welfare Bank of China" targeted poverty alleviation platform, trade financing application, and cooperated with HSBC to develop a blockchain mortgage loan valuation sharing system. In April this year, Bank of China xiong'an branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ant financial services, and will continue to cooperate in xiong'an Housing leasing related fields through blockchain technology. Ping An insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. of China: Ping An insurance of China launched the baas platform based on blockchain technology in early 2017.
        SAIC Motor Group Co., Ltd.: with the blockchain project, we have also come to Elastos to reach cooperation. In the future, we will apply blockchain technology in the central control system to confirm identity, connect and control other systems in the vehicle, and build a unified software development platform for intelligent vehicles. China Mobile Communications Group Corporation: China Mobile's blockchain layout is also very early. According to the patent application of the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO), China Mobile Communications Group Corporation announced two invention patent applications related to blockchain on June 5, 2018. One is called "a method and device for saving learning records based on blockchain technology", and the patent application time is November 28, 2016; Another is called "a flow control method and network equipment", and the application time is November 30, 2016.
        COFCO Group Co., Ltd.: it is reported that recently, a subsidiary of COFCO group will trace the origin of its limited high-end tea cakes based on the root chain. The special EPC electronic tag is introduced in the tea cake production process to make each tea cake have a unique digital identity. Through these digital identities, customers can intuitively understand the tea source information, production information, etc. of tea cakes, making tea cakes more valuable for investment and collection. In the later stage, it will also consider introducing blockchain technology in the tea supply chain to achieve the management goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. JD group: in early July this year, JD also announced that it would officially open its independently developed blockchain service platform to test enterprises& mdash; Zhizhen chain.
        Since the release of the white paper on JD blockchain Technology (2018) in March this year, JD blockchain has made relevant progress in the supply chain, logistics, anti-counterfeiting and tracing industries. At this stage, JD's application of blockchain technology is mainly focused on the alliance chain network to provide a blockchain service platform that is deeply integrated with the supply chain around enterprise level services. Alibaba Group: Alibaba has many applications in the field of blockchain. Its ant financial service tried its first blockchain remittance project. Ant financial service blockchain technology was applied to Alipay love donation, and tmall global also used blockchain technology. Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd.: Tencent officially released the white paper of blockchain solution, the blockchain financial solution baas (blockchainasaservice).
        In the field of legal evidence, Tencent's blockchain platform ensures the authenticity of electronic evidence by making use of the non tamperable and complete traceability characteristics of the blockchain. In terms of public welfare, Tencent has built a public welfare search chain. In the financial industry, Tencent blockchain has built a complete supply chain financial service platform to help solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. The 46 world top 500 companies participating in the research and application of blockchain include: State Grid Corporation of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Life Insurance (Group) Corporation, Bank of China, China Railway Engineering Corporation, Huawei Investment Holding Co., Ltd., China Resources Co., Ltd., China Sinochem Group Corporation, China Post Group Corporation, people's Insurance Group Corporation of China Bank of communications, China Merchants Bank, China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd., industrial bank, Lenovo Group, China Minsheng Bank, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, China Huaneng Group Corporation, AIA group, China Everbright group, Midea Group Co., Ltd China Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd., cedar holding group, Jiangsu Shagang Group, TSMC, China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., Cathay Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Suning Yigou group, China Taiping Insurance Group Co., Ltd., Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd., Taikang Insurance group, Qingdao Haier and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
        The "Spring River water warming duck prophet" and the "trendsetters" of these times are actively preparing for the technological revolution of blockchain. As a small and medium-sized enterprise, and as a person with ideas for the future, how can you turn a blind eye to, despise and despise his existence? If you don't understand it, you may really be out. In October 2016, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the white paper on China's blockchain technology and application development (2016), which summarized the current situation and typical application scenarios of domestic and foreign blockchain development, introduced the development roadmap of China's blockchain technology and the direction and process of future blockchain technology standardization. In December 2016, "blockchain" was first written into the notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the National Informatization Plan of the 13th five year plan as a strategic frontier technology.
        In January 2017, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the development plan of software and information technology service industry (2016-2020), which proposed that innovation in blockchain and other fields should reach the international advanced level. In August 2017, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on further expanding and upgrading information consumption and continuously releasing the potential of domestic demand, proposing to carry out pilot applications of new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. In October 2017, the State Council issued the guiding opinions on actively promoting the innovation and application of supply chain, which proposed to study the use of blockchain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies and establish a credit evaluation mechanism based on the supply chain.
        In March 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the key points for standardization of informatization and software service industry in 2018, proposing to promote the establishment of the National Technical Committee for standardization of informatization and industrialization integration management and the National Committee for standardization of blockchain and distributed accounting technology. In May 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology released the 2018 white paper on China's blockchain industry, which deeply analyzed the development status of China's blockchain technology industry, summarized the development characteristics of China's blockchain industry, elaborated the application and landing of blockchain in the financial field and the real economy, and predicted the industrial development trend. Beijing: in August 2016, the Financial Bureau issued the 2016 performance task of Beijing Financial Work Bureau, establishing the Zhongguancun blockchain alliance; In December of the same year, the Beijing Development and Reform Commission issued the notice of Beijing's financial industry development plan during the 13th Five Year Plan period, which classified blockchain as a technology of Internet Finance and encouraged development; In April 2017, the policy of providing financial support to blockchain enterprises was issued, and the measures for the management of funds for the promotion of the deep integration of science, technology and finance in the Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration zone; In December of the same year, the notice on the implementation measures of building the capital's green financial system again mentioned the blockchain, developed the green financial information infrastructure based on the blockchain, and improved the security level of green financial projects.
        Shenzhen: in November 2016, the financial office issued the 13th five year plan for the development of Shenzhen's financial industry, which mentioned supporting financial institutions to strengthen the research and exploration of emerging technologies such as blockchain and digital currency; In September 2017, the municipal government issued the notice of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on printing and distributing several measures to support the development of the financial industry, to reward outstanding projects in the fields of blockchain, digital currency, and financial big data application; In March 2018, the notice of the Municipal Economic and Trade Information Commission on organizing the implementation of the second batch of 2018 support plan for the new generation information technology and information security of strategic emerging industries in Shenzhen was issued, which mentioned that blockchain is one of the support fields.
        By 2020, strive to build the city. Hangzhou: in December 2016, the Zhejiang provincial government issued several opinions on promoting the construction of Qiantang river harbor, proposing to strengthen the construction of financial institutions, cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other high-tech enterprises; In May 2017, the Hangzhou Xihu District government issued the policy opinions on building a blockchain Industrial Park for blockchain enterprises issued by xixigu District in April 2017, which proposed to promote the development of blockchain industry in Xihu District, encourage blockchain innovation and enterprises to settle in, and put forward policy support; In June 2017, the Hangzhou municipal government issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the construction of Qiantang River financial harbor, which mentioned supporting financial institutions to explore new technologies such as blockchain and develop financing products based on industrial chain, supply chain and blockchain; In November of the same year, Zhejiang Provincial Commission of economy and information technology issued the implementation opinions of the people's Government of Zhejiang Province on further accelerating the development of software and information service industry, which proposed to accelerate technological research and product innovation in cloud computing, big data, quantum communication, blockchain and other foreword fields.
        Nanjing: in February 2017, the general office of Nanjing issued the notice on printing and distributing the "13th five year plan" smart Nanjing development plan, proposing to accelerate the breakthrough and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometrics and blockchain; In March of the same year, the notice on the development plan of Nanjing's financial industry during the 13th five year plan was issued, which proposed to promote the wide application of financial technology in the fields of credit investigation, credit extension, risk control, payment and asset transaction settlement with big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology as the core; In June of the same year, the "on accelerating the integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet in Nanjing" was released, which proposed to focus on the development of advanced technologies such as deep learning, cognitive computing, blockchain and virtual reality.
        Shanghai: in March 2017, Baoshan District Government Office issued the notice of 2017 Baoshan District financial service key points, which mentioned the construction of Miaohang blockchain incubation base and Songnan Shanghai Internet Financial Evaluation Center; In April of the same year, the Shanghai Internet Finance Industry Association issued the self discipline rules for the application of blockchain technology by internet financial institutions, which contains 12 contents such as system risk prevention and supervision. Chengdu: in June 2017, Chengdu established the Southwest District blockchain innovation and development alliance. Under the guidance of Chengdu high tech Zone, the alliance will establish a blockchain innovation and development service base to provide one-stop services such as entrepreneurship incubation, business docking and corporate investment and financing; In July 2017, Chengdu high tech Zone issued several policies of Chengdu high tech Zone on developing new economy and cultivating new driving force.
        It is proposed that financial technology enterprises that carry out blockchain, mobile payment, intelligent investment consulting and other businesses should be given a subsidy of up to 5 million yuan at 10% of the R & D expenses; In August 2017, Chengdu Finance Bureau and Finance Bureau issued 19 articles on finance and finance to encourage the development of financial technology industry and support the in-depth cooperation between big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new technologies and financial fields. Chongqing: in November 2017, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission issued the opinions on accelerating the cultivation and innovative application of the blockchain industry, proposing to build 2-5 blockchain industrial bases, introduce and cultivate more than 10 leading enterprises in the domestic segment of the blockchain, and more than 50 blockchain enterprises with core technology or growth, and initially form an important domestic blockchain industrial highland and innovative application base.
        Guangzhou: in December 2017, Guangzhou issued the first government support policy on the blockchain industry, the measures for promoting the development of the blockchain industry in Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. There are 10 policies, including 7 aspects, including growth incentives, platform incentives, application incentives, technology incentives, financial support, and activity subsidies. It is estimated that the annual financial input will increase by about 200 million yuan. Changsha: on June 22, 2018, blockchain enterprises will be given a support fund of up to 2 million yuan within three years from the date of settlement. Provide no more than 300 square meters of office space for blockchain enterprises, rent free for 3 years. Enterprises that take the lead in formulating relevant standards for blockchain technology and scenario application will be rewarded with 5 million, 3 million and 1 million respectively according to international standards, national standards and industrial standards.
        If the annual operating income of the settled enterprises exceeds 10 million yuan, 20 million yuan, 50 million yuan and 100 million yuan for the first time, they will be rewarded with 200000 yuan, 500000 yuan, 1 million yuan and 2 million yuan respectively. Don't be blinded by the multi-level marketing team of "virtual currency". In our country, the superstructure is welcoming the blockchain reform with full enthusiasm, listening to the call of the party, actively participating in learning, research and creation, and firmly grasping the historic opportunities. Shanghai blockchain Industrial Park: Shanghai's blockchain Industrial Park was established in 2016. Zhongguancun blockchain industrial alliance has reached cooperation with Shanghai Intellectual Industrial Park to create Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center in the excellent times square of Shanghai Intellectual Industrial Park.
        At the same time, the sky blockchain incubation base of Shanghai Intellectual Industrial Park and the incubation base of Shanghai Intellectual Industrial Park of Shanghai equity trading Trust Center were officially established. Hangzhou blockchain Industrial Park: on April 9, 2018, China Hangzhou blockchain Industrial Park was officially launched. When the blockchain companies settle in Hangzhou Industrial Park, they can also get the advantages of Hangzhou's talents by the convenience of "close to the water and the first to the moon". As the forefront of domestic blockchain technology research, Zhejiang University can now see that the "Department of Zhejiang University" occupies a position in the blockchain industry. Guangzhou blockchain Industrial Park: the international blockchain Industrial Park located in Yuexiu District aims to gather the world's top blockchain technology R & D teams and blockchain innovative institutions, establish industrial standards through the industrial park, and guide the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.
        Wuhan blockchain Industrial Park: on April 6, 2017, the Phoenix chain platform, led by the Wuhan Municipal People's government and gathered key university teams in Wuhan, top experts in the blockchain industry, relevant departments and enterprises, was announced. At the same time, the blockchain Industrial Park and the blockchain incubator were officially established. Chongqing blockchain Industrial Park: in November 2017, Chongqing's first blockchain industrial innovation base (phase I), jointly built by Chongqing Economic and Information Commission and Yuzhong District, was settled in Meiyuan building, Yuzhong District. in addition
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