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Analysis of blockchain project application

Time : 29/07/2022 Author : d4e5zm Click : + -
        According to the public understanding, the first thought of blockchain technology is bitcoin, but in fact, blockchain technology has been applied in China for a long time, but the mode is called P2P, that is, the application of decentralized is equal to blockchain technology. In the vernacular, each device is an active node that synchronizes with data storage and update. And also performs the operation of uploading and downloading. Example 1 in the early P2P mode of a player, the video file is the main mode, and the user is equivalent to a node, which can download and upload resources. The ultimate goal of sharing resources is to improve the download speed and buffering of online viewing through bandwidth sharing applications. When the process of video downloading is also the process of uploading resources, the downloaded file resources are buffered locally to realize online viewing while watching.
        This is actually the mode of blockchain technology. Compared with bitcoin, the services processed in the same mode are different. One is the billing application and the other is the download speed up application. Example 2 a download software tool, which is the same as the above, mainly has the download function, but it is actually a bandwidth resource that uploads resources in the form of nodes and speeds up the download of resources. The most concerned profit model is how many nodes are provided to accelerate the download speed. You need to recharge to buy your identity as a member. The permissions thus allocated are the number of node resources you can enjoy to provide acceleration services for your downloaded actions. Although the above description is called P2P mode, it is actually blockchain technology, and the processing business application is different.
        Bitcoin does not fully understand the details of accounting business. But the overall pattern is the same as the example. At present, all kinds of blockchain projects are under research in China. In fact, it is not a technical problem but a business scenario application problem. What do you do? What to deal with? What are the results? This is the key. At present, all domestic companies are researching and developing products to integrate with demand business. Tip: blockchain technology is not a single exchange for digital currency trading. It can be done. It is not to issue digital coins according to branches. The most important thing is to implement the production scenario of the application technology. Two days ago, the boss said that a friend in the field asked him to participate in a blockchain project investment.
        Ask me my opinion. I checked and learned about the specific situation of this company. What's terrible is that people want to invest in PPT, and the so-called project is to issue digital coins. However, there is no future target such as the exchange. It just doesn't mention where the specific application is. What do you think? Therefore, we need to tell people around us to be cautious in this situation.
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