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To understand the great advantages of BSN and DDC basic networks, we should start with these eight core concepts

Time : 17/08/2021 Author : cknuip Click : + -
        It has been three months since the bsn-ddc basic network (hereinafter referred to as "DDC network") was officially launched on January 25 and the trial commercial stage was started. During this period, the DDC network has established an ecosystem with initial scale, including an open alliance chain and hundreds of business platform parties, and has completed the casting of millions of DDCS (official and Platform party contracts). Looking back on this process, we can find that BSN, based on its deep understanding of the nature of blockchain and DDC / NFT technology, injected eight core concepts into the construction of DDC network, which played an important role in the initial construction of its ecology, helped it smoothly pass through the stage from 0 to 1, and laid an advantage for its further development in the future.
        DDC / NFT technology is a technology with very broad application prospects. In the future, it can even revolutionize the existing data management methods. DDC network and its eight core concepts set up an excellent sample for exploring the ecological construction, technical system, business model and regulatory mode of DDC / NFT technology in China. Based on this, it promotes the rapid and benign development of DDC / NFT technology, helps to give full play to its due technical value, and truly realizes the promotion of industrial progress through technology and innovation. All open alliance chains providing external services must be as transparent as public chains. One of the great features of blockchain technology is that it changes the underlying logic of IT systems, turning the black box like background system into a distributed and shared public system.
        As a public system, the most prominent feature is openness, transparency and credibility. Although the operation of the public chain in China is not legal, it still provides a reference and standard for the principle of "transparency", that is, all data on the chain can be verified through a third-party browser and interface, including contract query, block analysis and other operations. At present, all open alliance chains that make up the DDC network are transformed from the public chain through standardization, which has the transparency of the public chain and the corresponding technical interface. In the next update plan, the DDC network will also launch open source browsers for all open alliance chains that have been launched, and continue to improve the transparency of the entire network.
        "Full compliance in China" is the premise for the development of the whole industry. In the middle of April, China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association and China Securities Association jointly issued the proposal on preventing financial risks related to NFT. The issue of industry compliance was put on the table again and became the focus of attention of all parties. Like any new technology in the IT industry in the past two decades, the development of NFT technology in China will inevitably undergo an evolution from barbaric growth to normative and orderly development. As a matter of fact, DDC / NFT, as a technology, does not have any business attribute. Only when it involves a specific business will it involve compliance issues.
        DDC network is committed to providing the whole industry with a legal soil at the bottom of the technology. It advocates and encourages all business platform parties to adhere to the spirit of bold exploration and innovation in the design of business logic, product form and application scenarios, so as to open up a wider application space for DDC / NFT technology; On the other hand, it is also necessary to fully consider the compliance requirements, stay away from the regulatory red lines such as financial content, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry, so as to better play the technical value of DDC / NFT and benefit the national economy and the people's livelihood. "Sufficiently low cost" is the core of technology popularization and industry development. Whether a new technology can be popularized and applied on a large scale, in addition to technical considerations such as innovation, efficiency and safety, another important factor that is often overlooked is the cost.
        As a typical example, musk calculated that the price of car power battery per kWh can be reduced to "only $80", and then created Tesla motor. Although the current DDC / NFT technology is mostly associated with digital collections, in terms of its technical nature, its potential use scenarios are very wide, such as real asset management, user system, ticketing system, etc. Then if a business & mdash& mdash; For example, use DDC / NFT to generate a park ticket & mdash& mdash; The cost of this technology, like on the foreign public chain, often reaches tens of dollars, which basically declares the death penalty of this technology in many practical application fields.
        Considering the wide application of DDC / NFT technology in the future, the DDC network will provide a chain environment with a cost of a few cents per blockchain operation as one of its core concepts from the beginning. If the business platform generates DDC through its own deployed contracts, the cost of each is only 5 cents. However, due to the more than 10 open alliance chains that constitute the DDC network, there is naturally an endogenous competition mechanism, which will lead to a further downward trend in the price. In the long run, only with a sufficiently low cost can the large-scale application of DDC / NFT in various scenarios become possible, and the entire industry will benefit from this and realize rapid development.
        Private key management contract to protect users' data rights. In the past year or two, the metauniverse has become one of the hottest concepts in the entire technology industry, and blockchain and DDC / NFT technology will become the most important infrastructure of the metauniverse due to their own characteristics. When DDC is widely associated with user information and digital assets, the data rights of users become a key issue. In the traditional password account management system, users do not really have data rights. In fact, the control and ownership of all users' personal data are in the hands of the company behind the IT system. This is not sensational. The user data is stored in the background of the IT system like a black box, and can be called only with the user name and password. In order to verify the user identity, all passwords are actually saved in the database of the IT system.
        Therefore, only in terms of technology, it systems can arbitrarily dispose of their personal data and digital assets without the permission of users. The key account management system can technically isolate this possibility. The user's private key means that he has absolute control over the data rights. The IT system can only call the information stored on the open and transparent blockchain and authorized by the user. No it system can touch his personal data and digital assets without the permission of the user. However, at present, many operators in the chain environment use the trusteeship mode after generating the private key for the user, which is essentially no different from the traditional account management system.
        It can be predicted that with the development of the industry and the popularization of applications, as well as the deepening of users' understanding of blockchain and DDC technology, users will inevitably put forward more requirements for data rights. The DDC network advocates that the private key should be handed over to the user. For this reason, the open-source DDC safe deposit box browser plug-in is specially launched, which is provided to all DDC platform parties for free use. Through the DDC safe deposit box, the platform side can allow users to generate and manage their own private keys, and then manage their own DDC freely and flexibly through the private keys. While ensuring security, it also ensures the data rights of users. Only when the legitimate rights of all members of an ecology are guaranteed can the ecology develop healthily, stably and persistently.
        Allowing self built node data centers is a necessary guarantee for the long-term existence of the network. From the perspective of end users, the security of DDC or the digital assets it represents actually involves three levels: whether the DDC itself is secure, whether the contract is secure, and whether the entire chain is secure. The first two can be guaranteed by private key management and trusted platform. How can the security of the chain be guaranteed? The public chain ensures the safety and survival of the whole chain through a sufficient number of decentralized nodes. However, a reality in the domestic blockchain industry is that all nodes of some blockchains are managed by one enterprise. In a strict sense, these can not be called real blockchains. In essence, they are still the same as traditional centralized systems.
        Once the enterprise in charge of all nodes of a chain has a situation, then the problem of this chain is a high probability event. In order to solve this problem, the next step of the DDC network will allow qualified operators to build their own node data centers, including the government, central state-owned enterprises, science and technology enterprises and other trusted institutions, so that the DDC network can form a truly distributed and decentralized structure to ensure the long-term stable operation of the network. All nodes of the open alliance chain in any DDC network can be deployed in the node data center. In addition, allowing the self built node data center will also bring other advantages to the DDC network, which are reflected in enabling the business platform to obtain faster business processing speed, and building a gateway on the self built node to more flexibly design and process business.
        Use technological diversity to provide source power for sustainable development. The history and experience of Technological Development in the world have long proved that only by supporting as many technological systems as possible, giving users more choices to develop and verify, and allowing fair competition between technological systems, forming a situation of a hundred schools of thought and the survival of the fittest, can a technological system generally recognized and accepted by the industry be finally precipitated. At present, the blockchain industry as a whole is in the early stage of development. Neither blockchain technology nor DDC / NFT technology can guarantee the sustainability of any single technology system. Therefore, DDC network attaches great importance to the diversity of technologies. At present, there are more than ten open alliance chains that constitute the DDC network, each of which is based on different underlying frameworks and has its own technical characteristics. Meanwhile, DDC network is still trying to introduce more public chains after legal transformation. The purpose is to create a chain environment as diverse as possible, so as to promote the benign development of blockchain and DDC technology.
        Multi party joint governance to ensure environmental equity. In the design blueprint of DDC network, the future will be a mode of multi-party participation and joint operation. It is planned that within this year, there will be individual open alliance chains in the network to realize the mechanism of establishing joint governance of multiple verification nodes (managing the data center through the DDC network). In the future, any open alliance chain will have at least 20 companies under common governance. All large and small affairs in the operation, such as gas pricing, technology iteration and upgrading, will be decided by all management parties. Multi party governance, each party as one of the voting parties has full equal rights, avoid one dominating, and strive to create a fair environment, which is also a main idea of DDC network.
        Create an open and win-win diversified ecology and avoid becoming a simple technology platform. The eighth core idea of DDC network is to encourage the construction of a diversified ecosystem. Any compliant participant has a huge space to freely choose its role in the ecosystem. It can only serve as a platform party to call DDC official contracts or other third-party contracts through the interface to operate DDC / NFT digital collection business; You can also set up your own business model and provide SaaS services through self built portals and deployment contracts; It can also build a verification node data center to participate in network governance; Or it can only serve as a technical supporter to help the demander access the DDC network; Even build a new open alliance chain to become the operator.
        Each role in the ecology has equal authority, and plays its own function according to its own characteristics, which will ultimately bring about the prosperity of the whole ecology. In fact, these eight core concepts are not only of great significance to the DDC network, but also to the whole blockchain industry, because they fundamentally reflect the spirit of blockchain technology. Looking forward to the future, the practice and adherence to these concepts and the full play of the advantages brought by them will not only determine whether the DDC network can achieve its own leap from 1 to 100, but also, to a certain extent, whether the DDC / NFT technology and even the blockchain technology can really play their technical advantages in China and create real value for the economy and society.
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