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Can blockchain taxi really solve the hidden danger of online car Hailing?

Time : 01/06/2022 Author : sfipvl Click : + -
        In fact, it should be said that the founder of kuaidi has returned. As early as 2015, Chen Weixing, the founder of kuaidi, sold the company to didi taxi hailing, ending a devastating price war. In recent years, Didi has become the dominant company and formed a nearly monopolized online taxi Hailing service market in China. However, in the past three months, two didi hitchhiker tragedies have caused people to panic, and the public opinion has increasingly criticized Didi. The safety of online taxi Hailing has once again sounded the alarm bell for the public. The occurrence of the tragedy completely changed the fate of the two families, so that the "hitchhiker" who just turned 3 years old was directly sentenced to "death". This incident also made Chen Weixing, 35, keenly see the new air. When the public needed it most, he broke into the public's vision with a new blockchain taxi app called "vvgo".
        This application hopes to improve the safety of online car hailing and reduce the cost of passengers and drivers when using taxi Hailing software. So, can a blockchain based taxi Hailing application break the bloody cage of human nature and system construction and reshape the trust mechanism between people? In addition, what is the difference between blockchain taxi Hailing software and traditional taxi Hailing software? And how can we change the pain point of the past online car Hailing?. "The platform can really make money. They earn more than we do in this trip!" A didi passenger heard the driver's complaint when he was riding. In the existing car Hailing field, the structure is centralized, or even evolved into a monopoly, resulting in poor user experience.
        It has been expanding in scale and almost monopolized. With the platform charging more and more intermediate fees, the price of taxi is increasing. Everything has two sides, and online car Hailing is no exception. While it brings convenience to people, it also brings some hidden dangers, especially the protection of passengers' private information. In the process of accepting the online car Hailing service, passengers' personal information such as their head portrait, personal phone number, address, occupation, daily commuter route, frequently visited shops and restaurants are exposed to the platform. If these private information is obtained and used by illegal elements, it is likely to cause unpredictable harm to passengers. With the development of online car hailing and the increase in the number of operating vehicles and drivers, it is more difficult for the platform to review and supervise drivers and vehicles. People who regularly use online car Hailing must have encountered the vehicle information or the driver information is inconsistent with that displayed to passengers on the platform.
        Once illegal elements are involved, it is bound to bury hidden dangers for the safety of passengers. Government authorities are faced with the complexity of supervision. The complexity of online car Hailing economy is that it is an online to offline multi-party service platform, and most of the service processes are completed offline. As long as offline is involved, there will be people to people docking. Under such conditions, many accidents also occur, thus increasing the difficulty of supervision. On the other hand, the platform itself is not easy to supervise the drivers and passengers. For the online car Hailing platform, due to its large capacity, the number of drivers accessing the system is large and the good and bad are mixed, and the mobile phone information is very complex, which requires a large amount of financial and human resources.
        In addition, the level of urban development in various regions is not balanced, so it is difficult to formulate an effective online car Hailing management rule that is applicable to the whole country. First, the blockchain itself has the characteristics of decentralization, transparency, traceability, self-control, tamperability and anonymity. In the taxi industry, these characteristics can be used to improve many criticisms in the industry. The author analyzes from three aspects. Blockchain technology is a decentralized organization. If each driver can add relevant information, such as driver identity authentication, vehicle and service location, evaluation, etc., to a specific block, and then record it on the blockchain. After the information is linked, due to the tamperability of blockchain technology itself, the accuracy of future information is guaranteed.
        When someone needs to take a taxi, the blockchain network can screen out the corresponding "matching drivers", and then the transactions between passengers and drivers are completed through the point-to-point mode. This not only reduces the high intermediary fees deducted by the intermediary, but also can better improve the quality of drivers and ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of passengers are protected. On the other hand, the most obvious commonality between drivers and passengers is the balance of interests. How does the blockchain balance the delicate interests between the two? The trust of the blockchain is mainly reflected in the fact that users distributed in the blockchain do not need to trust the other party of the transaction, nor do they need to trust a centralized organization. They only need to trust the software system under the blockchain protocol to realize the transaction.
        Due to the enforceability of smart contracts, technology replaces the traditional reputation intermediary and provides a new reputation guarantee mechanism for both parties. The premise of this trust is the consensus mechanism of the blockchain, that is, in a market of mutual distrust, the sufficient and necessary condition for each node to reach an agreement is that each node will spontaneously and honestly abide by the rules set in the agreement out of the consideration of maximizing its own interests, so as to judge the authenticity of each record, and finally store these transaction records on the chain to facilitate the verification and audit of the regulatory department. At the same time, it is also convenient for the platform itself to manage both the driver and the passenger. In other words, if each node has its own independent interests and competes with each other, it is almost impossible for these nodes to conspire to cheat. This will be particularly obvious when each node has a public reputation in the network.
        Blockchain technology uses a set of mathematical algorithms based on consensus to establish a "trust" network between machines and realize real value interconnection, so as to create a brand-new credit mechanism through technical endorsement rather than centralized credit institutions. Why did didi change from sharing to monopoly? The main reason for this is that the centralized rights are too centralized. The private information of drivers and passengers is all in the hands of a highly centralized third-party platform. Of course, the so-called credit mechanism is also developed by didi itself. This leads to the monopoly of the third-party platform, which can control prices and rules to a certain extent. As the blockchain itself is a decentralized network, drivers and passengers become many nodes on the chain. The influence between nodes will form a non-linear causal relationship through the network, forming an open, flat and equal network system.
        The reason why this non-linear causal relationship can be realized lies in the unified consensus mechanism and the mandatory smart contract in the blockchain. Whether in the online car Hailing platform or in chat software such as wechat, the user's private data can be said to be no longer "private". The platform uses the user's data for targeted advertising or other commercial purposes. However, the income derived from the data value itself belongs to the platform and the middleman, and has nothing to do with the user. In this case, the user's private data is used as a bargaining chip for benefits. However, on the blockchain network, no platform or third party has the right to access the user's private data, and the platform based on the blockchain network can automatically match the corresponding user needs through smart contracts without displaying the data, so as to achieve complete confidentiality of private data.
        If the platform wants to collect the user's data, it must obtain the user's permission and pay the corresponding remuneration, which realizes the transfer of wealth generated by personal data from the platform and the company to its own hands. From the above three aspects, it can be seen that from the perspective of interest balance, the blockchain can effectively change the many criticisms of traditional online car Hailing. However, how to avoid the recurrence of vicious events, what blockchain technology can do is to set up multiple constraint mechanisms on the blockchain network to reduce the opportunities of criminals; It also uses the coercion and trust mechanism of the blockchain to reduce unnecessary communication between drivers and passengers. On the one hand, it makes it easier and faster to take a taxi, and on the other hand, it can reduce the motive of criminals.
        However, whether it is in didi taxi or blockchain taxi, people are always the most unstable factor. In this world, there are always people with evil intentions and people who are always mercenary. In the "testing ground" of human nature, how much can technology play? The blockchain technology itself can not stop criminal acts. The technology can only play the role of supervising and deterring crime, and it is unrealistic to fundamentally solve the potential safety problems of online car Hailing. However, it is undeniable that blockchain can give ordinary people more rights, fairness and privacy, and enable ordinary people to have more "equality" in the distribution of wealth than before. (author: chain ch, the content comes from the "Dehao" of the open platform of chain Dede content; this article only represents the author's viewpoint and does not represent the official position of chain Dede).
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