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The book "ten technologies of the meta universe" was launched. The meta universe sharing conference was held on August 16, and the activity plan was announced

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        Central chain live news: from August 15 to 19, 2022, the yuan universe industry committee will hold the "2022 yuan universe sharing conference" and the first and second plenary meetings of the yuan universe Industry Committee with the theme of "openness and compatibility" in Xinglin mountain villa (offline) of the State Administration and the central chain live broadcast network. We will try our best to gather the top scientific and technological enterprises in the industry, break down many scientific and technological barriers, open the door of data opening, and fully interpret the development concept of open compatibility and sharing of the meta universe. The "exploration and experiment" 2022 yuan universe consensus conference was held on the central chain live broadcast network in late May. The achievements were prominent and the impact was huge. It also triggered many discussions and reflections. "Openness and compatibility" has become the new theme of the current yuan universe industry development.
        The development of the meta universe needs the joint creation of all walks of life. Joint creation cannot be separated from consensus. At the same time, it should be supported by sharing, guaranteed by common governance and aimed at win-win results. The purpose of the "five Communists" conference initiated by the yuan universe industry committee is to provide fertile soil for the integrated development of the yuan universe industry and Industry: technology sharing, ecological sharing, concept integration, platform compatibility and mission sharing. The foundation of sharing is openness and compatibility. How to be open and compatible, and how to turn the game and competition behind industrial development into cooperation and win-win. This sharing conference will break through the walls of the ecology through various exchanges and interactions:---- The conference will include "Huxin Pavilion meeting", "lawn red wine tasting", "keynote speech", "round table forum", "Capital Forum", "technology / product / project docking and negotiation meeting", "digital rights Collection Forum" and other heavy links, which will build a platform for all member units to display scientific and technological achievements and project cooperation, and provide a platform for listed companies, investment and financing institutions and innovative technology companies to integrate capital and information, Let the participating units share the open and compatible achievements of "supporting small schools, helping middle schools and the United Nations General Assembly".
        ----At the same time of the conference, the launching ceremony of the book "ten technologies of the meta universe" was solemnly held. The book was created by the expert team of our committee and published by China Translation Publishing House. It is the first book in China that comprehensively analyzes the principles, practices, trends, and related ecology and industries of metauniverse technology. The authors ye Yurui, Li Anmin, Li Hui, cen Zhike, he Chao, the recommenders Ni Guangnan, Wang Endong, Shen Changxiang, Zheng Weimin and other academicians, as well as Zhu Jiaming, Yao Qian, Ni Jianzhong, Li Zhengmao, Xiao Feng, Ao ran, Tong Shitian and other experts and scholars will talk and dance with many science and technology enterprises in various ways---- At that time, the conference will launch the "meta universe public service platform" around the business opportunities in industrial applications such as industrial meta universe, cultural and tourism meta universe, science and education meta universe, business and trade meta universe, financial meta universe, great health meta universe, urban meta universe and government meta universe, and promote the commercial application of meta universe innovation achievements from concept to experiment and then to comprehensive practice, so as to seek the healthy, rapid and sustainable development of meta universe.
        At the same time, the second plenary meeting of the first session of yuancosmos Industrial Committee will be held at the same time. The co chairmen and chairman members will make performance speeches. The Secretary General's team will make a "work report for 2022-2023" to the meeting. All members will conduct offline voting and other performance ceremonies. The conference provides all member units with valuable opportunities for offline communication and exchange, and promotes exchanges and cooperation among members to achieve coordinated development and share the future. The meta universe consensus circle created by the meta universe Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation strives to moisten the intelligent soil for the integration and development of the meta universe industry and the industrial meta universe through consensus, sharing, CO creation, CO governance and win-win theme conferences: concept integration, technology sharing, ecological co creation, industrial co governance and industrial win-win.
        The new species concept of "metaverse" has opened the "origin consensus", and "virtual reality" and "Dacheng wisdom" have predicted today's metaverse and brought "leading consensus"; On November 11, 2021, the "meta universe day" was officially launched by the China Mobile union meta universe Industry Committee. The "meta universe industry declaration" was issued to establish a "positioning consensus", which defined that "meta universe" is an integration of cutting-edge digital technology and cultural wisdom, and advocated six major directions: adhere to people-oriented, integration and integration, adhere to the spirit of ingenuity, adhere to the unity of knowledge and action, adhere to industry self-discipline, and jointly create the future ecology of meta universe data value; Adhere to openness and cooperation, and build a global innovation and development community.
        The "exploration and experiment" 2022 meta universe consensus conference gathered voices from various parties, committed to condensing "development consensus", and put forward a number of consensus directions: General principles of meta universe technology, application guide of meta universe, Standard Guide of meta universe, code of meta universe citizens, rules of meta universe governance, etc., setting off a speculative upsurge of meta universe integration development, All technology and ecological enterprises are looking forward to and facilitating the conclusion of this series of consensus. However, this series of consensus can not be achieved overnight, nor can one or two enterprises achieve it. Building the base of the meta universe requires the integration of different new technologies, involving five basic technologies such as computing, storage, network, security and artificial intelligence, and five pillar technologies such as interactive display, digital twins and digital primitives, identity system and economic system, content creation technology and governance technology.
        Because each technology involves different subdivided fields to form a vertical track, the fields are intertwined, and the competition in the fields is fierce, it is inevitable that the advanced technology holders will build technical barriers and build ecological barriers, and the plays of capital combining technology to fight against the market monopoly industry will be performed frequently. The "open and compatible" meta universe sharing conference came into being at the right time. Since its establishment, yuancosmos Industrial Committee has been constantly arousing new ideas, thinking all the way about how to turn the game and competition behind industrial development into cooperation and win-win, so as to make the industry co-exist, clear the reality for member units and cooperative institutions from all walks of life, break the existing technical barriers and ecological barriers, present a predictable and feasible path, support each other, integrate and achieve each other.
        The era of the meta universe calls for an open new world of the meta universe. Through the open, compatible, shared and free spirit of the meta universe, it will produce dividends and become the driving force for serving the society and the country. Only by deeply analyzing the international and domestic trends can we grasp the pulse of the times. The application barriers built by western advanced technologies dominate the global basic user market, such as the ecological barrier formed by Apple's IOS system and Apple's hardware. So far, no new system can match it. The Hongmeng system of Huawei, the light of Chinese products, is trying to break the monopoly of Western intelligent equipment users in an open source and compatible manner, and create a world for the ecological expansion of domestic hardware products.
        In the meta universe era, whether the many innovations accumulated in the Internet era of China can break through the encirclement and overtake in the international curve in the meta universe era, how to promote openness and compatibility, cooperate with the international open source ecology, develop domestic high-tech, link domestic and international ecology, and share a share of the international application market is the direction that all science and technology companies are leading. This year, the national development and Reform Commission and other nine departments jointly issued several opinions on promoting the standardized, healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy, aiming to regulate the development of the platform economy, prevent the abuse of monopoly position for unfair competition, make good use of data, be compatible and open, and guide the platform economy to make contributions to scientific and technological innovation.
        The new regulations require platform enterprises to provide services fairly according to uniform rules, without malicious incompatibility, restricting the independent operation of other platforms and applications, and promoting the development of standards for system migration and interconnection between cloud platforms. In the era of metauniverse, it is more dependent on the technology platform to establish the user ecology and upstream and downstream industry ecology of metauniverse. How to better respond to national policies and how to achieve compatibility and sharing between the platform and technology are all topics discussed by innovative enterprises. It can be seen that in the process of the Internet society marching towards the meta universe society, the global trend has evolved from technology exclusive ecological monopoly to technology sharing and ecological sharing. The foundation of sharing is openness and compatibility, and it is open source and exchange.
        How to open and how to be compatible, so that a series of technical general rules, application guidelines and standard guidelines can be effectively formed. Adhering to the purpose of supporting the small group, the yuan universe Industry Committee has created a new yuan universe integration ecology for the landing of technology and the development of industry,. The "open and compatible" 2022 yuan universe sharing conference will fully gather the industry's top scientific and technological enterprises, open the door to many scientific and technological barriers, and fully interpret the development concept of open, compatible and shared yuan universe. It will carry forward the great wisdom of Mr. Qian Xuesen, the father of yuan universe. It will take the road of Yuan universe with Chinese characteristics, ignite the wisdom torch of Chinese science and technology based on the world, and light the way ahead to fully bloom the grand ecology of Yuan universe!.
        Meeting time: from August 15 to 16, 2022, all antenna day "top ten technologies of the meta universe" online, daily and offline activities, wonderful reviews and comments. Meeting specification: about 100 people on site and more than 10000 people on the line; Offline: opening and closing ceremony + book launch + 3 special topics + Round Table + technology / product / project docking and negotiation meeting; Line field interactive lecture. Beijing Venue: Xinglin mountain villa (subordinate to the State Administration of the people's Republic of China, the meeting place of the central leaders, and the permanent Guard Force stationed. It is located in Xiangshan Mountain, botanical garden and WOFO Temple scenic area, surrounded by mountains, surrounded by pines and cypresses, and full of vitality. In the natural landscape of beautiful mountains and clear waters, under the generous and broad-minded people's bras, let us scale the peak of "sharing the yuan universe".
        Warm tips: non local visitors to Beijing must hold the nucleic acid report within 48 hours, the green code of Beijing health treasure, and the green code of the travel card. If they have not been to the medium and high-risk areas, they must report the vehicle number, name and ID number in advance. The guards on duty of the troops will check and release them to the park. All medium and high-risk areas are not allowed to enter the park. Take the guest room as the docking and negotiation room, and the guest room door number + company name + contact number as the guide board. A company easy to pull Bao introduction can be placed at the door of the guest room. It is recommended that the door of the guest room should be opened freely when there are people, so as to facilitate the interaction and communication. In the room, you can place promotional materials or posters or various display products. During the conference, the lobby of the hotel announced the negotiation guidelines, and the yuan universe industry committee made guided contact in advance to promote meeting, negotiation and cooperation.
        Keynote speech: Ni Jianzhong, executive chairman of China Mobile Union, CO chairman of yuancosmos industry committee, and "firm advocate" of yuancosmos development (5 minutes). Opening: Shen Changxiang, a famous information system expert, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, consultant of the expert advisory committee of the central network information office, and co chairman of the yuan universe Industry Committee (2 minutes). Blessings from all walks of life: Zheng Weimin (famous expert in supercomputing field, Professor of Tsinghua University, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, and co chairman of yuancosmos Industry Committee) led all walks of life to bless the development of yuancosmos industry (5 minutes). Watering the tree of the yuan universe: the VIP on the scene watered the tree of the yuan universe on the stage, and then took a group photo with the background sound: the host talked + light music.
        (5 minutes). Wu Zhongze is a famous digital economy expert, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, member of the education, science, culture and Health Committee of the Eleventh National People's Congress, and "watcher" of the development of the yuan universe (20 minutes). Publication speech: Qiao Weibing, famous publisher, President of China Translation Publishing House, CO chairman of yuanuniverse industry committee, and "discoverer" of yuanuniverse (5 minutes). Creation introduction: ye Yurui, chief researcher of the State Key Laboratory of high performance server and storage technology, standing member and Joint Secretary General of the yuan universe Industry Committee (10 minutes). Big man recommendation: four academicians Ni Guangnan, Wang Endong, Shen Changxiang and Zheng Weimin and authoritative experts such as Zhu Jiaming, Xiao Feng, Yao Qian, Ni Jianzhong, Li Zhengmao, Ao ran and Tong Shitian unanimously recommended (10 minutes).
        Ye Yurui, chief researcher of the State Key Laboratory of high performance server and storage technology, CO Secretary General of China Mobile Communications Federation yuanuniverse industry committee, and researcher of Hengqin digital Finance Research Institute. Graduated from Peking University and has nearly 20 years of working experience in the IT industry. He has written software definition storage and translated VMware software definition storage. He is the author of we media "happy life and love it". Li Anmin, CO chairman of the first session of China Mobile Communications Federation yuancosmos industry committee, member of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, second level principal vice president of China Telecom Research Institute, doctor and professor level senior engineer, and expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council.
        The project participated in as the main completion person won 1 first prize and 2 second prizes of national management innovation, 1 second prize of national scientific and technological progress, 1 first prize and 5 second prizes of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress awards. He has published nearly 20 papers and 3 books in core journals at home and abroad. Li Hui, the first executive vice chairman of the yuan universe Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation, the executive vice president of the IOT Core Engineering Technology Research Institute, the founder and chairman of Shanghai fengyuzhu culture and Technology Co., Ltd., the member of Shanghai Jing'an District CPPCC Committee, the vice president of Shanghai Jing'an District Federation of industry and commerce, and the industrial mentor of Shanghai Jiaotong University - University of Southern California School of cultural and creative industries.
        Graduated from the Department of architecture of Shanghai Tongji University. CEN Zhike, vice president of digital economy branch of China Communications Industry Association, chief expert of central chain laboratory, senior blockchain product architect, founder of beta technology, and founder of "my universe" industrial space, has obtained a number of utility model patent certificates and computer software copyright certificates. Participated in the prototype development of the blockchain baas service platform, distributed node data visualization development, Web3.0 ecological project application block development, global distributed storage project investment and operation, and focused on the transformation and upgrading of the meta universe industrial space. He Chao is the founder and Secretary General of China Mobile Communications Federation yuanuniverse industry committee, China Communications Industry Association blockchain special committee and digital economy branch, Zhongguancun big data industry alliance yuanuniverse think tank Committee, IOT Core Engineering Technology Research Institute, central chain laboratory and other institutions, the global brand holder of central chain, the initiator of chain reform action, the initiator of "double 11 yuan universe day", and the main creator of Zhejiang "poetry on the chain".
        He co authored "chain reform: blockchain China scheme", "chain reform: blockchain China thinking" and "meta universe". Key comments: Zhu Jiaming, a famous economist The "pioneer" of the development of the yuan universe, and the opening preface of the ten technologies of the yuan universe (5 minutes). Interactive results: the book brings together Chi Xiaoyu, technical director of goer group, Cai Hengjin, Professor of the school of computer science and technology of Wuhan University, Zhen Qi, digital strategy officer of HENGWEI science and technology, and Liu Jiayu, a new media artist (selected in the Forbes China elite list under 30 years old in 2020) Gao Chengshi, founding partner of Shanghai hash information, Zhang Feng, partner of Wanshang tianqin law firm, Wang Feng, director of AI R & D center of China Telecom Research Institute, Wang Tao, digital transformation expert of China Unicom, Du Biao, CTO of fifth power technology, Zhou Bing, vice president of Taiyi group, Huang Chaobo, CEO of moment technology, Liang Dong, co-founder of Beijing primitive language technology Zhou Qian, senior editor of tianxiaxiu, and other industry experts of yuancosmos Industry Committee conducted multi field practice and latest research (10 minutes).
        Book Award recognition: the yuan universe Industry Committee awarded certificates and Book commemorative photo frames to the authors, achievements, case units and publishing editors, and awarded books to the book waist cover customization units (5 minutes). Sincere blessing: CO chairman (academician Shen Changxiang, academician Zheng Weimin, and President Ni Jianzhong), academic guidance (academician Dai Ruwei, academician Guo Yike, and academician Ren Fuji), industrial guidance (academician Deng Zhonghan and academician Chen Qingquan). Keynote speech 1: Zhao Guodong, the author of the first book of meta universe, executive director of the meta universe industry committee, and executive chairman of the meta universe think tank Committee of Zhongguancun big data industry alliance (5 minutes). Keynote speech 2: Cai Hengjin, author of "exploring the essence of the meta universe from the transfer of consciousness" and "the meta universe: future governance in the digital age", Professor of the school of computer science of Wuhan University, and vice chairman of the meta universe Industry Committee (5 minutes).
        Topic: the advent of the meta universe era, the openness and compatibility of ideas and rules
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