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Time : 07/01/2022 Author : z3tfqu Click : + -
        The real value of blockchain. One way to consider blockchain projects is through their market value. Another method closer to the actual value is to observe the activities on the blockchain. Many FUD and hype are responsible for the "misplaced" capital in the cryptocurrency field. Here, we are observing which projects are actually used by people. In our opinion, this is the best predictor of the value you can have. By providing these object data and tools to analyze and compare it, we hope to provide investors with a way to better understand the available projects in this field. We work with each community, usually one of their block browsers, to get the data we need.
        We know that block browsers can manipulate the data they provide us, but we have good reasons to believe that they will not. Blocktivity regularly checks the information of other block browsers to verify that everything looks correct. In addition, we believe that the risk of damaging the reputation of the blockchain / community is too great.
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