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Beinmei launched the milk powder blockchain traceability platform to create a integrity system for the mother infant ecosystem

Time : 27/12/2021 Author : 8wh1vb Click : + -
        This time, the milk powder blockchain traceability platform achieves the dual tamper proof characteristics of "physical world + digital world" with the help of artificial intelligence + blockchain technology, and will become a new way to deal with various market chaos. The person in charge of the technical partner chain life science and technology said that the current food safety traceability technology has inherent deficiencies and cannot fundamentally solve the problem of counterfeiting by copying and transferring anti-counterfeiting marks. The decentralized, tamper proof and data encryption characteristics of the blockchain help the food traceability system form a chain of information and value sharing. It can trace back and locate each traceability point in real time, so as to lock the responsible subject; It also avoids illegal operation in case of real safety accidents or traceability requirements in the future.
        "Whether it's mother and baby products or mother and baby services, the safety requirements are extremely high. Since its inception, beinmei has made a commitment to users and customers, that is, to be responsible for the baby and let the mother rest assured." Xie Hong, the founder and chairman of beingmei, said that as a brand of infant products and services that has set a record in food safety for 28 years, it has invested a lot of human and material resources to explore the combination with the blockchain in the direction of food safety, which is a complete confidence in the quality of its own products and a high degree of responsibility for the safety of consumers. The use of blockchain technology will further enhance the intelligence of beinmei's factory and further enhance the transparency of beinmei's product circulation and sales.
        According to the introduction, the information of each link of beingmei products from the source, production to sales is recorded in the blockchain network. Make use of the non tamperability of the blockchain to ensure that the information inquired by consumers is true and reliable; At the same time, due to the openness of the process and the sharing of account book information, each participant has obtained the supervision of all links of the whole food ecological chain. The transparency of the blockchain technology enables brands and consumers to establish a complete mutual trust relationship. That is to say, facing the complex production and circulation process of milk powder, consumers can completely lock their own cans of milk powder. They can not only see the safe and authentic products, but also make transparent consumption and see every state of the production and circulation of milk powder in the factory.
        For beingmei, the construction of milk powder blockchain platform is just a starting point. Beingmei is ready to land and apply on the mother and baby ecological blockchain, food safety blockchain and big health blockchain, so as to create an integrity system based on the mother and baby ecosystem.
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