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Wanxiang blockchain,How does blockchain technology protect data security? Privacy computing has become a hot topic this year

Time : 06/09/2021 Author : mdpo60 Click : + -
        At the beginning of the forum, Chai Hongfeng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and an expert on financial information engineering management, put forward that "data sharing faces the contradiction between use demand and privacy protection". Jiang Guofei, vice president of ant corps, Wang Yunzhen, executive president of Wanxiang blockchain, etc. all proposed the combination of blockchain and privacy computing, which brought reference ideas for Industry relief. In his video speech, Chai Hongfeng pointed out that data has become the core element of the digital economy era. Data openness and sharing has become an important part of the national big data strategy and the strategic layout of financial science and technology. With the deepening of inter agency business cooperation, there is a strong demand for data sharing, and there is an urgent need to open up the data islands between various agencies.
        At the same time, data security and privacy leaks occur frequently. Wang Yunzhen, executive president of Wanxiang blockchain, mentioned in his video speech that information security and privacy leakage in AI governance. "Stores have installed face recognition and collected face recognition data, which has not been approved by users. While the technology provides value, it also brings some hidden dangers to our long-term digital economic development and personal information protection.". At the same time, Jiang Guofei, vice president of ant group, mentioned that in the process of data opening and sharing, it is encountering the dilemma of data flow. One is the data owner, who must require strong privacy; As the user of data, it must be easy to use. The simpler the data, the better; As an intermediate circulation channel, data circulation needs strong liquidity.
        "The combination of blockchain and privacy computing enables collaborative computing and data privacy protection among multiple nodes without the need for collection and sharing of raw data. Blockchain ensures that the computing process and data are reliable. Privacy computing enables data to be available but not visible. The combination of the two can achieve broader data collaboration." The Research Report of Guosheng securities in June this year described the relationship between blockchain and privacy computing. Jiang Guofei believes that the combination of blockchain and privacy computing can provide different intensities of privacy computing from L1 to L4 and data flow protection according to the different needs of the three data parties, and solve the contradiction between data sharing and privacy protection.
        Taking data flow as an example, Jiang Guofei explained that in some scenarios, clear text data flow is allowed, but full text authorization, audit and tracing are required, which can solve the problem of data flow. "We know where the data flows from, who is calling, and whether it has been authorized. But some data flows involve very strong data privacy. We should ensure strong privacy in the data flow through the ability of multi-party secure computing," said Jiang Guofei. Taking the digital city as an example, Wang Yunzhen believes that the value of privacy computing and blockchain in terms of data flow is to jointly guarantee a blockchain + based identity system through zero knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption and secure multi-party computing under privacy computing.
        Based on the blockchain and privacy computing, we use advanced cryptography knowledge to solve the problem of data unwilling to share and dare not share in the digital city, and realize the availability and invisibility of data value. Chai Hongfeng pointed out that the privacy computing technology provides a solution for the open sharing of data in the new era, but its technical security demonstration needs to be further strengthened.
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