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Ptchat "blockchain + social" app opens the future of the ecosystem

Time : 02/01/2022 Author : niuepy Click : + -
        Recently, Mr. Wu Jun mentioned in the article entitled "blockchain = official account. In the future, Ethereum will be a technical platform on which you can publish your own content or publish your own applications". It seems that the evolution of blockchain technology is faster than we think. It is no wonder that some people have predicted that in the future, blockchain applications that really move towards the mainstream population should occur in the field of game finance and social networking. In fact, blockchain social networking is not far away from us. The "blockchain + social" app project is a chat application on the blockchain, and its market space is unlimited. For example, in June 2018, gatchat, the world's first blockchain social platform, was launched, once dominating the news list in the blockchain industry.
        Subsequently, a number of blockchain social products mushroomed into the public's view. Among them, the most competitive one is ptchat (chain language), which is famous for its encryption and digital circulation characteristics. Compared with the blockchain + social platform, one of the pain points of traditional social platforms is that the social networks based on the Internet system have poor tamper resistance, and the centralized operation may be down. In this context, blockchain technology, as a new link mode, has the characteristics of being tamper proof and decentralized, and has formed a high degree of integration with social platforms. Ptchat is an encrypted social service platform based on blockchain technology. With the good decentralized and privacy protection performance of public chain 3.0 technology, it can truly meet the privacy needs of users for encrypted transmission of chat content.
        Ptchat chain language protects users' privacy and security with the help of the unique zero knowledge proof technology. After entering the test platform, its unique information encryption technology enables the information to be seen only by both sides of the chat and the content will never be leaked; The functional design of the platform clearly distinguishes the paths of group chat and private chat, introduces social "micro blog" to make the content of the user's circle of friends more targeted, and adds small functions such as "burn after reading" and "push" to enrich the fun of the social platform and bring good user experience. The ptchat chain language system not only fully meets the communication needs of users, but also provides users with the function of easily realizing the circulation of digital assets.
        The platform has developed functions such as digital asset sending / receiving / flash cash, which makes the sending and receiving of digital assets as convenient and fast as the daily red packet receiving. At the same time, the platform application is embedded in the C2C market, which facilitates the mutual conversion of various digital assets and realizes the circulation function outside the digital exchange. According to the industry experts who participated in the test, in order to effectively encourage the users of ptchat chain language and realize the benign ecological growth of the platform, the ptchat chain language platform supports the crypto digital currency urocoin, which makes the whole system more perfect, activates digital assets and realizes the whole ecological operation. When you enter the platform, you can set up "chat conversion", "instant red envelope", "friend interaction" and other sections to experience a variety of display, transaction, payment and other application scenarios, feel convenient and open more business opportunities.
        During the test, experts also found that ptchat chain language provides rich third-party SDK interfaces for different developers to facilitate developers to move into the platform and load third-party applications, fully open up online and offline circulation platforms, and realize channel expansion. At the same time, the open information access platform of ptchat chain language facilitates the transmission and dissemination of personal, i.e. media information, and makes the information consensus more cohesive. When you enter the "private wallet", "third-party payment" and "third-party application" sections set up by ptchat chain language, you can experience the powerful openness and inclusiveness of the platform. It is reported that ptchat chain language has entered the full online stage.
        The platform is a "blockchain + social" mobile application based on blockchain technology. With its secure and efficient private instant messaging system and efficient digital asset circulation function, ptchat language will open up the business concept of Pan social ecosystem in the existing business model of social products, so that more products based on blockchain technology can obtain more business value in the ecosystem. We will wait and see.
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