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Blockchain mobile phones emerge in endlessly? Apple solemnly announces: disable iPhone mining cryptocurrency

Time : 21/11/2021 Author : fy8tx4 Click : + -
        What are the key words of the Internet in 2018? Some people will say "sharing". Sorry, that's the keyword in 2017. This year's keyword is undoubtedly "blockchain". What is blockchain? It is defined as follows: blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism and encryption algorithm. The so-called consensus mechanism is a mathematical algorithm in the blockchain system to establish trust and obtain rights and interests between different nodes. Does it feel complicated? It's OK. Today we only talk about the most basic thing of the blockchain - mining, that is, mining cryptocurrency (virtual currency). At present, there is no clear or unified definition of how this currency form should be viewed and defined in the Internet industry. However, after 2018, a large number of blockchain mobile phones have surfaced one after another: Candy mobile phones, Changhong mobile phones, lenovo mobile phones, etc. have launched the so-called "blockchain mobile phones" one after another. We all know whether it is a selling point or a hot spot.
        After all, mining needs to consume a huge amount of computation. Those who are familiar with the industry know that if mobile phones are used to mine, the efficiency is simply funny. The hype of the blockchain concept has made many mobile app developers flock to it. If they want to make a bucket of money in the wave, searching for "bitcoin" or related keywords in the Android App store will bring up numerous mining software, all of which are related to financial management. The degree of chaos is far greater than the sharing economy. This also allows us to see once again the "openness" and chaos of the Android ecosystem. Compared with the Android ecosystem, Apple's IOS system has always been famous for its closeness. A few days ago, in view of the increasingly popular "blockchain", apple officially released the developer guidelines, which explicitly require that all developers should not apply (including any third-party advertisements displayed inside the application) and not run unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency & lsquo; Mining & rsquo; Etc.
        In this announcement, Apple also gave a relevant explanation: the application design should pay attention to energy saving, and should not quickly exhaust the battery, generate too much heat, or bring unnecessary pressure to the equipment resources. We still don't know what blockchain is. Even within the Internet tycoons, there are two extremes in the understanding of blockchain. Apple's move is not only for energy saving, but also to a certain extent, it can effectively ensure that users avoid accidental property losses caused by immature technologies.
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