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A high-quality project in the primary market, the sustainable decentralized storage subspace based on Boca

Time : 11/07/2022 Author : etf2qk Click : + -
        Subspatlabs develops incentive compatible POC consensus algorithms and scalable, sustainable decentralized storage for poca networks. The consensus algorithm based on hard disk is realized, and the centralization trend of POW and POS networks is solved at the same time. The crypto world has become more and more centralized. Mining pools and trusted trading platforms dominate the entire industry. Its goal is to establish the most decentralized blockchain on the earth. Cryptocurrencies have become more and more concentrated by redistributing passwords. Mining farms, betting pools and trusted exchanges dominate the industry.
        The goal is to build the most decentralized blockchain on earth and make crypto exciting again. "One CPU, one vote" allows anyone to use their home computer for mining. Unfortunately, this quickly gave way to "one ASIC one vote". Today, a few ASIC farms control the network and consume a lot of power every day. This is neither decentralized nor environmentally sustainable. In order to provide a sustainable alternative method, the interested blockchain adopts a wealth based virtual mining system. Unfortunately, this does not conform to Nakamoto's initial vision of the blockchain, but reflects a laissez faire and chaebol type choice.
        In fact, gambling is highly concentrated and will only make the rich richer. Instead, what we need is a system based on the widely distributed underlying resources. The blockchain based on capacity proof achieves this. According to the motto, storage intensive agriculture replaces computing intensive mining. "One set, one vote". Unfortunately, all existing designs lack incentive compatibility because a mechanism design challenge is called the farmer's dilemma. Subspace lab has received a public grant from the Web3 Foundation (w3f) to implement the POC consensus using the substrate framework. Kapati proof (POC) is the main alternative to consensus based on proof of work (POW) and proof of risk (POS).
        In the POC blockchain, computing intensive mining is replaced by storage intensive farming. The key benefit is that agriculture is energy-saving (environmentally sustainable) and has more similar safety performance to pow. Agriculture also has the potential to resist ASICs, allowing ordinary users to participate in consensus with commodity hardware, although this depends to a large extent on the implementation of the basic capability demonstration. The existing POC blockchain includes burst, file currency, Jia network and space network. At a high level, each of these chains attempts to select the next block producer, relative to their separate share of the total disk space they commit to their network. Each chain store achieves this goal in different ways.
        Broadly speaking, there are three basic design decisions:. Whether the block production interval is enforced by CPU binding delay (similar to POW) or shared clock (similar to POS).
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